I've been a patient of Maria for over a year now and I have never felt more comfortable and confident in the fact that she truly cares for my well-being. She's quick to come into the room and takes the time to sit and listen to your issues/concerns before coming up with a plan of action. She's persistent on regular medication checks which I appreciate so much. She's absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to have her as my PCP!
At first, we were very impressed with Dr. Tsang and the care she was providing for our daughter. She was attentive and seemed to be on top of everything. That has stopped now, and Dr. Tsang is refusing to refer us to a Hematologist, who is the ONLY doctor qualified to diagnose hereditary spherocytosis, a deadly condition if left undiagnosed that my daughter has an 80% chance of having.
Horrible experience. I left her office in tears. Instead of helping me with a diagnosis ive had since i was 25 she made me feel like I was being looked down upon. Will never return to see her nor will I recommend anyone else.
At 61, I can honestly say I've had my fair share of experiences with Medical Professionals. Dr. Sandall is the best doctor I have been seen by. Professional, informed, and highly trained, she always listens to me; she asks pertinent questions and she always provides me with care I feel complete trust in. She helps me define issues through proper testing and she always exhibits concern for my health. Since moving away from her city of practice, I drive 57 miles one-way to see her. TY Dr. Sandall!
I don't. Left Exam room and announced loudly what my health issue was. After her Nurse did same thing. "We have ____ in there'" (HIPAA anyone) Never really said how to fix anything. Just take care of it & let me know how it goes. Frustration level with her attitude & lack of skill as Doctor. Shrug shoulders a lot. I visited her 3 times for different issues. Tried to give benefit of doubt. They both are quite disrespectful.
I so appreciate the efficient, timely, and knowledgeable care provided to me by Dr. Garner. She's affiliated with a group that is focused on patient care in a state-of-the-art facility with immediate access to lab services and other specialties. I haven't needed urgent or emergency care, but appointments are easy and Dr. Garner didn't make me wait while I was shivering in a paper gown. There's a level of patient courtesy that I haven't experienced before.
The worst doctor I've ever been to in my entire life. I can not fathom the unprofessional-ism and careless acts he puts towards his patients. I would not recommend him to ANYBODY, not even my worst enemy. I believe he got his license from the inside of a cereal box. He does not listen to anything you have say, he ignores your symptoms and laughs at your during your visits asking irrelevant questions. DO NOT GO TO THIS DOCTOR. Total waste of my time and money! Wish I could give him negative stars
I admit Dr. Valencia does not have a great bedside manner. If you're looking for a doctor to kowtow to you, it's not this guy. However, he does get high marks for being incredibly professional and thorough. I have never had an issues with him or his level of care and would put him on par with some of the best doctors at Swedish.
Automatically assumed I was drug seeking even though I never asked for pills, asked for an X-ray so we can see how to fix my back. Had me pee in a cup to see if the extreme leg pain I'd been feeling for 3 days that literally made me collapse in pain was from a "bladder infection." I call bull. When my test came back clean, she still didn't offer any solutions or follow up therapy, instead saying the pain "will go away on its own." Well, it hasn't. Going to a spine specialist now.
Dr. Sandall has been caring for my elderly father for over 5 years. She diagnosed his Alzheimer's, after running some tests and treated our family with respect in the face of it. She is always on top of what is going on wth him and can evaluate his changing situations with thoroughness and compassion. She helped me immensely when it was time to have him stop driving (even tho he didn't want to) and initiated paperwork so he could no longer drive without making him feel bad about it.
I am feeling so discouraged with this Doctor. I have a couple of medical issues that seem to be getting worse over the last few years and he seems to have no concern with trying to help me get to the root of the problem or get well. He will only talk about one issue when I am there even though I suspect that they may be connected. He makes me feel like I'm just a collection of maladies there to be billed for services; not like he is concerned with my health or well-being as a whole person.
At first she does seem standoff-ish. Dr is just thorough. I suffered with a wonky gall bladder for at least 15 years. Countless of ER trips. She is the only DR who looked further and found the problem, and fixed it. She's wonderful.
I too would never, ever recommend this dr to anyone. He doesn't listen & he did not want to talk about a problem I was having, in conjunction with another problem I was having. He was very rude told me he'd only talk to me about one problem & only one. If there was anything else, I'd have to make a separate appt for each problem. This guy needs to wise up & realize that problem # 1 and #2, might very well be related and causing a murid of other problems. I wouldn't take my dog to him.
I haven't been dissatisfied with the doctor, but I don't see the advantage of having a provider that is never available for appointments. On several occasions, I needed to see a doctor and was told it would be a week or more to see her. I was referred to Urgent Care and I do not appreciate having a doctor that refers her existing patients to Urgent Care. What is the point? For this reason, I would not recommend Dr. Sandall and I will be looking for another doctor.
Took me 3 months to get an appointment after researching for a good doctor in the area. Her video of how she 'listens' is what got me. I only asked her two questions during my visit and she paid more attention to the computer in front of her than me. Ultimately, neither of my questions were addressed as she left thru the back sliding door and aparently the visit was over. She didn't return. An assistant handed me a card to take to the desk at the elevator.
Maria is an absolutely amazing provider. She is always very thorough and asks me if I have any more questions. She then listens to those questions. Recommend her to anyone.
Maria is very easy to talk to and truly cares about her patience.
When I started going to her, I actually met with two other doctors in this clinic, having a complicated health history, I didn't want to be predisposed to any stereotypes, and I wanted my new doctor to take the time to listen and give feedback to what I was saying, without a doubt she is an AMAZING doctor, in my book she comes highly recommended!! I am getting my mom in to see her, she also is impressed with her knowledge, kindness and just being very personable! Thank you Dr. Sandall
One of the best doctors I have ever been to. I've been seeing her for almost 2 years and she has helped me very much. She's alwasy been very friendly and caring.
We would not choose to see this doctor ever again. He wasted a great deal of the time on his computer rather than addressing the issues. Then after fifteen minutes informed us he was finished,no more questions, and told us he could only deal with one concern per visit and walked out of the room.
I have had 3 visits, she never came out from behind the computer, and was completely condescending when talking to me. I would never recommend or return to this provider. Never spent more than 10 minutes talking to me with a non-existent exam of me as a patient
I initially didn't like Dr. Sandall--I thought she was very cold. But after seeing her for a couple of years, I realized that when she comes in, she wants to read your chart before she discusses anything. That way she's more informed by what is going on and she always asks how my depression is
Dr. Valencia did not listen to me, and did not comprehend my needs.
Dr. Valencia is a very poor listener. He spends his time fixated on the computer screen and was not listening. Went in for severe back pain and numbness in my legs. He prescribed physical therapy with no examination (MRI, XRAY). I told him I can barely move/get out of bed, my legs are numb...how could I do PT and is it even safe if we don't know what's wrong? Demanded an MRI: Results just came back: two herniated discs, narrowing of the canals and arthritis. Referral to a back specialist.

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