He is very patient and friendly. His casual and friendly approach makes you feel very safe and cared for. My 13 yr. old daughter adored him! It's not easy to get the confidemce of a teenage girl.
Dr. Ball for the 20+ years I have known her has given good advice and treatment. I will miss her tremendously.!
Very knowledgeable, friendly. Has a lot of empathy for her patients. I never felt rushed and she knows when a patient needs more time to share a problem, and allows for that. Most of all, she listens! Then she forms an action plan.
Dr. Samson seems well-trained but lacks empathy and thoughtful consideration for those in crisis. I am dealing with severe anxiety and depression and we tried a couple of medications, which precipitated panic attacks. When I asked him for his counsel on next steps/options, he replied stating that he didn't know what else he could do for me but that I shouldn't take too many benzos as they are addictive and can lead to dementia. His response was snarky and unhelpful and left me at loose ends.
The visit with Dr. Semones was the best experiance I have ever had, she was understanding and listened to what I had as far as concerns. My previous visit was rewarding in the fact that I was treated wrongfully, but after visiting DR. Semones I was cured of a probable life threatening form of skin cancer. I want to thank Dr. Semones for her help on this site as I have done in person to her. I will recommend anyone who needs help to her.
Ms. Semones shouldn't even be allowed to be called a doctor. I have wasted two years of my life on this woman trying to get help. All she does is pawn you off on other care providers. It's like she doesn't know how to treat her patients. She is a disgrace to doctors everywhere and she needs her license revoked. DO NOT SEE KAREN SEMONES. FIND SOMEONE ELSE.
Suffering extreme pain, good-ole Seth called me a liar and drug seeker. He informed clinic staff how clever he was to have unmasked this 59 year old (breast cancer survivor) deceitful manipulator. No Doctor would listen. It took 4 years for a DOCTOR to diagnose nerve bundle compression as the cause of the pain. Seth was so sure of himself, WOULDN'T listen about my concerns about other symptoms. Did you know the sooner Huntington's is treated, the better the prognosis? Seth is dangerous!!
Dr Hulsey is an amazing doctor. The only problem is with Group Health because they over book her so wait times are terrible. But her as a doctor, she is AMAZING and she is willing to help always. Even when she's overbooked, hasn't even had time for lunch, she still gives you her full undivided attention. She's been my doctor since I was 16 and I refuse to change.
I find Dr. Hulsey to be inexperienced in dealing with patients who live with chronic, incurable conditions. I always feel like she is rushed and she does not take the time to review my case thoroughly. She does not put the needs and concerns of the patient first, her first consideration is how she will be inconvenienced. I always hear her make a huge sigh outside my patient room door before she comes in. I do not feel as though she is a caring physician.
I took my son to Dr. Hulsey and left very disappointed. As a concerned and extremely caring mother I thought she would be able to be a good doctor towards my son. This was not the case. Dr. Hulsey made my son very uncomfortable and he asked to switch doctors after receiving "care" from her. She jumped to conclusions way too fast and did not gain our trust.
I would never recommend this man that calls himself a surgeon. I had a double mastectomy 3/24/16. I woke mutilated. Fifteen medical people have seen my chest and say it is the worst they have ever seen. The before care and after care was horrible. Three months from my diagnosis of cancer, I finally got my surgery. I have been diagnosed with PTSD from my life altering horror . I have to have a corrective surgery in three more months. Risking my life in another surgery is terrifying to me.
Dr Fox is very caring and she takes the time to get to know her patients and answer all their questions. I have been seeing her since she started at Pioneer family practice and recommend her to everyone. She even treats two of my grandkids and they love her.
Very thorough. Highly recommend.
I called dr Lerner to get a status on my husbands medicine and she told me "I wouldn't have answered, but I was expecting another call." She's prescribed my husband extremely high doses of drugs she won't tell me about. We have signed a release.
She is rude, condescending and overall uncaring as well as misdiagnosing my cancer so I think that make her a very poor clinician as well. Luckily I was able to switch Drs. And am now cancer free ( no thanks to her )
I was seen by a nurse just prior to dr Legaspi who did not recommend an X-ray for my injury. In fact, she advised against it and recommended an MRI. When I met with Legaspi I explained my concerns with wasting money on an X-ray when I needed an mri. He told me that was all he could offer and I was now in the system and that is how things work. he seemed very disgruntled about the system and how things worked. He prescribed me a drug never explaining the purpose or how it would benefit me.
He was awesome. He took out my husband's gallbladder, he did a great job and has a fun, positive attitude. He is very easy to talk to and does not rush you out of the room. He makes sure to answer all of your questions and gives great advice. His office staff was also very professional and nice.
Dr. L no longer at group health, but excellent. listened to all symptoms, took much time and effort to synthesize a plausible cause/effect relationship to patient, was very personable and humble in his fine diagnosis.
Dr. Laumans is a very dedicated professional and will give you the best care one can find. Wise and caring physician.

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Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
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