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The birth of my first daughter was a traumatizing event, both during and after her arrival. After hours of labor and many failed attempts at pushing, the doctor informed us that she was more than likely partially turned and needed to be manually turned to help position her correctly. When this (very painful process) didn’t work, the doctor used forceps to help pull her out. This caused a lot of tearing (and therefore bleeding) in the process, but it worked and my baby girl was born! However, with the massive blood loss, I was unable to hold her due to the nausea I was experiencing. I also passed out from the blood loss later that night. The pain from all of the tearing caused me to be on high levels of pain medication for weeks following the birth. Following this birth, my husband and I decided that we should stop at one child. Neither of us wanted to relive that experience.

A couple years later (after the trauma wore off), however, we decided that we should try again. We decided that we should try a new medical group and a new hospital to give us the best shot at NOT having a repeat of the first delivery. From a friend’s referral, we went to Westside Women’s Care, whose doctors only admit to Lutheran Medical Center. Throughout the pregnancy, every single person I encountered at the office was pleasant, kind, and helpful. By the end of the pregnancy (as my due date came and went) members of the team began to recognize me in the hallways of the office. It was refreshing to feel like the entire staff was on your team and supporting you. I saw multiple doctors throughout my pregnancy in hopes that when birth time came, I would have an established relationship with the on-call doctor. Every doctor I saw was empathetic and patient and took the time to explain each step of the process.

Like with my first daughter, my second daughter showed no sign of coming out near her due date. I was once again induced. Although, I liked all the doctors I had met with during my pregnancy, once I got to Lutheran I realized that that really didn’t matter. Each nurse that was assigned to me felt like a friend, was empathetic of my past experience, and walked me through the entire labor and delivery process. I could tell that each nurse had tons of experience with the labor and delivery process. For example, one nurse let me know that whenever I wanted the epidural I could get it started, which was vastly different than the nurse from my first labor and delivery that tried to convince me to wait. It was great to feel like I had a voice in my treatment, especially during such a stressful time. Another nurse positioned me with a yoga “bean” with the promise that it would help the baby drop down. I was skeptical, but it worked! Once the delivery began, my second daughter was born within minutes. I even got to hold my daughter minutes after her entrance into the world!

I now have two beautiful daughters, but the experience with Westside Women’s Care and Lutheran Medical Center made the second one much less traumatizing. I cannot thank enough all the people involved in my care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and post-birth. They helped me realize that child birth can be a beautiful experience.

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