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Miami Valley Hospital

Dayton, OH

Dr. Michael D. Barnett, MD gave me my life back!

For over 20 years I suffered bone on bone arthritis in my right ankle which was shattered in my 20's. The surgery 20 years ago was really bad and I never walked without a limp again. Every step I took, I had pain and for years researched what could help me. Finally 6 years ago, I meet Dr. Barnett. Loved his openness and down-to-earth nature immediately. He recommended an ankle fusion surgery.

I was scared to undergo the surgery at the time but he got me a nice brace that did help for a few years. Finally the pain became so intense even with the brace, I had to do the surgery. I was unable to walk in grass or even around the block. Just going to the grocery store on a Saturday required me to ice and elevate the foot the remainder of the weekend. Dr. Barnett promised me he could help me and finally I had no choice.

Within 8 weeks, I was up using my foot. Within 12 weeks I was in a shoe, walking!!!! Without pain!!! Within 4 months after the surgery, all the swelling was gone and things were great. It has now been a year since the surgery. I am sooo active! I am kayaking, hiking, biking, camping and enjoying my life again! I can walk in my backyard and garden! Why did I wait sooo long?

I am extremely thankful that I met Dr. Michael D. Barnett! He has returned me to the active person I once was! He is amazing.

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