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Providence Saint John's Health Center

Santa Monica, CA

My voice can't possibly sing Dr. Barkhoudarian's praises loud enough. This brilliant, technologically advanced, top-of-the-line doctor saved my life. I could stop there, as I am eternally indebted to him, but it would be a shame if I didn't express my gratitude for all the other amazing traits he possesses. I am in awe of his knowledge, confidence, compassion, bedside manner, and genuine concern and empathy for both mine and my family's feelings during the most terrifying time in our life.

I was diagnosed with a baseball sized meningioma on my frontal lobe which required immediate surgery. The staff seemed to drop everything, treated me like family, and scheduled emergency surgery 4 days later. I can't explain how, but I was completely filled with hope and my fear diminished, which I owe a large part to the way Dr. B and his team thoroughly explained everything to me. He took the time to answer all my questions and provide honest results. I knew I was in good hands. If I lived in China or Florida, I would have had to travel to have him operate on me after getting to know him and his procedures. Luckily, I live walking distance to his practice.

Post-surgery, I never had any pain, not even a headache. My scar is barely visible unless you really search up close, as they did a supraorbital incision in my eyebrow. The endoscopic techniques and advanced technology allowed for 99% of my tumor to be successfully removed. I couldn't have imagined a better outcome, and I'm feeling better than I ever have in my life! Too many miracles to count, but I thank God for allowing my path to cross Dr. B's. Not only is he an awe-inspiring doctor, but he is an amazing and humble human being. Thank you, Dr. B, for giving me the chance to live the life I'm meant to lead. I am forever grateful.

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