I have been seeing Doctor Nathan for many years. She has always been a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable and always understands the difficulty of managing blood sugar. I have Type I and work hard at control, but I don't always succeed. I appreciate Doctor Nathan not scolding me, but offering helpful suggestions. My only issue is that she is VERY busy. It is not easy to get an appointment.
Dr Schnure is the first doctor to sit and explain my diabetes and the history of what it has done to my body over 20+ years. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you lies, this is not the doctor for you. He is super intellectual and has little time for patients not participating in their getting better. Why four star? I hate the micro management visits one has to do for each body part with UVM. if you want to get better- See Dr Schnure!
May have great experience but doesnt treat patients well. Has cased more confusion in my care than helpful. Only good for medication refills
She was confrontational and nutty from start to finish after I waited an hour for her to finally make her entrance. A doctor needs to listen to patient symptoms, rather than rail against other doctors while inflating her ego. The nurse even warned me that she is an angry, over-wrought person and to brace myself. When I responded with curiosity the nurse clammed up. I feel bad for the staff, but she was right, it was awful. And her nutty rants were loaded with outdated information and weird lies.
I have been seeing Dr Muriel Nathan for going on 20 yrs. She has done so much for me, where do I begin. She turned my BS around in 1 day. She listens to my problems and always try's to get me a solution. My A1Cs went from a 13 down to around 7. She is SO knowledgeable & helpful. I highly recommend her!
Dr. Nathan is the expert in thyroid issues; for that reason alone, I recommend seeing her. That said, I waited three months between my GP finding out that I likely had Graves Disease and seeing Dr. Nathan. During that time I couldn't work, wasn't sleeping and lost 20 lbs. Once I finally got in, the visit was short and curt and I didn't feel that I was really taken care of. My next appointment was scheduled for 6 mo. She also gave me a much too high dose of medication.
Dr. Nathan was professional, courteous, helpful, kind and so very helpful. I would highly recommend her. She explained things in an a practical easy to understand language and went out of her way. But more than anything she validated how I had been feeling and the symptoms of hypothyroidism that I had been having. I could not get my own endocrinologist that treats my type I diabetes to listen. I wanted to cry & hug her, but I didn't:)
Dr. Nathan explained my condition very well and took the necessary time to do so. I never felt rushed. She was very pleasant and easy to talk with.
Fellow was much better than his attending dr schnure
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