Dr. Ramdass has been caring for my poor feet for over 12 years. He is my favorite doctor of any I have ever had, in any specialty. Most recently, he performed advanced surgery on my right foot. My fears dissolved early on after the surgery when I realized my pain was minimal and his care was so perfect. He even had a rep personally deliver an ice machine to my home! He has always been there for me throughout the years, never failing in patience, honesty, and kindness. He is an inspiration.
Dr ramdass is a awesome doctor he has done miracles with my feet
Awesome foot care from Dr. Ramdass. Kind, nice and caring
I haven't been in his office since 2014/2015 Dr. Ramdas is very nice. He listen and does take him time with patients.
Pushed me to do a painful and expensive surgery to prevent a recurring bunyan, which a wider pair of sneakers corrected. The office billed my insurance which paid $133 of the $325.55 bunyan removal charge. Two years later, after no prior bill, I received a charge for $86 from a collection agency with no information about the office visit. My wife sent a letter back thinking it was an incorrect charge requesting more information and the next thing we received was warrant collection notice.
I applied for short-term disability and this office refuses to send the last form needed to move forward unless I send them $400 In the meantime they have called to set me up with more testing which I have refused. This is nothing but a money game and have had to resort to contacting an attorney
March 2016 I had decided to order custom orthotics.I paid $450 out of pocket they came in two weeks later were wrong.I paid $50 for the fitting but had to send them back. Labs fault not mine. After the first month and not hearing anything I began calling every week and they were never finished.Excuse after excuse as to why they weren?t finished.TWO AND HALF MONTHS LATER.They finally told me they were done and I would have to schedule another fitting appointment and pay $50 copay.other issues too
Dr. Ramdass is very gentle dr. with a wonderful bedside manor. He explains everything his is going to do, before he does it. I have been with him for 9 1/2 years and don't regret any visit I have had with him.
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