I was a patient of Dr. Henry's before he moved to Huntington. My husband and my mother were also his patients until they both passed away seven years ago. I have had much experience with his level of eye care and found hi!m to be extremely knowledgeable. He also has a wonderful personality. He treats you with compassion and respect as well as top notch medical proficiency. I have recommended him to my family as I stated and also my friends. He listens to your concerns, you can trust him.
I have a very difficult prescription for glasses. I see double from Brown's Syndrome and his makes it hard to read sometimes. I am an avid reader and Dr. Henry was the first optometrist to prescribe glasses that actually work well.
Was very quick thorough and professional. In a nutshell it was a painless trip to a new doctor that knew what to do and how to do it. The staff there was very helpful in filling out paperwork and taking care of things on her end.
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