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Worst psychiatric Doctor want to be!!!! Suffer from major depression, anxiety and post manic stress, and adhd. She changed almost every rx I had when I moved here in September, had an emergency back in Louisiana and pharmacy was closed and couldn't pick up my new rx, called as soon as I was in Louisiana. She had me coming once a week, and on the week my rx needed to be fill is when I had to leave. Phone records prove nobody returned call! She refused my rx, withdraws can kill me or someone else!
Diagnosed and treats my son several years ago with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and in my son's medical records he has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now if you know anything about these 2 disorders you will know they are 2 very different things meaning; education (IEP's and BIP), parenting, behavior, and so on. I do NOT recommend Dr. Schlegel, always, I mean always get a second opinion your child's life and future depend on it.
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