As a military wife moving all the time is tough so you can imagine finding a new doctor every couple of years is even tougher, and then God sent me to Andrea, I knew from the first minute with her she was the Dr. for me she listen and to me that makes all the difference in the world, she's caring, kind and so very helpful, I am getting ready to leave Washington for New York and I want Thank her for being so wonderful to me and of course I have passed your name along to many families moving here
My teenage girls and I see Dr. Froelich. She is very personable, knowledgeable, and a great gynecological surgeon. We all like her (and that is no easy feat with teens).
Not only did he misdiagnose me with arthritis, when I asked him to explain what he meant he refused to discuss it, only sending me my X-ray results via mail, and his whole medical team even told me they thought he didn't know what he was talking about. He didn't take my pain seriously, he laughed in my face more than once. Wouldn't recommend this doctor to ANYBODY.
Christina Martinez cared for me for my last two pregnancies and she delivered my babies. Christina was a dream come true as a mid-wife. I love her to pieces and would recommend her to my loved ones. Christina always made sure that I was taken care of and she deeply cares about her patients on an emotional level, not only physically. She's just truly wonderful and loving. I trust Christina with my life... that says it all!
Dr. Torres is the best doctor I have ever had. She listens, gives clear information, explains if you don't understand and follows up with her patients. She is personable and professional. I am extremely happy I found her. I have complete faith in her abilities.
Best Doctor ever! So easy to talk to and work with. Really care's about the kid's well being and my kids love her. Cannot recommend enough. On top of all of that
Dr Torres has been my GP for over 6 years and she has always been very kind and caring. Never a problem to get an appt or returned phone call! Love her! I have recommended her already to family and friends.
I have been seeing Dr Froelich for about 10 years. She is caring and is never rushed when seeing me. She explains options available and involves me in the decision making process. Her staff is always friendly and prompt to return my calls. She does have a wait for routine appointments but I plan ahead and it has not been a problem. When I did need a more urgent appointment, I was able to be seen sooner.
The Best doctor to not just to help women and female prarts but to save their emotional life and life GOD has blessed her with amazing mission I believe she has saved my life and it has only been 2 weeks Thank you Dr Brook for recommending Dr Froelich I'm going to be a new woman for the rest of my life and tell others my story GOD bless Dr Froelich and her team
Dr. Schmidt saved my life approx. 9 yr ago. No Dr would listen to my concerns about acid reflux, other than him, he sent me to a specialist who found early stages of esophageal cancer. these are concerns i had for 15+ years there is none better as far as i am concerned. thank you Dr Schmidt.
Dr Tutihasi is wonderful with children, patient and she listens. Her nurse is also wonderful. I had a mild concern about my son, her nurse listened and didn't treat me like an overprotective mom. I am so grateful, because with their help we caught his Type 1 diabetes before it was bad enough for him to show more serious signs or end up hospitalized. I can't express how grateful I am for having such a great pediatric team for my son. I don't know what I will do when he gets too old....
I was referred to Dr. Froelich by my primary care physician, for a total hysterectomy. After meeting and speaking with Dr Froelich, I immediately felt confident in her abilities and expertise. She took plenty of time, was easy to talk to and very informative. She was able to robotically perform the procedure which included removal of a cantaloupe size fibroid. I couldn't have been more pleased with how smoothly everything has gone.
Outstanding physician. She is very knowledgeable; listens well; and, very personable. Extremely adept at diagnosing, managing & treating the most complex medical issues. She reserves time for an urgent patient issue on the same day. Usual can see me the next day.
Andrea has true compassion and takes time to discuss conditions and provide a well approached holistic treatment plan.
We love Dr. Jenner. She is wonderful with our daughter and always has been. However, I have considered switching Doctors, not because of Dr. Jenner, but the nurse that always takes us back to the room. She is not friendly, not friendly to our daughter, never smiles etc... I always think that she must HATE her job. I really do not know why she works in a pediatric office. It's very disappointing.
I m so happy I finally found a Dr who will listen to me and understand what's going on.
Very unhappy now that I have to find a new doctor for my kids who have been seeing Dr jenner for years. They no longer offer after 5pm appointments, so sad. She is an excellent doctor and awesome with kids, disappointed I have to find a new Dr.
She is thorough but lacks personality. She referred to the birth of my second child as an oops which I think is an out of line thing to say to someone. My pap revealed a problem that will more than likely require surgery and I felt like she made light of it and did not request an urgent appt. with the MD/Gyno. I attempted to talk to her about an issue I was hoping to get help for and she chalked it up to my age. I did not feel heard and calling my 2nd child an oops is demeaning.
Dr. Jenner takes the time to talk directly with my pre-teen and teenage girls about their physical and emotional development. I don't feel rushed at appointments and feel that I can ask her questions and she'll take the time to answer.
Dr. Jenner has cared for my 3 children for the past 14 years. She is an incredible resource and advocate for exceptional health. She takes the time to listen and knows each of my children well as every child is different. We partner to ensure each child has the best healthcare possible.
Been with her since daughter's birth for over 8 years. She is awesome. My daughter feels very comfortable with her. I've recommended her to friends and family and everyone loves her the same

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