Dr.Salava replaced my hip and did an excelent job I was only in the hospital one night. He is always there to answer your questions. Hes staff is very frendly and helpfuf always a pleasure to see them. Barbara Clagg
I have had to take both of my parents to Dr. Jasko for care. He is an excellent physician and a great listener. He takes his time and explains in simple terms what is medically wrong and the best health plan to solve the problem. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone young or old.
My experience with Dr. Tankersley was great under the circumstances. He did surgery to set my broken leg. He visited me each day while I was in the hospital and was very friendly. He did an excellent job on my leg.
Dr. Oli is an outstanding surgeon & totally patient focused. He is friendly & kind to his patients. He has incredibly high standards of care which is in line with his superb skills & experience.
Dr. Jasko is a great doctor who cares about his patients and has a passion for what he does everyday. I loved having dr. Jasko taking care of my needs when I was hurt. He always had a smile on his face and enjoyed his job. I had surgery on my shouldn't while I was in college and Dr.Jasko did a perfect job. I haven't had any problems with my shoulder since surgery. YOU THE BEST DR.JASKO -PacMan
Dr. Day is egotistical, rude, condescending, conceited and in general just a bad person. He didn't do anything for me for two years. Claimed I just wanted drugs. I am a 64 year old grandmother of 5 with 2 hip replacements on my right hip and one My hip pain was real. Dr Day never could find anything but his assistant did and had Dr. Salava look at my xrays. Dr. Salava spotted the problem immediately and performed a revision. This revision had the least pain I have ever had from any surger
He is an amazing surgeon! Cabell Huntington Hospital's best! He did my 3rd hip replacement and there was minimal pain. I was amazed! He takes time to talk with you. His assistant, Mary McCallister always follows up and is very nice as well.
Dr Giangarra is not only a Great Surgeon,He is also a Great Person ! Very Caring about his patients ! I Highly Recommend!!! Rebecca Robinson -Huntington Wv
Dr. Cheung removed a dedifferentiated liposarcoma cancer from the back of my leg with two surgeries starting December 2015. He and his staff were fabulous, his mannerism is tops and I would highly recommend him for any orthopedic surgery.
Cattle call type office. The lack of communication is amazing that more don't complain. When they make a mistake there is no apology just a coverup. Beware of his sarcastic and abrasive nurse? The question mark is cause I don't really know her qualifications yet she seems to think she is in control.
Dr. Oliashirazi and his entire team have no peer. From the day I made the decision to proceed with knee replacement to the day of surgery, and beyond, his Team took care of me like they would a family member. Now, a year and a half from the procefure, I can tell you it was the best decision I've ever made regarding my health and I would highly recommend Dr. Oliashirazi for any knee or hip replacement.
I have been very satisfied with Dr. Koester for both my shoulder and extensive arm/hand surgery. He has a caring attitude, very patient and shows concern. He doesn't rush through your appointment and is very thorough. The staff is outstanding. I have already recommended him to many friends & co-workers, who have also gone to him and felt the same. I have had the same results with other Doctors within the same group and will always go to them
Dr. Salava spent over an hour with me answering questions on one visit. Kind and caring, genuine. Incredible physician. I had an anterior hip replacement in June 2015. I drove after a week. Painfree since. If you have any doubts or fears about this procedure, please speak with Dr. Salava. It will be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make.
Was referred by my physical therapist and doctor after months of care for a partially torn tendon and chronic swelling in a joint of my foot. My doctor felt like surgery was necessary and therapist agreed something more was going on. This doctor looked at my MRI and told me no offence but you are obese and older and then said he wanted to try an injection that my previous doctor had already done because Tankersly wasn't sure he had done it right. Sent me home with a bottle of pills.no thanks
Dr. Jasko is a great doctor. He did labral repair on my shoulder and after my recovery I feel better than before I injured it.
Excellent treatment! Thoughtful, caring, & very knowledgeable. I felt very confident deciding on total knee replacement after consulting with Dr Oliashirazi & have done remarkable post surgery. No complications & doing great!
He did a replacement I could not stand up on that leg put me in a cast type brace from hip to foot, did surgery again and leg turn completely to right and another brace hip to foot. My family Dr. stent me to Cleveland Clinic and dr. in fact 2 doctors at CC give me a 10 percent they could help. They did but I wild never be able to walk without a walker.
He is very helpful and seems very concerned for his patients. He asks questions and listens intently to patient needs and inquiries. He is a very dedicated surgeon and works intently to meet the needs of all in his care. I have had two hips replaced by Dr. Salava and would not consider any one else since he has shown such concern and care to ease the pain I have suffered before the surgeries.
My teenage daughter suffered a pretty serious broken finger playing softball that required surgery with pins & screws a year & a half ago. He diligently explained the procedure and said she may require a second surgery later to remove scar tissue to achieve more flexibility which she recently received. We couldn't be more satisfied with the results of Dr. Novotny's work as well as his kindness and that of his staff. Now my daughter is back playing softball again at the collegiate level.
Dr. Novotny and Angela (nurse) provides exceptional care.Have had two surgeries by Dr.

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