I'd use a -star if there was one! The doctor NEVER saw me, and as far as I know, never saw my test results for sleep disorder. The technician (I don't believe she was a nurse, but I could be wrong,) was the only staff I saw. I started my C-pap study at 10:00 and by 1:30 a.m. I was on my way to emergency room because she did not know how to adjust the air for my needs. My blood pressure was so high I could have had a heart-attack. There has been no follow-up from the doctor. I have called them.
I saw dr k for the first time in May 2017 and it's now mid August. I was very hopeful about help with sleep issues and ruling out another more serious issue. He ordered expensive tests and my results were troubling on 2 of them. I have not received any instruction as to solutions or any orders for retesting. Basically he disappeared and gave me no resolution. Now paying all the very expensive bills with no solutions. I'm disappointed in this office and this doctor
I haven't seen this doctor but I can tell by his reviews I wouldn't make an appointment nor would i recommend him. Well I have dealt with to many doctors like him to ever make an appointment with someone with so many bad reviews. We pay doctors to share their knowledge with us and not to be short and rude to us. I did a search on this site and found a doctor with good reviews and I made an appointment with her.
Dr Goebel has been my doctor for 10+ years. She takes time and listens. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Olajide is thorough and very concerned about her patients' overall health. She diagnosed my hyperparathyroidism, which had been missed by other doctors, on my first visit and promptly referred me for testing and surgery. She keeps a close eye on lab test results and addresses issues quickly when they arise. I would recommend her to anyone who is having thyroid and/or parathyroid problems.
It is very shocking as to how horrible and rude that this Dr. is. He is the worst Dr. that my husband has ever went to!!!!! He's also sarcastic, and doesn't explain anything. Very horrible bedside manner. I'm surprised if he has any patients at all.
dr webb was extremely rude to my teenage son, making a bad situation worse. I wish I could rate this dr a negative number.
Dr. Olajide has helped me so much with my medical problem. He is very understanding, does not interrupt you as you are explaining your symptoms. He and his staff have be very attentive.
If I could give this doctor a - 10 rating I would. It took over 2 months to get an appointment after my family doctor called him. I went to see this doctor and had to have tests ran. He decided to put me on Humira. I have been waiting over a month for the prescription from the doctor to be sent to the specialty pharmacy. Every time I call the doctor's office I have been told he is on vacation. His nurse won't return my phone calls and if she does it is usually a week after I have called.
Awesome Doctor and staff
This Dr if you can call him that needs to findo something else to do as he clearly hates his job. I am so surprises Cabell has kept him and allowed him to continue to lose business as I know for a fact has happened numerous times. He is arrogant, rude, condescending and very UNHELPFUL. Only reason he's the only one with any apps open is because no one sees him unless they absolutely have to. His own staff told me that.
I nor my family doctor will ever recommend Webb. I went in and he told me that I had fibromyaliga and then got up and left. He didn't tell me about diet, excercising, or what I could do to help with all the symptoms I was having. When Webb sent the report of my visit to my family doctor he was condescending. My family doctor told me that he had sent a few other patients to Webb and they all said that they would not go to him again.....He is a Narcissist!!!
Dr Zeid is a good Dr and very thorough

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