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I love Dr. Warden!! She has been so thorough with my care and I have my life back. I don't understand the previous negative reviews. I see her for migraines and she had given me my life back. Thanks to Dr. Warden, I am living. Her assistant has been great too.

May 06 2020

Review for Dr. Warden

Professional, competent and thorough. Diagnosed my dairy allergy that has caused sinus & asthma symptoms for most of my life.

Jim Paul Feb 28 2020

Review for Dr. Wanner

Sad and disappointed Feb 12 2020

Review for Dr. Chalaka

Flat personality. Poor at communicating. Didn’t communicate after testing.

Dec 07 2019

Review for Dr. Taber

Dec 06 2019

Review for Dr. Major

Dec 05 2019

Review for Dr. Chalaka

Mimi is kind, intelligent and very capable. She cares and spends the time to get to know you!

Aaron Nov 17 2019

Review for Dr. Nguyen

Already did!

Eleanorain FL - Nov 11 2019

Review for Dr. Schmitz

Dr. Whalen is now retired from office-based Urology practice.

Nov 06 2019

Review for Dr. Whalen

Nov 05 2019

Review for Dr. Warden

Jeffrey Rosinek Oct 29 2019

Review for Dr. Mulumudi

Dr. Schmitz was very helpful. He listened to me attentively, prescribed me medication and explained why that particular medication was his choice for my ailment.

Jul 10 2019

Review for Dr. Schmitz

NKin Mukilteo, WA - Jun 22 2019

Review for Dr. Wong

Great Doctor, My wife and I have been with him for over 10 years, always a good experience, always good advice.

Alanfamily6in Marysville, WA - Jun 14 2019

Review for Dr. Jacobson

She is a great dr. Caring and very thorough. Would recommend her to anyone

Pat in lake Stevens Jun 10 2019

Review for Dr. Cooke

May 19 2019

Review for Dr. Gala

May 08 2019

Review for Dr. Allen

I would highly recommend his services to bad he retired, I was seen by him in Marysville, WA, walk in clinic. I was in pain from my knee and he gave me a shot and it lasted for 5 yrs. I had shots before they lasted a month or two. I am having problems again so I was looking him up.

May 05 2019

Review for Dr. Jenks

I have been a patient of Dr. Tamber for nearly 2 years and have nothing but good experiences with him and his team. They always treat me with respect and take the time to answer my questions and explain the "Why" behind treatment recommendations.

May 02 2019

Review for Dr. Tamber

Dr. Wong listens and always has the latest research to share when discussing care. My thyroid has finally stabilized with his care. He advocates eating a Mediterranean diet, again based on clinical research. I think of him as a partner in my care.

Apr 28 2019

Review for Dr. Wong

Apr 20 2019

Review for Dr. Gala

Apr 04 2019

Review for Dr. Thomas

Dropped me as a patient because of my severe medical anxiety. Wants me to see a shrink who will just try and push all the drugs on me that I have already tried most of which probably do more harm than good.

Mar 30 2019

Review for Dr. Venema

Very arrogant and cocky poor bedside manner. He wasn’t thorough in his intern medicine. He walked in the door saying I thought we’re seeing you for hypo thyroid and I said you are?

TThyroid mamain Thyroid mama, WA - Feb 08 2019

Review for Dr. Wong

I have been seeing Dr. Green for almost 10 years. His treatment for me has changed my life in a highly positive way.

Dave J.in Bothell, WA - Nov 15 2018

Review for Dr. Green

My wife went to see Dr Venema at PacMed in Canyon Park due to migraines and dizziness. He did not want to listen to her symptoms and the impacts it was having on our life, very little empathy and just pushed medications and rushed her out the door.

Mukilteo - Oct 06 2018

Review for Dr. Venema

Kimberly N. in BELLINGHAM, WA - Sep 27 2018

Review for Josannie Concepcion

Dr Gala is bar none the most knowledgeable rheumatologist I have seen. Her demeanor is calm and she clearly cares a lot about her patients. She has up to date information on research. Highly recommend.

Everett Ladyin WA - Jul 04 2018

Review for Dr. Gala

We have 3 boys and seen many pediatrician's and Dr Lester has been very knowledgeable, down to earth and right on. I'm happy to have her for our 3 little guys!

