If you want to feel dismissed and be treated with condescension, then see Dr. Welch. All he did was repeat to me that I have a problem that can't be cured (disc budge) and said to exercise which I already do. I didn't expect a cure. I just wanted to find some more pain relief. Keep doing what you're doing--when you're in pain--is not helpful advice. Complete waste of time and super frustrating!
Really, really hard to get a timely appointment with Dr. West.
Dr welch is terrible, didn't care about my pain, I'm sceduled for neck surgery with a neurologist in Jan 2017, Dr Welch said it's probably not going to help you, and i wanted a cortizone injection on my back and he said it wouldn't help. Also was looking for a new pain management Dr and dr welch told me narcotics don't work and you can get dependent etc, etc. He talks way to fast and makes you feel like there's nothing wrong with you and nothing will help. I left there with NO hope,
He is so knowledgeable and kind. He adjusted to get me back in as quickly as possible. He was reassuring about my back pain. I really appreciate Dr. Cole for his professionalism and ability to explain things so I could understand them.
Dr. Lynch took the most pragmatic approach to diagnosing my hip injury.He planned a conservative treatment starting with a simple x-ray.. Based on the x-ray he explained the state of my injury, what options for treatment exist and which he recommends.
She saved my life.
The doctor treated the injury, but the administration aspect of the visits were a nightmare. Chart notes were NEVER written correctly for insurance to cover. Could not speak to anyone in the office via phone. Would always have to speak to the main Swedish line and nothing could ever be accomplished. Always felt like I was running around in circles trying to complete the administration aspect. That aspect alone wasted so much of my personal time and made the experience a nightmare.
Best experience I have had with a doctor. He helped me diagnose a problem that others couldn't pinpoint over a 6 year period. He has left Swedish and I am sorry to see him leave. I highly recommended him to others. He will be missed!
extremely poor bedside manner. Went to another physician for a second opinion and had 100% better experience.
Dr. Young took the time to listen to me when other doctors brushed my pain off. She went the extra mile to figure out what was causing the pain that I experienced after an auto accident. She is very professional and thorough! I would highly recommend Dr. Young!
Exceptionally talented, caring and thorough!!
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