I had double surgery of midfoot fusion and bunionectomy last month by Dr. Amiot. I cannot say enough good things about him and how everything went. What amazes me the most is him contacting me right away ( even when he was on vacation!), for any questions. I'm doing great and it's appearing very successful!
My mom had a bunionectomy on both feet. He overcorrected them. I wish i could post pics, words can't describe the deformity. Hey nothing is guarenteed but the truely upsetting issue is he told her by phone he's too busy to look at it, let alone corrrect it with a fusion which is now needed. He said he's going elk hunting and his shedule is full of new patients. This is why the health care sytem neds to pay doctors 1 time for a surgery and hold them accountable for neglegence.
THIS Dr. Ruined my foot. the other reviewer is correct. I need to see an atty. He screamed at me over an over. He left scars on my foot when he worked on a toe. never see this dr. he is a complete fool. he doesnt listen, yells at everyone, has no compassion, nor would he listen to why i couldnt make it to the appt. I cannot use my foot at all.
This guy is an incompatant butcher. He botched my rotator cuff surgery and washed his hands of it. I would never let him do anything unless you don't need to use whatever he's working on.
Dr. Wilson is a DRAMA QUEEN. He thinks it's his job to yell at pts, scream in their face / have no understandng if a pt has personal issues. He did two surgeries, put me to sleep when hedid not have to. be done, He never checked my ankle which months later is messed up, and toes all RED. He fired me. His Physician Residents are sweethearts, he berates them too- dont see him. Pls!
Dr Amiot is an Awesome doctor/surgeon. He told me what he was going to do, what to expect and what I needed to do to heal properly. Everything went along as planned and my foot has never felt better!!!!!!
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