My experiences with Dr. Gerstner have been outstanding. He is generous with time, and I've found him to be very thorough, and empathetic, expressing genuine concern for the patient. Although he is a specialist, he seems to also have a comprehensive approach to patient care, and as a younger person, I appreciate his sensitivity to how the patient feels, regardless of age, whether or not they look fine, test results, etc. Superb doctor - would recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Dr. Gerstner!
The first GI out of many that told me nothing was wrong with me. Amazing how issues I've had for 15 years just vanished. Woke me from sedation said few words and ducked out not giving me time to come to with questions. Had his mind made up what was wrong with me before procedure. Staff not knowledgeable they dont even know what dysautonomia is. Waste of my time and money. I read reviews before seeing him with an open mind. Well I agree with the majority. He is an in and out doc!
The review from March 1 is absolutely correct. Do not go to this doctor!
Great personality, good conversationalist, but simply incompetent and give inaccurate, life changing diagnosis. If you see him, be sure to get a second opinion!
Dr Gerstner has a very calming & reassuring manner. He projects a sense of empathy & is very forthcoming with all relevant information. Dr Gerstner took my case on a couple days notice & recommended a great physician for the follow-up procedure.
Was referred to him when my husbands insurance had changed and could no longer see my Doctor. I was diagnosed with crohns/colitis from my previous doctor in 2009. I presented summer of 2015 with severe joint pain. after he cancelled my appt I had waited on for 3 weeks. Had me get 13 tubes of blood drawn, and a Colonoscopy only to tell me I no longer have crohns to the shock of me and my husband. we were also told before hand that after the procedure we were NOT to ask any questions of him.
I was new to the area and found him through my ins plan. He was dismissive and rude, was not interested in what I had to say or in going over previous treatment that I had received from another MD.
Very arrogant and rude. Does not care to address one's concerns or symptoms. Straight producer doctor, interested in quick consults and billing for whatever he can without helping to point to any solution.

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