Everett - Apr 25 2018

Review for Dr. Lester

Mount Vernon - Apr 06 2018

Review for Dr. Lester

I put my trust in Dr.Dash --he is a most wonderful Doctor who takes the time to answer your questions. I feel I am being given the best of care. His staff is also the best. I highly recommend Dr. Dash and I am so thankful he is my Doctor for my heart. sincerely, Frances Partrick

Frances Partrickin Camano Island, WA - Apr 04 2018

Review for Dr. Dash

Worst NEUROLOGIST I've ever seen. He fixated more on a non Neural issue then what I have going on. I say stay far far way from this guy if you can. I'm not sure how other sites have him rating highly....DO YOURSELF A FAVOR avoid him at all cost

Mar 31 2018

Review for Dr. Major

What an idiot. He can barely talk and has no idea what he is talking about. Has no manners, points out irrelevant matters, doesn't even say hello when walking in. Just an ornery, bumbling quack.

lake stevens - Mar 28 2018

Review for Dr. Dilworth

Best care I've ever had for my kid

Jill James Mar 25 2018

Review for Dr. Klicpera

La Conner - Mar 03 2018

Review for Dr. Warden

Best doc ever would not trust anyone else with my sleep apnea! Deb in Everett patient 3 years

Debbie Ingersolin Everett - Jan 25 2018

Review for Dr. Chalaka

Aprilin Everett, WA - Jan 24 2018

Review for Dr. Gala

Jan 23 2018

Review for Dr. Warden

Dr. McBride is outstanding! Smart, caring, listens well. He exemplifies everything that I would hope for in a doctor that treats the maladies that he specializes in - and is great at referring to competent doctors that specialize in areas that are not in his area of expertise.

Alanin Camano Island - Jan 20 2018

Review for Dr. McBride

H Watersin Shoreline - Nov 21 2017

Review for Dr. Warden

Snohomish, WA - Oct 24 2017

Review for Dr. Warden

Dr Yoon was insensitive to my health situation. He did not show interest and his office called me a week before my second appointment to cancel it.

Seattle, WA - Oct 20 2017

Review for Dr. Yoon

Great doctor, highly recommend. He treats my sleep apnea and asthma. Professional, knowledgeable and great bed-side manner.

Carolin Marysville, WA - Sep 21 2017

Review for Dr. Chalaka

An exemplary physician.

Snohomish WA - Aug 25 2017

Review for Dr. Hempel

Barbarain Snohomish, WA - Aug 19 2017

Review for Dr. Gala

Everett, WA - Aug 05 2017

Review for Dr. Major

Camano Island - Jul 29 2017

Review for Dr. Nguyen

Bellingham, Wa - Jul 15 2017

Review for Dr. Tamber

He's the best

Marilynin Mcminnville, OR - Jul 15 2017

Review for Dr. Chalaka

Dr Nya Ngatchou was very professional and knowledgeable about diabetes. I was recently diagnosed and he was so patient with my concerns and questions. He really listened to me and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr Nya Ngatchou to family and friends.

Rachelin Stanwood, WA - Jul 14 2017

Review for Dr. Nya Ngatchou

Really nice guy. good listener. BUT if you have anything else wrong with you besides sleep apnea, go somewhere else. not trained for problems beyond that.

Everett, WA - Jun 15 2017

Review for Dr. Chalaka

Dr Nguyen has the right mix of friendliness, curiosity, compassion, intelligence, and knowledge as a physician. Of the dozens of doctors I've seen over the decades, I consider him the best.

Sin Snohomish, WA - Jun 12 2017

Review for Dr. Nguyen

Dr Sutcliffe listened to me when I was clearly an atypical patient for having heart blockages. He ran tests other md's may have not because he listened to my symptoms, not my age, my six or even some of my normal test results. He saved my life. And also my mothers as well. He is amazing!

Melissa Penningtonin Everett, WA - May 17 2017

Review for Dr. Sutcliffe

Arlington, WA - May 06 2017

Review for Dr. Tamber

Matt Gordonin Marysville, WA - Apr 16 2017

Review for Dr. Dash

Dr. Kevin Chang is the best ophthalmology and he operated on both of my eyes for cataract. His excellent surgical skill was praised by all other ophthalmology doctors. I sincerely hope he would consider to come out of his retirement.

Paul Chenin Everett, WA - Apr 09 2017

Review for Dr. Chang

Arlington WA - Mar 16 2017

Review for Dr. Nguyen

Great Dr. I wish she was a primary care Dr.. She is very professional but easy to talk to.

Hankin Everett, WA - Mar 07 2017

Review for Dr. Lee

Wonderful doctor. My whole family sees Dr. Thomas. He's very conscientious. I like his new office in Mill Creek too.

Lynnwood, WA - Feb 28 2017

Review for Dr. Thomas

Bellingham, WA - Jan 12 2017

Review for Dr. Tamber

Dr Agnani is a very caring and competent cardiologist. She appears to be really concerned about her patients. She explains things in very understandable terms.

