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Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, OH

My name is Mary and my husband's is John - this is OUR Story!

We found out I had a brain tumor completely by accident. We had been married for 9 years and were happy and content in our lives. In May of 2009 I had gone to a doctor appointment with my endocrinologist. My blood tests were off and I mentioned my eyes had been blurring. He sent me for an MRI and called me the next morning to tell me I had a brain cyst attached to a tumor. Just like that-our whole world had changed. We told our family, prayed and prepared for surgery 2 weeks later. We went to a smaller hospital close to home and a Neurosurgeon that had been recommended to us.

It was a rough surgery, I developed meningitis afterwards and at one point believed I might not make it. We then were told he couldn't find the tumor - it was still there! We first went to see Dr. Glen Stevens, a Neurologist, at the Cleveland Clinic in the Fall of 2009 He was so kind and sympathetic to every concern that my husband and I had. He assured us that I had some time until my next surgery and he would go over my case with a board of doctors to also get their opinions.

He monitored the tumor and I enjoyed the next year and 1/2 of my life, until my symptoms began to worsen. The headaches got worse and the nausea never stopped! This type of tumor, Hemangioblastoma with a cyst that had regrown, would eventually affect my balance and breathing.

Dr. Stevens sent me to Dr. Micheal Vogelbaum, a Neurosurgeon, in Dec. of 2010. He assured me that with the use of their state of the art MRI Suite that he would not have a problem finding my tumor. Surgery was scheduled for Jan.

During my surgery multiple MRIS were done-the outcome-a cyst and 2 tumors were found and successfully removed! It took me most of that year to heal and really feel like myself again. I was so thankful to God, my husband (who never left my side) and family for all the encouragement and love.

It was just around the end of 2011 that my husband's eyesight began bothering him. After an eye appointment showed nothing his local doctor sent him for an MRI. The news was unexpected and unbelievable to us - he had a brain tumor - a meningioma behind his left eye!! We already had a GREAT Neurologist, Dr. Stevens!!

We now go together to see him for check-ups. It has been 5 yrs. and John's tumor has shown very little growth. He may never need surgery! My tumors have shown no recurrence. We are both so fortunate to have found Dr. Stevens and his nurse, Kathy and Dr. Vogelbaum. We continue to praise the Cleveland Clinic for their cutting edge treatments, and excellent care. John & I are just beginning our retirement years, we have been blessed in so many ways! We know how fragile life is, how quickly circumstances can change your life and how we truly have to cherish every single day. We are so thankful to God and our loved ones, Our Love Story goes on - we know we are the lucky ones.

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