When I came in to dr. Chens office I could hardly walk or do much at home. He helped me through one of the darkest periods in my life. Not only through pain management but other ways such as a book on how to meditate and trigger point injections and other ways to deal with my pain. I can say pain no longer rules my life. I sincerely think dr. Chen is a great doctor and caring person. Thank you dr. Chen Dana and your awesome staff.
Grant H. LAKE TAPPS, WA.. FOR THE LAST 4 years Dr. C has treated both my shoulders. July of 2016 I took a terrible fall tearing the rotator cuff & ripping the bicep muscle. I needed surgery and DC performed the task. I'm very thankful for having him as my doctor and surgeon. His staff assistant Sarah is also wonderful.
Abrasive, rude, and unprofessional. I've never felt so insulted or demeaned by a doctor, she told me she didn't know what was going on (even though I had already been diagnosed by two other doctors prior to the appointment) and refused to tell me the possibilities of the diagnosis. Worst doctor's appointment I've ever had.
I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I asked his input on a simple question which he apparently thought was a stupid question and laughed very rudely at me and snorted "listen you asked to come see me, I didn't ask you to come in!" and left the room, not to return. I have been a high school and college teacher and not too unintelligent, but will certainly never return. His appointments are only 10 minutes long, 3 or 4 of which he spends looking at the computer data.
Dr. Smith is the best of the best. She's performed hand surgery on both my hands. Shehas great communication, really keeps me informed at each step and always gives me the options. She asks about my life and schedule- and she really cares. Best orthopedic hand doc you could ever see.
Dr. Chen has been fantastic when dealing with my pain from a Car accident Injury. He's performed multiple Trigger Point injections and 2 Ablations all in my neck area. He's very friendly and personable, I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking help when dealing with a pain issue.
I am 75 years old and consider Dr. Chen the best Doctor I ever had. He is extremely kind, listens to his patient shows a lot of empathy, it would be great more Doctors would be like him, I am very lucky to have found him.
I've been a patient of Dr. Chen's for about 4 years now. He's amazing!! Unlike other doctors I've had, he has empathy for his patients. He works hard and does whatever he can to help. He also considers each person's own situation before coming up with a solution. He listens and asks for feedback. I highly recommend him!! He has helped me through so much! He's an amazing doctor and you can tell that he loves his job!
Dr Chen’s treatment of my pain issue has been excellent and has greatly improved my quality of life. When I first went to his office I had severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and arm. I had very little strength in the arm and hand grip. Through his diagnosis of my issues: with minor surgery, epidurals, trigger point injections, physical therapy and massage therapy he has help me restored my abilities to perform my day to day activities with little pain.
Dr Chen is the best!!!!! He is extremely thorough, patient, knowledgeable and kind. His staff is very professional and warm. I would recommend Dr. Chen to family and friends with a 5 star rating.
He's kind and he listens to your problems. Easy to talk to.
I am an active senior hampered by back and elbow issues. Through Dr. Chen's care I have been able to continue running and swimming with plans on joining a masters swim team in January.
I have had doc as my care giver for over 15 years. Had it not been for him I don't know what would have happened to me. I really think he saved me from doing something to myself. He fought for me and stood up for me with the state and their lying so called doctors which now most of the so called pain management doctors have been shut down. He is not a doctor you can go to for drugs. He won't give them to you. But if you hurt he will be there for you and stand behind you. He is my HERO.
Great person and doctor. Holistic in view. Excellent surgeon. Great personality. One of the best.
Dr Chen used to spend a considerable amount of time reviewing a patients symptoms, chronic pain, & listen to the patient. In the past year, Dr. Chen's philosophy on care has changed from focusing on the patients to focusing on the DEA mandates & how sorry we patients should feel that he has to do extra steps for the DEA in order to manage our care. He is a different DR from 2 years ago and I will not recommend his care. He doesn't trust his patients, doesn't listen to their symptoms.
Awesome dr listen and he is helping treat my issue good bed side manner really liked him felt like he was listening to me
Dr Strafford is one of the best shoulder specialist in Seattle, he found my problem when to others couldn't, I haven't had a problem since.
I don't recommend any body to cascade orthopedic in Auburn they don't respect appointment time
I needed emergency surgery and ended up with Dr. Carlson. My main issue is that he doesn't listen or explain himself thoroughly. After surgery I had questions about pain I was experiencing. He just blew it off like it was no big deal. Now it's been 3 months since surgery and my ankle bone is protruding out and I'm seeking another doctor.
I felt as if I was treated as a number. He wouldn't thoroughly answer my questions, the appointments were rushed-he wanted me in and out to move on to the next patient. (This wasn't just a one time occurrence) and the education about my surgery was very little. He was arrogant. He seemed like he's ready to retire and is only in this for the money at this point. I certainly would not recommend him to any of my family and friends.
Dr moore is an outstanding surgeon, compassionate and very caring! I could barely walk in using 2 canes. After being told by 4 ortho surgeons I needed surgery but I was overweight and would get an infection and lose my leg, dr moore did my total knee replacement woth outstanding success then after 12 weeks replaced both of my hips 4 weeks apart all 3 surgeries within 16 weeks with fabulous outcome and I finishex all therapy early I am walking all on my own and painfree thanks to dr moore! #1 do
If you have a of time to wait the you will be fine.Great Doctor but his staff at Bonney Lake is rather rude. Surgery times in Auburn may change so be aware to clear your schedule for the day.

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