Errors in coding of invoices for a procedure he performed have resulted in a patient responsibility of $2000.00 for a procedure normally covered by health insurance at no cost to the patient. The coding errors remain unresolved after multiple attempts by the patient and contact by the patients primary physician.
Dr. Drew Schembre, MD is a very knowledgeable and professional expert. After fooling around with another provider for over a year in extreme pain and suffering, I switched to Swedish and immediately started to receive proper care. Within 4 days I was in surgery and on my way to getting my life back. After 3 surgery’s over the course of 60 days and a few more weeks of recovery, I was completely cured. I strongly recommend Dr. Drew Schembre, MD
I was in so much pain from a fissure and was miserable before seeing him. After one surgery, I was asking myself why I didn't do this sooner. He was great in every way. He told me he that he will do tiny steps and I might need more than one surgery because he didn't want the chance of me losing my bowel completely if he goes too far. But after one surgery, I was good to go and to this day very thankful.
I am so blessed to have Dr Brandabur as my Doctor. I have had several complicated issues and he has nailed it every time! After years of other doctors making me feel crazy about having pain they can't or don't have the experience to figure out, it is comforting to know I have Dr. Brandabur in my corner! If you need an excellent gastroenterologist go see him!!
She became my Gastroenterologist less than a year ago. I was very unhappy with the way I was treated by a Doctors Clinic GI. I am so glad I made the switch. She is remarkably attentive and listens closely. I have recommended her to a few people already.
In the hospital, Dr. Patterson's techs were extremely rude and invasive to me and the hospital staff, standing around in my room waiting for him to arrive even though I asked them to leave the room. Written instructions said to have an office visit within 1 week and yet the earliest his staff would give me an appointment was 6 weeks. I would not go to Dr. Patterson again because of his staff, which is a reflexion of him.
Nice, clean and quite fast: BUT When a polyp is removed a preventive colonoscopy becomes diagnostic one. I believe it is against USDOL policy FAQs about Affordable Care Act Implementation Part XII Q5. You might be changed for you deductible and spend a lot of time fighting the charges. Also, when a patient leaves facility it would be nice to had them a piece of paper with info when they can expect detail results. I was left in the dark (or I do not remember due to anesthesia side effects)
Dr.Brandabur is the Best in His Field, I've seem Gasteroentologist's all over the West,Northwest and Southwest. I've got a Complex and Terminal Disease of the Pancreas. I've seen Him at Virginia Mason and will continue to follow him hopefully for the rest of my life, hopefully meaning the only way I would lose him is if he retired ,which would leave a big hole for a lot of patients that have had the pleasure of knowing him.
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