Dr. DeTemple is a fine DR. , I guess? I haven't seen her in 2 years she shoves off her patients to her PA's's which have little field experience so if you go to them you a basically a Guinea pig. ?? I am currently looking for a new DR. They constantly call prescriptions into the wrong pharmacy so it's a hassle getting it transferred to the right one, they also don't follow up on their patients i am not happy with this facility.
This office is amazing! Of course I hate going to the doctor like every other normal person in the world, but I love the people that are in this one! Dr. Joe is great and I always enjoy every visit! Definitely check him out!
I had some majorly long wait times, arguments about what I know about my own body and reactions to medications and I had to make an appointment even if I'd been seen within the last 3 months to change meds or have a paper signed.
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