Dr. Weingeist is a warm, caring individual. He is also an excellent doctor.
Last time, the same as this time I made a 10:00 appointment. Two days before a call was left on my answer machine that said,"your appointment at 10:10. When I arrived The reception[st said "it's not untill 11:00". I had written 10:00 right on the callender at the time I made the appointment. This happened exactly the sameway last visit. Mulligan has no regard for any ones time, but his own.
I don't need my surgeon to have a great bedside manner. What I require is great competence. Although Dr. Meyer does not present a warm presence and comes across a bit on the brusque side, I found him to be professional, polite, informative and an excellent surgeon. He removed cataracts on both eyes and the experience was as comforting as they could make it and the results were outstanding.
Dr. Meyer comes across as insincere, impatient and speaks fast. He does not answer questions to assure understanding and keeps talking when the patient is trying to clarify what was just stated by him. to ensure understanding. After my last visit, I decided I needed a different doctor where I am very confident that my eye doctor truly cares and can be trusted.
Friendly, professional,extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Answered all of my questions thoroughly and explained each step of the exam. Excellent!
Seeing that I had never met Dr. Casimir, I didn'the know how our doctor /patient relationship would go. Dr. Casimir has excellent bedside manner. I felt comfortable asking her questions and receiving answers direct and to the point. Very quick and professional visit.
Dr. Casimir is very professional, yet kind and caring.
Dr. Casimir is very straight-forward and professional; answered my questions and concerns with confidence and insight.
An absolute professional. She does a very thorough job and has a friendly disposition.
If I had only one appointment with him every two years like I used to, I would just say that he was okay because I would not have anything to judge him on. Due to an eye complication, I have been seeing him this past several months on a monthly basis. I now know he has skills, he explains what what is going on and the risks involved. He is friendly, he takes time to answer questions and talk about ones overall heath status and how it affects the eye health. I would recommend him to others.
Dr Weingeist and his staff are efficient, competent and nice. They all took the time to clearly answer my questions and I spent very little time waiting.
This was my first time being seen by Dr. Casimir, she was genuinely friendly, professional and thorough with my eye exam which I greatly appreciate.
Dr Casimir thoroughly & clearly explained my options, answered my questions and left the choice to me. I was respected as a client, I wasn't just $ to her.
Friendly, intelligent and caring eye Dr.
Dr. Casimir gives an outstanding eye exam. She is professional, courteous, and willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I have recommended her to several friends who have also found her to be an excellent provider
Dr. Meyer is extremely rude, unwilling to answer questions or take time to explain a procedure.
I had cataracts in both eyes. Dr Meyer is the ophthalmologist who did the procedure to remove them. He and his staff were exceptional. All my pre-op questions were answered thoroughly. I was very comfortable and confident going into the procedure. And most importantly, the results were awesome. I now have no need for glasses or contacts for distance vision. Can't say enough about Dr. Meyer and his staff!
My experiences with Marcus Meyer were extremely disappointing. He appears to be impatient and intolerant of simple questions regarding eye health and this impatience manifests in a display of rude and unpleasant behaviors. After seeing him for several years i finally fired him and discovered that there are far better service providers in West Seattle. I strongly recommend seeking care from others who display greater skill and care with their patients,
Clearview Eye & Laser is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice offering state-of-the-art medical, laser and surgical treatment for eye diseases. Our board-certified ophthalmologists and board-certified optometrist perform both routine and medical eye exams. Our doctors are trained to diagnose, manage, and treat eye diseases that require both medical and non-medical treatment. With our eye care team approach, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality care possible. We have a long tradition of ethical and skilled physicians of great personal integrity. For over 60 years, we have served patients of all ages in a professional, dignified and caring environment. German

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