Knowledgeable in his specialty but can't seem to give a hoot about overall health. Talks down to you, treats you like a child, and doesn't listen to concerns.
Since my doctor retired a while back, I have been seeing Susan as my primary healthcare provider. Besides finding her very knowledgeable and reasonable, she is respectful, approachable and listens to what you tell her. Some of the doctors I tried were not very good at much of that. I recommend her highly.
Only been a few times but really like her. She is a straight talker and I appreciate that. Also have signed our adult daughter who has different abilities and she was very kind and gave her excellent care.
Extremely unprofessional and rude! I went to Dr. Mangat multiple times and each time I went it got worse, talking down to me and being extremely unprofessional. I have never felt so uncomfortable with a doctor and afraid to ask questions about my health fearing that I would get a rude response or basically feeling like I was an idiot for asking such a question. Don't waste your time with her.
My son had a crazy, crazy eczema break out recently. It went from a rash to an infection and then a complete breakout of rashes in his back. I was so scared that he was going to need to go the ER. We took him to Dr. Thoophom and she diagnosed him w/an bacterail infection as well as a viral infection. She prescribed him various oral medicines and within a few days, his skin started healing up. We owe her so much for her quick and thorough care. She's awesome!!!! Thank you, Dr. T. xo
She was rude, and completely not understanding of my situation. I am just had a death in the family and she absolutely refuses to even discuss prescribing medications that scare her in any way shape or form. It is impossible to get her on the phone to discuss questions, she requires that you come in for an appointment for every tiny little thing. Don't waste your time, she is uneducated, rude, insensitive, especially if you are open to help with medications comma she refused to give you anything
I saw this doctor for some facial numbness and other issues that remain unresolved. I've rarely seen doctors in my 40 years and am not looking for attention or drugs, but seeing this doctor was a waste of time. She barely acknowledged my suggestions, dismissing one by telling me to look down and declaring, "nope, you don't have that." She didn't bother with other tests that previous specialists had ordered. Her preconceived diagnosis was depression without knowing me from Adam.
He is quite possibly the best and most thorough physician I have ever seen.
My wife was dropped as a patient a month before her due date because Dr. Magley refused to deliver at a partner hospital. We notified him from the first appointment and it is on our records where we were planning to deliver. Now, a month before our due date, we are left scrambling to find another Dr. Shamefully, Dr. Magley didn't address this in person during the last appointment a couple of days ago but instead, has an office employee notify us. Interpret the quality of his character yourself.
When my ison suddenly had a lump behind his knee, FMC was able to get me in quickly with Dr. Lee. She was fairly new to Enumclaw at the time, but she was amazing at putting my mind at ease and letting me know what the next steps were. She followed up and asked after him once he was referred to a specialist. She is my first choice for my kiddos! She's experienced and kind, and I feel very comfortable with her. She also supports extended breastfeeding which I appreciate.
Dr Thoophom is a wonderful and caring Dr.we take our infant daughter to see her and never feel rushed. We feel our questions are always thoroughly answered as well! Excellent provider!
This guy doesn't even listen to the patient. He makes rash and quick judgments, hands out a SSRI Rx and says see ya later. Very unprofessional demeanor. Chuckling, making inappropriate comments. I will NOT be back to that Dr. nor the facility that allows him to practice there. Terrible doctor. Gets tunnel vision on the situation and doesn't even do a complete examination of patient history.
This doctor is rude and impatient. I felt like he was talking down to me.
I've had the opportunity to see Dr. Hick's several times while in the hospital. He is, HANDS DOWN, the BEST psychiatrist I've ever seen. He lends an empathetic ear and clearly listens to every word you say. I've never felt more comfortable or listened much so, that I still call and check every so often to see if he is practicing outside of St. Joes. Dr. Hicks really is the best. If I ever loved a doctor of mine, he is it!!! Just pure awesomeness with a big heart!!!
Dr Mckeighon's bed side manner and medical attention is above and beyond what I've received with any other Doctor.
Worst doctor ever. She treated me horribly and I'm going to have my records from her removed because of the lies she wrote in them. Stay FAR away. She is the worst and doesn't care about her patients.
A calm, direct, comforting demeanor. I appreciate the thorough analysis and direct responses provided while providing care for my three-year old daughter and newborn son. I live in Tacoma, but prefer the drive to Enumclaw as my daughter loves her doctor and feels comfortable with her. If you ask my daughter her Doctor's name she gladly replies "Doctor Thoophom."
We moved from CO to WA and Franciscan was referred to us. We were able to get in to see Dr. Lee. She met our needs, above and beyond what we were expecting. She LISTENED and ANSWERED all of my questions...which is HUGE. We weren't being rushed out the door, but were treated appropriately. We will be recommending Dr. Lee to everyone.
Would not recommend this physiatrist. Dirty office, Dr allowed her black lab in office during session. Dog sat/slept in same kind of chair across from me and there was hair everywhere.
Dr Verzosa was the attending dr while I was hospitalized. He was kind, informative and reassuring as it was a stressful time for me. I was blessed to have had him and thankful he was guiding my care.
He is knowledgeable - I trust him. I get the impression that he is genuinely interested in my wellbeing, and takes his time with me. It never feels rushed. He is one of the best Dr's I've had over the years. I have never felt like I have been waiting to long, just enough time to read the complimentary newspaper before I get called into his office.
He takes the time to explain to you what is going on.
Truly listens carefully, makes no assumptions, does not judge upon appearance, and when you are honest believes you. Spends appropriate amount of time with patient allowed.
Dr. Verzosa is very personal and very attentive to my concerns and my husbands. I would recommend him to anyone interested in a caring doctor. I never feel rushed.
Very professional, well spoken, very good bedside manners and patient. Our experience with Dr. Verzosa was superb. Our family trust and highly recommend him.
Remarkably caring and kind. We trust our health to Dr. Verzosa

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