I have been a patient several times for eye surgeries and other procedures where an anesthesiologist is present. None were less than excellent in their part of the job, but Dr. Wender is the only one to make the experience as stress free as possible. Her charm and friendly personality had me completely relaxed even before she began my anesthesia. My surgeon shared with me later that I should consider myself lucky to have been assigned Dr. Wender because she is also her personal favorite.
Dr Lonner really listened to me when I told him I get nauseated with opiates of any kind and also with use of anti-nausea medications like Zofran and Scopalamine. He did an amazing job keeping a close eye on my throughout my spine surgery and it was the first time I came out of a surgery with NO nausea. In addition to listening to my concerns, he was very informative about what precautions he would be taking for my safety during surgery. The following questions (office/staff) are irrelevant.
Dr. Spilker was my anesthesiologist for my complete abdominal hysterectomy. He is candid, forthright and gracious in all communications. His giftedness in anesthesiology and his humility are what stand out about him. If I ever need another surgery and there is any way possible to have him as my anesthesiologist, I would have none other. His smile lights up the room and says, There is no other place in the whole world I would rather be during your surgery than watching over you.100%focused.
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