Dr. Fraser performed my 1st knee replacement in December 2016 and the 2nd in April 2017. He is very professional, has a nice sense of humor and all around nice guy.
It's hard to let go of a toe. But doc. Fraser was very clear and warm with why and how much he would try to save. I'm so pleased that he saved so much. I saw how bad the infected toe had deteriorated. Plus he saw me until it was fully healed and he could send me off with a healthy foot minus a toe
This guy is a true miracle worker! I presented with a BADLY bowed leg due to a broken knee replacement. Talk about painful. I had been unable to walk without EXTREME pain for four years. I couldnt find a Dr. To take on the repair. This man and his team (thanks Brody!) Did an absolutely AMAZING fix and i was PAIN FREE in less than a month. Do not hesitate to trust his judgement and skill.
So very impressed with his knowledge, compassion and confidence. Could not be happier with my knee revision. I would totally recommend not only Dr. Fraser but the whole Rebound team.
I had minor spine and severe hip, knee and both ankle injuries after being struck on my motorcycle and being run over by a car. Dr. Kahn was exceptional in all facets of his care. From describing the extent of and how he would repair my injuries to summarizing my healing progress during the follow up appointments. After four months of non weight bearing and one month of physical therapy I am walking and back to work.
Dr. Fraser was a jewel to work with, he explained everything in detail and gave me all of my options on my hip procedures and surgery. Although I don't look forward to any surgery...... I'm very confident in Dr. Frasers expertise and research on the subject. The other cool thing about him ? He's a car and race guy which is right up my alley. I would highly recommend him and the entire a Rebound staff to anyone.
Dr Fraser is thorough and personable. He explains things so a lay person can comprehend the details of a complex subject. He chose to do an emergency surgery on his day off so that the "A" team would be there to assist in the OR instead of at night with the "B" team. He is up on his research for the best overall plan of treatment and care.
Dr. Fraser performed my total knee replacement 4 months ago. He was new to Rebound and I needed it done asap. I didn't meet him until my pre-op appt. but he called me and introduced himself, told me about his past experience and made me feel very comfortable about my upcoming surgery. The surgery went very well and I recuperated quickly. I am scheduled for the same surgery on my other knee and am pleased that he will be performing it also. I highly recommend Dr. Fraser.
Dr. Fraser was professional,warm and understanding. He gave a thorough explanation of the total hip replacement needed. He was available for follow-up questions and responded to my inquiries quickly. His staff, the nurses, technicians and especially Brody Kadow, PA-C, were just as professional. I was treated with dignity and respect. Every question and concern was answered thoroughly. Rebound has a wonderful program and informs the patient and caregiver of all aspects of the procedure.
Dr. Fraser was friendly,professional and easy to talk to. He took time to listen and explained this procedure well. His assistant Brody Kadow was the same as Dr. Fraser. He also took his time to listen and address all my concerns. They are my heros!
caring, professional, and knowledgeable. he knows what he's doing and does it well. good sense of humor, too!
Great doctor. My daughter broke her arm on Halloween evening so instead of going trick or treating we spent the night in the ER. Dr. Fraser was friendly and professional and was able to move her bone back into place without putting her under anasthesia, which was appreciated. Her arm is almost fully healed (cast is off, brace for 1 more week) and she says it feels great. Rebound is also AWESOME! The people that do the casting and removal are a lot of fun too.
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