I was happy that my husband was seen by Dr. Jacobs. She explains to him his eyes condition in a very easy way to understand, the progression, and treatments available. She was very frank and honest, not rushing. Excellent bedside manners.
Dr. Egge has been my ophthalmologist for many years. He is experienced, patient and very astute in diagnosing and treating any problem. I have recommended both friends and family to his practice.
I saw Dr. Hogge at the Dominion Eye Care in July for fluid that was built up in one of my eyelids.When he came to finally see me, he assessed the situation in less than 3 seconds and told me that I didn't put enough compresses on it telling me that I had to do the time. He sent a tech in to give me a painful needle to numb the area.This was fruitless. He came in and drew out a second worth of fluid and it was very painful. He was abrupt and just walked out.3 months later I have a permanent scar.
I have several eye issues Dr. Jacobs is treating presently. She is one of the most thorough drs I have known. She has my 100% trust in her judgement, character as a dr and as a person. I went to two other drs in her clinic until I finally found her. One of the drs SHOULD retirement immediately and the other, I will NEVER again be treated like this dr treated me again. Both two drs obviously either sleep through or skipped "Doctor Bedside Manners." You will LOVE Dr Jacobs as a dr and a patient.
Can be "hot or cold". Cataract surgery was fine and previous visits fine. He can be short as if in a hurry. When I had an new issue found after cataract surgery - this was not related to the surgery at all - it ended up being a macular pucker - Dr. Hogge was more defensive than helpful. I just wanted to know what might be wrong, never accusing him of bad work of which I believed he did good work which he did BUT he was not helpful in assisting me to another eye doctor to help find the problem.
I had not been to an eye doctor in years, so I thought it was time for a check-up, especially since I was having some trouble reading. Instead of prescribing an expensive pair of eye glasses she suggest just getting some readers. I appreciated her honesty..
Rude, dismissive, disrespectful!! Would never recommend!

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