Felt my symptoms were dismissed (autoimmune, joint pain, abnormal lab results) and basically told unless my symptoms were severe (all joints red , hot and swollen) to not bother calling her. Not everyone has RA. Diagnosed with lupus by another rheumatologist.
Knowledgeable, thorough, listens and deals with issues immediately.
Dr. Sullivan seems hesitant about my condition and the best way to treat it. There was no handout available. Instead, I was told to look it up on the internet. I was terrified to learn about the possible lifetime effects of my disease! Would've been nice to have a discussion about these effects with my doctor! No, I would not reccomend Dr. Sullivan, even if it was to my worst enemy!
It was a sad, wasted appointment for me. She offered absolutely no help with a disease I have had for 26 years and diagnosed by two other top notch rheumatologists. She said there was nothing they could do for me. Nothing?? Wow. I know more about my disease than she does, that seems apparent. I'll never go back. I left feeling like what the bleep just happened??
I am highly disappointed with her care. She basically just fired me as a patient, and told me to go follow up with my PCP. I was expecting a better outcome due to my chronic aches and pains. No help at all.

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