The doctor was OK, no complaints about him. The business portion of the practice was offensive, though. Having recently changed insurance, I was not aware that I would owe a co-pay so I paid none at the time of service. When I later received a bill, I was charged not only the $12.00 co-pay, but also a $15.00 penalty for not paying it at the time of service. The surprise exorbitant penalty makes the practice look mean-spirited and petty.
After an accident that injured a foot tendon, and calling several foot surgeons' offices, only Dr. Brim's office was willing to make room to see me immediately. He diagnosed the issue, stabilized my foot, and his nurse called multiple MRI centers until they found one who would see me that same day. He performed surgery in his surgery center, with no complications. A week later when my husband showed up a few minutes late to pick up a pain medication prescription, the office manager stayed late.
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