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SSM Saint Joseph Hospital West

Lake Saint Louis, MO

My husband and I were so unbelievably excited to find out we were pregnant! We weren't necessarily trying, but a baby is always a blessing and ours was loved from the moment we saw that second line on the pregnancy test. The following weeks, we were on cloud nine and our plan was to tell our families on Mothers Day during a brunch we had invited them all to about our sweet baby. Our giddiness was cut short just two days before Mothers day when I started bleeding. At the time, I was under the care of another doctor at a different office and when I went in for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay, our excitement quickly turned to devastation when we were told our baby had not made it. As if we weren't having enough of a difficult time, this particular doctor's office was very cold about our loss. They called a week later to verify an appointment that had been scheduled weeks prior. I told the lady that we lost the baby and she very flatly said "Sorry-we won't call you again" and hung up. I knew that I could never go back there!

Fast forward 4 months. My husband and I still mourned the loss of our baby, but we were ready to try again. Once again, we were so happy when we discovered we were pregnant; but, of course, we were more hesitant this time. We announced this pregnancy right away because we wanted this little one's life to be celebrated! Someone recommended a new doctor, Dr. Young, and I quickly made an appointment with him. Unfortunately, just days after finding out about our second baby, I started bleeding again. In tears, I called Dr. Young and he called me back within minutes. I had never met him before, but he talked to me and cared for me like I had been his patient for years. He ordered blood work and when he called to verify another miscarriage, he was so kind and so sympathetic and patient. I cried and he just sat on the phone with me. He had me come into the office within just a couple days and after the initial pleasantries, he said sympathetically "Katie, I am so sorry about your loss." I wasn't really expecting this from him so I was caught off guard and said "Oh..ya know...these things happen." He put his hands on my shoulder and said "No, don't say that. These were your babies and you experienced two great losses and we are going to do everything we can to make sure we get you and your baby thru the next pregnancy."

That day we did a significant amount of blood work to see if we could get to the bottom of why we were miscarrying. The following week, Dr. Young called with the results-I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden. I would have to have daily blood thinner injections if there would be any chance of a successful pregnancy. My husband and I were relieved to find out what was going on, but also did not know if we could take another miscarriage so we considered adoption. Little did we know, God had other plans and the next day we found out we were, once again, pregnant. "Scared" doesn't even begin to cover what we felt, but Dr. Young was so reassuring and encouraging. We quickly started the injections and our baby began to grow beautifully. Still, tho, I was incredibly nervous and called Dr. Young frequently with concerns. Not once did a nurse call me back-he called me back within minutes (even in the middle of the night) every single time. He listened to my worries, calmed me down when I cried, and reassured me that things were looking great. If I called him especially worried, he always worked me into his schedule right away. Still tho, with a high risk pregnancy, I saw him on a bi-weekly basis and each time he took his time with me and discussed all areas of concern and celebrated the continuing of a healthy baby! I looked forward to our appointments and not only did I love him, but he and my husband laughed and joked together as well. As the final weeks of pregnancy approached, the nerves started setting in as I knew the risks that came with Factor V Leiden. He was very upfront with us and explained all different scenarios. We scheduled an induction for July 23rd and the day went beautifully-I could not have asked for a better delivery day! When it was time for me to push, I started crying when he walked in because I was so scared. Quickly, my tears turned to laughter and excitement as we proceeded with 13 minutes of pushing (all while discussing my pizza craving) and then he was here! My 8 pound 11 ounce rainbow baby!

My husband and I could not have asked for a more wonderful, caring, intelligent, funny doctor. In fact, I don't believe one exists. From here, my husband and I plan to adopt; but I always joke that if I were to ever have another biological baby, it would be so that I could see Dr. Young every week again! I cannot imagine going thru all of that under the care of anyone else besides him. Because of him, I have a beautiful baby boy and I could never express my thanks enough!

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