Dr. Mitra had been rated by insurances as a cost efficient provider. She has taken care of several families in our community for years. Seems like some reviewers on this website are new to the country, there is no incentive for a physician in the US to order unwanted tests. Dr. Mitra also tells us what tests we can do in India, to save our deductible here. We count on her for the well being of our families.
My family and friends have been seeing Dr.Mitra for over 5 years. She is very knowledgeable and offers cost effective care. She prevented my wife from a life threatening incident. You might want to check with the insurance if you are not aware of your benefits.
I will second to other reviewers. Terrible doctor. My wife had worst experience, She asked for unwanted tests that cost me $1000 plus. She calls for discussing test results and charges for those 5 minutes separately.
Dr Yam is an experienced doctor but my complain is he tends to max out the 'treatment' and tests he can charged. It could be due to his style of being careful or it could be due to maximize the profits. After many years of seeing him, I decided to find another family doctor
She is worst doctor I have ever visited, only knows how to make money! She doesn't have proper knowledge of diagnosis and has all knowledge how to scare hell out of the patienc....worst is small word for this doctor
Chinese, Min Nan

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