Susan is the best medical professional I have ever encountered. the best qualities about her is that she actually cares about her patients and LISTENS!She cares about your overall health including mental health and will spend time in the room socially talking to you about your health and needs, its not a race to see how quick she can get in and out of the exam room like other doctors. I have never been so happy under someone's care or trusted my medical need as much as I trust suesan. She rocks!
Dr Whitney is very knowledgeable and skilled. He is also extremely personable The downside is that it took 2 months to get an appointment and another month before surgery. Also, I had some difficulty following surgery and was unable to get help. Phone operator is very rude and transfers you to voice mail of people who aren't there that day. Followup appointments are with PA so you don't get to ask Dr about specifics of your surgery. I'm happy with outcome, but dissatisfied with after care.
I have been on the waitting list for your clinic for 10 months, just because you only have a few slots open every month for people with Molina Apple insurance. You can not tell me or convince me that you have not had any openings for me in 10 months. To say that, is a little far fetcheded and totally unbelievable. Also to say that I have to sit and wait by the phone all day on Mondays hoping and praying that you will grace me with a phone call letting me know that I am being blessed with an ap
The surgical team performed two (2) spinal PT credited within one year. Dr Carlson hit homeruns on both. Just as important was his "bedside manner". His associate team were phenomenal during pre-op and post-op treatment. Pam McCloud was rock in my recovery.
Linda is the most compassionate, understanding, knowledgable PAC I've ever come across. She truly makes you feel like a human being. A true blessing to the medical community, we definatly need more like her.
Linda Nixon is a very comfortable person and a rare find in the medical system. She puts a face and a personality on medicine. Rather than being cold and robotic, like so many doctors and PA's, she was very human and even remembers that my husband is ill and asks about him---knowing that his health affects mine, also. I wish there were more medical professionals like Linda. A very nice lady and smart as well.
Dr. Carlson did an amazing job on my discectomy. I had seen him for about a year before I decided that all other options were exhausted and I was ready for surgery. He made sure it was the last option and I was glad he did. He and his staff did a great job up to, during and after surgery. I had the surgery end of March and although I have a slight desk job, I was back in under 2 weeks! Today I had my 4th month check-up and it went well. I had great expereinces with all the staff members as well.
Dr. Gruber is a great guy! I met with Dr. Gruber last Friday and he took the time to review my MRI studies and explain in words I could understand what was going on in my neck. Finally after all of these years in pain and convincing insurance I needed an MRI of my neck, Dr. Gruber explained why I need to have surgery on my neck. I completely trust Dr. Gruber and I look forward to having surgery on my neck! Thanks Dr. Gruber for listening to me and ordering another MRI!
She was very understanding and competent. I found her to be reassuring, empathetic, and knowledgeable .
I had back surgery last year and then moved to Spokane. I reherniated around the same time we found out we were expecting our first child. The staff at Inland Neurosurgery were all very nice and worked to get me in fast. Dr. Ling was very nice, and treated me like a person not just a patient. He is an excellent surgeon. Words can't express my gratitude for the quality of care that I received.
Not my only surgical consult on this cervical disk spinal injury but this one certainly assured me to NEVER get under this person's knife. What do you call someone whose FIRST surgical recommendation is to remove ,REMOVE disks from your spine and fuse bone in it's place WHEN A SIMPLE NONINVASIVE PROCEDURE OF SCRAPING THE ARTHRITIC GROWTH OF BONE SPURS OFF to remedy bone spurs scratching and inflaming the nerves at the C5-C6 neck vertebrae?
Saved my life!
I tried to schedule an appointment with Doctor Gruber but his female employee said he wouldn't see me because I used to go to another neurosurgeon. I explained that my former doctor no longer accepts my insurance and that I cannot afford to pay the out of pocket out of network costs - Doctor Gruber is in my network. She stated that he wouldn't see me as I had started with someone else! I have never heard of such a thing anywhere and his Accepts New Patients ad doesn't say with conditions!!!!
Down to earth. Great amount of empathy while working with my 15 yr old. Smiles and jokes where appropriate.
Dr. Gruber and his staff are fantastic. He is very caring and understanding. He took his time explaining everything and listened to my concerns and answered all my questions without hesitation. I am very greatful to him for all he did for me. I am pain free for the first time in many years.
Frustrated with office staff and lack of communication. Difficult to get anyone to return a phone call or answer the phone. There never seems to be anyone to answer the phone and frequently get the voicemail then it will take over 2-5 days for a return call.
he a awesome doctor has done 2 surgery on my son keep up the good work
Dr. Bliss has been wonderful to work with. She is kind patient and gives very complete medical care. She was very gentle and complete in her evaluation of my neck after a whiplash injury. I would suggest Dr. Bliss to everyone that wants fast pain solutions and directions to see the best providers to help with their injury problems.
She has been a huge benefit as I have tried to recover from a neck injury. She has not been quick to push drugs, but rather find other options that can keep me active and recovering. I don't know what I would do without her medical care, expertise and guidance!

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