This was one of the worst "health" care visits I have ever experienced! It was truly shocking. Honestly, I don't think anything went well here. The biggest problem was that there really wasn't (in my opinion) any problems at all - other than her. She was SUPER critical/judgemental and didn't take even close to the time needed to understand my (pretty simple) situation. To put it in simple terms, I would say that she is close to incompetent. I absolutely will not be seeing her again and can not
I've never met a doctor as terse and impersonable as Marissa. I was in and out of the office within 5 minutes because she diagnosed me without any real conversation on my symptoms. I felt like she just wanted to get me out of there as fast as she could; undoubtedly the worst doctor I've ever met.
Dr. Rosales was kind and personable during our appointment but when it came down to diagnosing me, she prescribed me antibiotics for a UTI despite the fact that my urine sample had come back negative (I eventually discovered these results only because I visited another doctor shortly after, as my symptoms reappeared a couple months after finishing the antibiotics). I was very surprised, as Dr. Rosales had very confidently told me that I did indeed have a UTI when I visited her. No good..
They overcharged me doing a list of things that I did not ask for and didnt even know I was paying extra for until I got the bill. My previous Dr. moved and I needed a new Dr. so I picked Marissa because she was close to home. It was a big mistake. My old Dr. did not once over charge me and add extra non covered fees without telling me until I got the bill. I will not be returning. If you are reading this do yourself a favor and drive a little further going here will cost you far more.
Dr Lindstrom is an amazing physician. Not only us he very thorough and caring but he is respectful if his patients' wishes. There s GB would be more doctors like him. I trust him with my life and says it all.
My first visit with Dr. Fernandez was humiliating. I expected introductions, a discussion of my health history and current medications, and an action plan going forward. Instead, inexplicably, the dr. assumed I was only there to refill my anxiety medication for some sort of nefarious purpose (I never asked to refill it in the first place). The entire appt was her suspiciously interrogating me, complete with a urine test. Then I was dismissed, sobbing, without the chance to ask even one question.

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