Do NOT go to Dr. Ma! First of all, when it suites him, he says he can't speak or understand English. He cast an appliance for my teeth to correct sleep apnia. Unfortunately, the appliance didn't fit, but instead of recasting it or grinding the appliance to fit - he started grinding away on my healthy teeth! He kept grinding on several teeth until I finally told him to stop grinding my teeth away. (suddenly he couldn't understand English again). The appliance never fit and was returned.
Meh. Not impressed.
Dr. Prebble is a very considerate person who cares about people.
He is an excellent Rheumatologist!! Im so excited he joined Greensboro Medical Associates cause I didnt want to leave them. Been a patient for 30 years!
Great doctor. Will talk to you on your level Really cares how you feel. Have recommended him to family member. They are as happy as I am.
Dr. Crump is one of the most compassionate, knowledgable doctors I have ever had. He is kind, has an open mind, and gets to truly know his patients, which in turn leads to a thorough diagnosis and a better treatment plan. He, as well as his staff, follows up with the patient regularly and is willing to go above their call of duty.
Arterial Blood Gas Test (Abg)
Bone Marrow Biopsy
Pulmonary Function Test
Respiratory Management
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Allergy Shots
Allergy Skin Testing
Allergy Testing
Allergy Treatment
Arteriovenous Shunt Creation
Bladder Surgery
Caldwell-Luc Procedure
Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, And Sigmoidoscopy
Cystourethroscopy And Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Neck
Destruction Or Excision Of Lesion Of Cervix (Incl. Leep)
Destruction Or Excision Of Vaginal Lesions
Dialysis Access Procedures
Dilation And Curettage
Endoscopy (Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine)
Endovascular Repair Of Aorta
Excision, Shaving, Or Destruction Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue (Incl. Mohs Micrographic Surgery), Tissue Transfer
Facial Reconstruction
Fetal Monitoring
Fluid Contrast Ultrasound
Gastroenterology Procedures
Gonorrhea Screening
Hysterectomy - Laparoscopic
Hysterectomy - Open
Incision And Removal Of Foreign Object
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure
Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Nexplanon® Etonogestrel Implant
Pap Smear
Pelvic Exenteration (For: Gynecologic, Urinary, Or Colorectal Malignancy)
Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Ultrasound
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Rh Incompatibility Screening
Sexually Transmitted Infections Screening
Turp (Transurethral Resection Of Prostate) Or Laser Destruction Of Prostate
Urinary Stone Removal (Litholapaxy)
Vaginal Delivery And Vbac
Vaginal Surgery
Vascular Duplex Ultrasonography And Plethysmography
Vascular Surgical Procedure
Vascular Transcatheter Embolization
Venous Sclerotherapy
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