Run. Don't walk away to find another surgeon. TERRIBLE follow up care. The nurses at the hospital can not stand him. The HOSPITAL came an apologized to me bc his care was so bad. He is all about statistics and cutting people open. I would warn anyone away from this dr. Even my worst enemy. I am living on a feeding tube as a result of him performing a simple sleeve. Please-ask the nurses at the hospital. They will steer you away.
Dr. Srikanth and his staff have been amazing to work with. Had my surgery about 18 months ago and so happy I chose him as my surgeon. I would and have recommended him to others and I will again! They were very accommodating in getting my surgery before the end of the year when my deductible was met.

Abdominal Surgery
Acid Reflux Surgery
Adjustable Gastric Banding
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)
Body Contouring (After Weight Loss Surgery)
Diagnostic Endoscopy
Duodenal Switch
Endoscopy (Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine)
Esophageal Surgery
Gallbladder Removal
Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy), Laparoscopic
Gallbladder Surgery
Gastric Banding
Gastric Banding, Laparoscopic
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery, Laparoscopic
Gastric Restrictive With Partial Gastrectomy Or Jejunojejunostomy
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Hernia Repair
Incisional Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Intestinal Transplant (Incl. Enterectomy)
Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
Laparoscopic Revision Gastric Restrictive Procedure
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Nutritional Counseling
Open Gastric Restrictive Procedure
Open Incisional And-Or Ventral Hernia Repair
Paraesophageal Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Revision Of Gastric Anastomosis Or Restrictive Procedure
Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery
Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery, Laparoscopic
Skin And Tissue Reduction
Sleeve Gastrectomy
Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic
Stomach Surgery
Therapeutic Endoscopy
Umbilical Or Ventral Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Weight Loss Management
Weight Loss Revisional Surgery
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