I like this doctor, such a professional that cares! Oh, and I typically don't have a good opinion about doctors because most doctors don't listen to their patients. I've been under doctor care for all of my 57 years and it should be the norm to trust and appreciate your doctor.
In fact, I just recommended her to a friend. She is bright, gifted, a wonderful bedside manner. Is happy to answer any and all questions. I can't recommend her highly enough. She handled a vitrectomy for me a couple of years ago and I still see her for checkups.
I had visited other ophthalmologists in the past and got varying diagnoses for a problem in my left eye, but no solutions. An arrogant male ophthalmologist at the Polyclinic dismissed my concerns in 3 different appointments, saying my eyes were fine, even though my vision remained blurry. When I found Dr. Chieh, she examined my eyes and noted the macula in the back of my eye was rippled and pulling loose. It needed surgery. The surgery completely restored my vision.
Would not recommend her to anyone. I had some concerns about symptoms I was having after being hospitalized for complacations with my thyroid medication. Before I could even explain what was going on she told me, I have explained things the best I can. I am busy and I have other patients. Go back to your old doctor if you want. This was my first and last appointment with her. Terrible bedside manner and doesn't listen. Worst endicronologist I've ever met.
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