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Dr. Verma has a lovely bedside manner (when she's on time!) and may be adept at certain procedures. However, she totally botched my bunionectomy.

She did a great job of explaining what the surgery would entail, but I should have been suspicious when she devoted just as much time to explaining all of the things that could go wrong. I was young, inexperienced, and desperate for a solution, however, so I moved forward with her recommendation without seeking a second opinion.

The surgery seemed to go well. Post-operation, when the site failed to heal properly (my bunion appeared to be twice the size it was before the surgery), Dr. Verma sighed, shook her head, and told me that I'd "worked it too hard" - in other words, it was MY fault that the surgery had apparently made things worse.

To her credit, Dr. Verma insisted on physical therapy. The PTs at the hospital were pessimistic about my recovery and advised me to resign myself to limited physical activity involving my foot from then on (I was 20 years old!). The range of motion for the big toe operated on was less than 45 degrees.

After a few more years of ongoing pain, I sought out another podiatry practice. All three of the surgeons there agreed that, given the anatomical anomalies of my feet, the first operation had been the wrong one. I underwent another operation and WOW - I regained full range of motion (I can do yoga and ballet!) and experience little-to-no pain over six years later.

I've debated writing this review for a long, long time because Dr. Verma really is a wonderful person; however, I can't escape the sense of duty I feel to warn other potential patients about my experience with her.

Nota bene: My older sister also had Dr. Verma perform a bunionectomy shortly after mine. She began to experience increased pain in the months after her "recovery" from the surgery. She declined to have a second, corrective operation, and is STILL suffering with daily discomfort.

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