Years ago, I was in a very dark place and began having panic attacks. Dr. Miller and his staff were a gift sent by God to help me back to wholeness. Dr. Miller is an extremely intelligent and insightful man and I am so grateful for him and those like him who understand how to help those with this type of need.
Dr. Miller has been an absolute life saver for me. He diagnosed me as having OCD while I was very young and provided me with different theraputic techniques to overcome anxiety and panic associated with the illness. Dr. Miller is a wonderful man who has impeccable intergrity. He has helped me learn to silence the OCD with a combination of therapy and medication all while showing me how to sucessfully navigate my way through life with a very debilitating illness. Thank you Dr. Miller!
He is arrogant and confrontational. The absolute worst experience with a physician ever.
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Forensic Psychiatry
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