Awful doctor. Rushes the patient and doesn't even take the time to listen to the whole problem. Instead of doing tests to rule out many possibilities, doctor only orders a pregnancy test which has nothing to do with the problem. He never followed up with the patient and is impossible to reach for questions afterwards. He doesn't care about patient's wellbeing and just seems overworked and rushed. Don't see this doctor if you're looking for quality care or actual answers to medical problems.
This doctor failed to diagnose a parotid gland infection although my left side of my face was extremely swollen. .His report indicated alcohol use and my reason for visiting the ER was to seek pain meds. I requested antibiotics, labs and x-ray which he declined. I informed him I just needed help as I was in extreme pain and could not open my mouth. He denied my requests and said I was able to open my mouth and I was just refusing. I ended up being hospitalized by another ER and had 2 surgeries
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