Ken Jonesin Everett, WA - Dec 15 2016

Review for Dr. Agnani

Marysville, WA - Nov 26 2016

Review for Dr. Tamber

SAFETY in Bothell in CANYON PARK , Bothell WA - Nov 09 2016

Review for Dr. Thomas

Bothell, WA - Oct 27 2016

Review for Dr. McBride

Granite Falls, WA - Oct 27 2016

Review for Dr. Warden

Dr. Finn Was so compassionate and knowledgable about my reason for the first visit with her. I am sure she is the finest internist for females the Everett Clinic has to treat their patients. Five stars to her! Elaine

Elaine Teelin Mill Creek , WA - Oct 05 2016

Review for Dr. Finn

I was purely AMAZED. Not only does Dr. McBride have GREAT beside manner, he took the time to not only explain the results, but he educated me in the process. He is a rare one. I was very impressed. By the way, I don't get impressed easily.

Monroe, WA - Sep 22 2016

Review for Dr. McBride

Very good listener and had my best interest in mind

Mukilteo, WA - Sep 14 2016

Review for Dr. Warden

Emmain Lynnwood, WA - Jul 25 2016

Review for Dr. Nya Ngatchou

Dr Miller is a great asset to my medical care. I appreciate her knowledge and professionalism.

Alexander Jul 23 2016

Review for Dr. Miller

Dr N is a very nice doctor. He takes the time to answer all of your questions and help you make the right decisions for your diabetes care. Very good and personable doctor.

Arlington, WA - Jun 26 2016

Review for Dr. Nya Ngatchou

I was a patient of Dr Rafii many years ago and moved away. Now that I am about to come back to this area I want to see Dr Rafii again and will make an appointment with him as soon as I get back in July.

Marijke Schellenbachin Sioux Falls, SD - Jun 23 2016

Review for Dr. Rafii

DR.Nguyen is very nice. He really listens when you are speaking to him and he speaks to you in an easy to understand way but like you are an equal. He is trying very hard to figure out my issues and get me out of pain and up and moving again.

Debbiein Arlington, WA - Jun 14 2016

Review for Dr. Nguyen

I wish he could just be my primary care physician.

Whidbey Island patientin Clinton, WA - Jun 12 2016

Review for Dr. Sutcliffe

Doesn't listen and pawns you off on other Docs. No compassion. I am so over the Everett Clinic and This doctor, He does not listen to your needs or understand life happens!

OverIT15in Seattle, WA - Jun 10 2016

Review for Dr. Thomas

Kirkland, WA - May 27 2016

Review for Dr. Murphy

He was so rude and talked down to me the whole time. Made me feel like I shouldn't have gone to the doctors office, he told me when it's appropriate to see the doctor and when it's not. You know when something is wrong with your body.

Brendain Oak Harbor, WA - May 27 2016

Review for Dr. Schmitz

After having seen numerous drs. over 3-4 months, He's the only one who correctly diagnosed my condition.I was in a lot of pain. I took his advise and was 75% better in 24 hours. I am so grateful.

Bonniein Arlington, WA - May 23 2016

Review for Dr. Ross

He reviewed my history ,through My Chart prior to my appointment.

Patricia Messemerin Mill Creek - May 12 2016

Review for Dr. Sype

New Patientin Stanwood, WA - Apr 26 2016

Review for Dr. Allen

Dr. Abubakar is professional and compassionate.

Justine Musgravein Mill Creek, WA - Apr 06 2016

Review for Dr. Abubakar

Melisa Cantrellin Clinton, WA - Mar 05 2016

Review for Dr. Chun

Post surgical procedure hemorrhage that night. He stated he didn't appreciate being bothered at home, even when he was Dr on call at time. Did not address concern. Felt abandoned and worried regarding my condition.

Mar 02 2016

Review for Dr. Whalen

Dr Wong is my hero. He helps me manage my diabetes on my terms with skill and expertise.

Shariin Everett, WA - Feb 13 2016

Review for Dr. Wong

I have been seeing Dr Gala for several years for systemic lupus. She is a thoughtful and professional doctor who cares as much about my health as I do. I would follow her to any practice as she has helped tremendously to keep my health under control and improve my quality of life.

Marianin Everett, WA - Feb 11 2016

Review for Dr. Gala

My hormone levels were way out of wack, Dr. Tamber was able to help me put me back on track so to speak,very grateful for his expertise.

Kim H. Shelleyin Everett, WA - Jan 14 2016

Review for Dr. Tamber

Dr. Majors has been working with me for the last four plus years.I have Parkinson's He is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor and is a great teacher he takes the time to educate you about your disease.

Kim H. Shelleyin Everett, WA - Jan 14 2016

Review for Dr. Major

Did not introduce himself. Very short almost to the point of rude. Acted like he didn't care. Had to insist several times for a referral that ended up in major surgery. Not a good doctor.

Jan 01 2016

Review for Dr. Jacobson

Vicky Kin Placitas, NM - Dec 24 2015

Review for Dr. Rountree