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Morton Plant Hospital

Clearwater, FL

In October 2014 a routine endoscopy found an adenocarcinoma in background of Barrett's esophagus. My gastroenterologist at Diagnostic Clinic then referred me to Dr. Umesh Choudhry. He first determined I needed an endoscopic ultrasound to stage the lesion. It came back T1 N0 MO. This was good news.

Earlier Dr. Choudhry had hinted that I might be a candidate for an Endoscopic Mucosal Resection and the ultrasound confirmed this. This procedure was done at Morton Plant on Dec 5th which was 42 days after the original diagnosis. Dr. Choudhry had well explained the risks of this surgery in that when he got down there he might find that the lesion had adhered to some muscle and it could not be resected and there is also a risk of perforation of the esophagus. But the lesion was successfully resected. The tissue retrieved during the surgery was biopsied and shown to be a T2. This did not seem possible, so Dr. Choudhry had a second analysis done at Johns Hopkins and it confirmed his belief that it was still a T1, but just barely.

Dr. Choudhry next decided that I should have cryo therapy on the spot of the surgery. He told me this therapy would kill all the microscopic bits of cancer that might still be there. The cryo was done at Morton Plant on Dec 19th, just two weeks after the mucosal resection. I was the first patient to have cryo at Morton Plant. Dr. Choudhry had arranged for technicians from the cryo company to bring the equipment to Morton Plant and to consult with Dr. Choudhry prior to the operation.

It was successful, I had no post procedure discomfort. I again had my second cryo therapy a month later on January 30th. The biopsy came back clean. Dr. Choudhry now has put me on an endoscopy every three months for the first year. The last one in late April was also negative. I am thankful for Dr. Choudhry's knowledge and experience on Barrett's and esophageal cancer. And I am very grateful that he took such a great interest in my condition, by having me see an oncologist who is part of a cancer board that has discussed my case and Dr. Choudhry keeps my primary care physician updated on my progress. There is always the risk that the cancer can come back and Dr. Choudhry has prepared me for what we would have to do should that happen but for now I am happy to be his patient and know that I am receiving excellent care and advice. Thank you Dr. Choudhry.

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  • Joseph Graffeo
    Oct 2015
    I'm very satistfied with my procedures with Dr.Choudhry.
  • Antonia, Clearwater Florida
    Sep 2015
    I am also a patient of Dr. Choudhry and I conquer that Dr. Choudhry is not only the most knowledgeable physician in his field but also the most caring physician I have ever met. His patients and their mental and physical well being are of utmost importance to him. From my personal experience such dedication from a physician to his patients is very seldom found. I am very happy to be a patient of Dr.Choudhry and very thankful to be under his care.

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