I can happily say that I have been able to find the most caring and intelligent doctor for the problems I deal with, and it's Dr. Kim! I went to WVU pain management clinic for over 12 years and I was assigned to Dr. Kim around 2011, and he has been doctor ever since. Yes, I followed him from Morgantown to Logan Hospital. I am hoping he doesn't think I'm a stocker, but once you find that perfect doctor, you do everything possible to keep him/her! I would suggest him to everyone that I know!
I highly recommend Dr Yee, He is an outstanding physician and cares about each individual and the pain they endure, He is high tech and I've received better care from him then at Duke University, I wouldn't trust anyone else.
Dr. Grace has been a very big help to me after a car accident. When the other treating Dr's couldn't find my source for pain, he found it right away. We started a course of several medications and shots. Thank you Dr. Grace!
Great Doctor and an excellent person.
Dr. Deer was very caring and compassionate. He took time to explain my problem and what he was going to do to help me. After the procedures he recommended did not fully fix my problem, he referred me to his colleague for a different procedure because his colleague was better at the next procedure than he was. His colleague, Dr. Kim, is also very compassionate and takes time to ensure my understanding of the procedure. Both are great!
I have been going to Dr. Kim for several months now and I would recommend him to anyone who has back problems. Although I am terrified of needles my back got to the point I was willing to try anything. I have had several injections, and yes they do hurt but he talks you through the whole thing and tells you step by step what he's doing, he is one of the most considerate doctors I have ever seen. He's not a pill pusher, he wants to help people not harm them! We need more doctors like him!!
Dr. Yee is very professional, and I trust his expertise in treating my various chronic and acute pain issues. He attempts to treat pain issues using the least amount of medication required, which is important for my individual needs. He is warm, caring, and his treatments have helped me tremendously. His staff are also very professional, respectful, and nice. They also take a personal interest in may experience, just like Dr. Yee. I have ever had to wait long to see Dr. Yee.
I have visited Dr.Yee twice & have seen improvement I would recommend him.
Dr. Kim was my specialist for many years in Morgantown. I hated to see him go. After I had back surgery at Ruby and infection from that which took months to recover, he gained my trust by not pushing but giving me all the options. I allowed him to try injections. He was very caring and understanding of my concerns and talked through the procedure as he was doing it. He took his time as to keep my discomfort to a minimum. If he were not over 3 hours to his clinic, I would make the trip.
After telling them and Dr Richard Bowman that my wife had Schizophrenia,.. She was in and out 2 hospitals because of it . They even realized how much pain she was in. But as a Christian, she thinks she has to be nice in front of stranger's that including doctor's I tried to explain that she had this Schizophrenia, and told the PA also. That's why she has it to begin with the pain has drove her crazy. This wasn't even considered .They ask her questions just like she was normal. What a joke.
He is so caring and makes you feel like family
He is very gentle and talks to you all the way through a procedure so there's no surprises.
very attentive and caring. very knowledgeable
He was very patient and nice and worked so hard to help my L4-S1 cause he wanted surgery as last option due to me being 28yrs old. I trust his opinion and always enjoyed his positive attitude. 1 of my favorite dr.s ever been to. Thank u Dr. Deer!
Today was my first visit with Dr. Grace and I found him to be very personable. He took his time and explained everything very well to me.
Well let's see worst DR. Ever who says they will let you thank on injections when you had two back surgery anf you know. They won't work and you have more bulging disc and you have arthritis thru out your body. And over your entire back.and you ask the nurse if we will write your meds and the nurse. Says no he won't and gives me a paper on injections..Dr. Kim Didn't even listen to me when I told him what was wrong it's like he talked down too me. do not recommend him to anyone in pain
The specialty Doctors in this Group are after nothing but money. There is no bending of the attendance policy for situation beyond a person's control. No treatment that he gave me ever did me one minute's good. I hurt worst now that I did when I started seeing him.
My dad had chronic back pain and couldn't even roll over in bed. He went to Dr. Kim and had 4 injections and now he can do anything he wants and was able to start his physical therapy again. My family really appreciates Dr. Kim for taking time and helping my dad. Thank you!
very good doctor and caring for others love him
Total lack of care I would not recommend that office or staff to anyone Three years and five surgeries I am still in pain this could have been taken care of in October of 2014 but because the woman at the front desk didn't care that I was in pain she said that I had an appointment April 13 2015 and for me not to call back it wouldn't do me any good but I continued to call back finally in December she said that she would squeeze me in February 4 she could have done that in October of 2014.
I would not recommend this office. Dr. Deer did not take time to discuss treatment plans to relieve extreme debilitating pain. I am not able to take narcotics as they do not work for me, and no other treatment items were discussed. I was told I was out of shape. I am at a perfect weight for my height and my BMI is excellent. He billed me for a 99244 and a G0463 with out informing me that he was split billing, and I was not aware of the additional charge. Not ethical, how would I know that?

Epidural Block, Facet Blocks
Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
Nerve Block, Somatic
Nerve Block, Sympathetic
Nerve Destruction By Neurolytic Agent
Spinal Nerve Block
Trigger Point Injection
Celiac Plexus Block
Joint Drainage
Non-Cosmetic Chemodenervation
Peripheral Nerve Block
Steroid Injection
Emg (Electromyography)
Stellate Ganglion Block
Viscosupplementation With Hyaluronate
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