She is absolutely amazing! Spent so much time with us and gave me all the information I needed.
I would not recommend Dr Madagame. She doesn't support breastfeeding, she is sneaky and controlling, and uses underhanded threats to try to make parents do as she wishes.
I am a healthcare worker saying that Dr. Padilla is an excellent and caring physician. I was forced to leave her care of our family due to a move, and am sad every time I think of our children not seeing her anymore.
Dr. Padilla is a Wonderful Doctor she is all four of my children's Pediatrician. She does not rush though appointments and listens to every question I may have. I think she is just great with the kids, patient, her voice is calming and I am so happy my kids have such a caring and attentive doctor,
Limited collaboration with collegues when unsure of solutions. Refusal to give referrals to specialists or for second opinions. Prefers to ove-use medicines. She cancelled two appointments because I was only 5 minutes early for the appointments, verses the recommended/preferred 15 minutes.
Dr. Wendling always takes the time to listen to our concerns and answer all of my (our) questions during each visit. She treats each of our children as individuals while addressing their needs and care.
Dr, Chan has been the primary care provider for my 7 year old son since he was born. We love Dr. Chan. He is friendly, patient and takes the time to listen to questions and explains things throughly.

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