My experience with Dr. Cui was excellent! I've had chronic lower back and hip pain for years. I've had extensive lower back surgery with ongoing pain issues as I have aged - I am a complex patient. My goal was to achieve a satisfactory level of pain management. Dr. Cui thoroughly analyzed my problem and presented options of treatment. His recommended treatment has been very effective. He is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills. I highly recommend him!
I am very pleased with Dr. Cui. He has helped me out so much. He has a passion to help! He is a very gentle and a nice person. He is a keeper. Even the people I know that have seen him, has nothing but nice remarks about him. I would defiantly recommend him to my family and friends. Thank You Dr. Cui for putting up with me.. LOL
The doctor breezed into the room. He was jocular throughout. Perhaps that was his bedside manner. I didn't think my condition was funny. An x-ray was on display that I had had taken. He never discussed or explained it. He only frowned when I asked a question. In five minutes the visit was over.
Dr Cui was awesome! I have seen him several times with both my back and hip. He is very thorough, conscientious, and most of all professional. He works with you in a manner that gives you a choice in your care plan. He talks about what your opinions are and how you feel, and then you both make a decision on your treatment plan. He does not miss anything and keeps updated on what is going on with you. He also takes the time with you so you feel very confident in his care He is also a great person
Dr. Cui over the years that I have been seeing him has always been very professional and complete in his analysis, treatment and service for my issues. His staff is also very efficient, thorough and nice . They are right on it in terms of their job responsibility.
Very helpful. Immediately diagnosed a condition that two Drs missed.
Dr Cui has been extremely helpful to me. I really appreciate him....he is very caring and professional. He has made it so that I can enjoy my life again. I would HIGHLY and confidently recommend Dr Cui!
Dr. Cui is careful, indeed fastidious, when he works that needle full of steroids next to my spinal cord. That's a good thing! And the results from two injections have been very positive. Coupled with an excellent staff and an earnest effort to respond to patient's questions, he's my go-to doctor for sciatica. He's busy so book early.
Dr. Jimmy Cui has done wonders with my lower back pains. Steroid injections have all but eliminated the pain. He is now recommending physical therapy, with the option of another injection if all is not well.
I have had excellent experiences with Dr. Kaarsten Lang. 2 years ago she did surgery on a couple of my fingers. Today one can not even see a scar and my fingers work fine. Today I visited Dr Lang for another hand problem. She checked my problem and explained my options. I feel she is very trust worthy and really knows what she is doing. The nurse that assists her was also knowledgeable and they both listend to me. I may have to have surgery and if I do, she will be my surgeon.
Dr. Cui explained the procedures so that I understood. So far I've had a positive outcome. He has a great smile and positive attitude that make me feel more at ease. I will not hesitate to contact Dr. Cui if the need arises.
Dr. Cui is thorough, efficient, knowledgeable, and personable. I've had several epidurals and Trigger Point Injections. Dr. Cui explains what he's doing as he proceeds and has a gentle touch. The techniques Dr. Cui uses in administering these procedures has always been pain free. His nurse, Anne, is friendly, expresses instructions clearly and is easy to talk with. I highly recommend Dr. Cui !!
Dr. Messmer was kind, friendly, understanding and knowledgeable with my teenage daughter. He was efficient and effective and quickly came to a solution that fixed her problem permanently. She was very nervous and he set her at ease. Excellent doctor.
Unprofessional.. This doctor and his staff have been unreliable. He referred me to 2 of his partners - neither of whom could perform the procedure. I mistakenly believed hIm AND his staff that this was true. However, I was wrong. Neither of his partners nor ANYBODY at his firm are able or willing to perform the procedure required - even tnough they are SPECIALISTS in the area in which I was referred by my Primary MD. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN.
I have suffered for years with neck and back pain with pain radiating to my legs. After seeing several doctors in Seattle I heard about Dr. Billow. I was so pleasantly surprised to find an office and physician that truly care. He very meticulously evaluated my symptoms and correlated them back to my MRI abnormalities. After several treatments I am back to enjoying life like I did twenty years ago. Thank you to Dr. Billow for bringing your Mayo Clinic quality to Washington.
Dr. Lang asked questions and listened carefully to what I had to say. She was very focused, professional and compassionate. I felt very confident in her expertise throughout the surgery process. The team, from office staff to anesthesiologist, made me feel comfortable and at ease. The surgery went well and I am more than pleased with the results.
Worthless visit! After waiting 45 min past appt time, no pain relief options offered for back pain ( multiple areas). His only suggestion was to find cause of the pain- even knowing that we had been trying to do that for 4 yrs and had been to countless specialists. Had no recommendations of who to see or what to do other than go out there and find the cause of the pain.- try UW or Swedish. Specific questions were side stepped and not answered. Findings on MRI dismissed as inconsequential.

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