Good Doctor very poor supporting staff. You call wanting to speak with the doctor and they will not let you. They will leave him a message but he never return phone calls. The staff does not seem to care about patients. They never return calls and when they do they are not very nice. Would not recommend this doctor if you want good service from staff. Doctor is good but needs to get better supporting staff.
I have been a patient for 10 years, recently went in (end of May) for a situation that needed prompt attention and was told that I couldn't see her until August. I'm just wondering why Dr. Hosoda is still accepting new patients when she can't even see her old patient for 3 month out. Extremely disappointed!
I would recommend Dr. Tepper to family and friends. The only negative I have is that no one answers a phone. On the several occasions that I have called over the years I can not remember ever talking to a live person. It is frustrating to have a leave a message and wait for a response. There appears to be ample staff just not sure why no one wants to pick up a phone.
He's kind, caring and knowledgeable. I'm so happy to have him as my doctor.
Dr. Hosoda is a very knowledgeable individual. She recommends in her treatments/tests she prescribes tends to be thorough. She follows up w/healthy alternatives, conservative in her surgery recommendations, and gives consideration to prescribing medications when necessary, well documents her visits and supplies typed information for her patients' reference. Ever since my mother started seeing Dr. Hosoda, I have had tremendous respect for her and have highly recommended her to family/friends.
Dr. Tepper is fine as a doctor but when you need to make an appointment because your are sick or hurt the receptionist always at the minimum puts you two weeks out. I came to this doctor because he was accepting new patient but why would you accept someone just to give them insane waiting times??? I'm going to have to do what everyone else does now and only use a family doctor for annual check ups and that's it...
Very comprehensive and he will actually listen. Excellent doctor with a horrible office. You can not leave a message with receptionist after hours.
Previous apts. with Tepper have been very productive. However in a more recent and urgent experience both the staff and the Doctor let me down. They exhibited an extreme lack of concern and sensitivity in relaying lab results in a timely manner, resulting in extreme stress and unnecessary discomfort. Most phone calls are met with a voice mail system, frustrating. Especially when calls are not returned. Communication is imperative, when absent, that's when this customer finds a new doctor!
Dr. Hosoda listens to me. She is amazingly knowledgeable, mainly due to the fact that she is always searching out answers. She is friendly, courteous, remembers who I am and never fails to ask how my family members are doing. She spends all the time I need yet doesn't waste time so that she can get to her next patient. I am impressed with her in every way and have never found a doctor like her. I feel very fortunate to have found her and made her my primary physician so many years ago.

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