I went to Dr Bowles and was very glad I did. She is caring and concerned about me the patient. She is very good at listening and explaining everything. She wants to help find out what is causing the pain and help in anyway she can. I felt very comfortable with her and her knowledge of my condition. I would recommend her to anyone . The visit was more like visiting a friend instead of just another dr. Dr's like her are hard to find. I am happy to have finally have found a great neurologist.
Takes 4 months to get an appointment because he has way too many clients even though you've been a patient for over 10 years. When you're sick and try to get an appointment they want you to come see an assistant... I want to see my doctor not some assistant! The doctor is amazing the office staff needs some bedside manner... can't wait to find another doctor
Seven years ago, I started having serious memory issues, including getting lost in familiar places! She performed an extensive set of tests including the usual brain scans. But the memory tests were the most impressive. After what I remember as 6 months of testing, she sent me to the University of Virginia for another set of tests. Her professionalism bought me these 6 years of slow progress of my Lewy Body Dementia. Now, things are getting worse. But it has been good, thanks to her!
Snide comment for making the appointment myself. Didn't care to hear about the accident or injury that lead me here. Didn't explain my condition or offer any advice, just told me that I had one. After waiting almost a month to see a specialist, I am extremely disappointed. The worst bedside manner I have ever experienced from a doctor.
Dr. Rice has been my Neurologist for decades & is terrific! I would recommend his 100%!
Had a new patient visit with her in March. Upon entering the room she made a snide comment about me not having a referral and deciding to refer myself as this is not typically how things are done. I have insurance that does not require a referral for a specialist!! She was condescending, confrontational and down right rude through out the entire visit. She even raised her hand up to my while I was talking and she was writing as if to silence me. She is the worst Dr. I have ever experienced.
After over a year of testing, vague information and uncaring neurologists, today I had an appointment with Dr. Rice. It was truly THE BEST doctors appointment that I've ever had. Dr. Rice listened and informed and spent 1.5hrs talking to me, reviewing my records WITH me, showing me the images from my multiple MRIs that my previous neuros had ordered, gave the the results of, but never SHARED. I felt like a truly LEARNED something today. Dr. Rice is the ABSOLUTE BEST. I truly appreciate him.
Outstanding doctor who is very thorough and tells you the way it is; we like her honesty and concern and desire to do everything 100%.
Full trust and confidence in Dr. Lanoue. He spends the time needed and cares. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking an experienced and excellent neurologist. He provides sound reasoning and explains things well. I changed neurologists because of his approach and time spent reviewing my situation and helping to get me on the right path and I'm very glad I did with Dr. Lanoue's help.
Highly knowledgeable and personable. Addressed my peripheral neuropathy.
She did not demonstrate investigative neurological concern. Just offered potent meds w/ severe side effects, as a bandaid approach without knowing the underlying cause. I was looking for diagnosis, not pills.
Dr. Williams is the finest example of medical compassion. Throughout my father's illness with dementia, Dr. Williams and his wonderful staff have been helpful and loving towards our father and our family. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Great Doctor, explains things so I understand, takes time to ask the right things, that's missing in many of todays doctors. highly recommended.
I have been seeing Dr. Rice for many, many years. The best thing I ever did was to switch to him.
She was rude, had no time to listen or even pretend to be interested in medical issues, she yelled at myself and spouse, walked out of the room and we had no idea what we were supposed to do or what was happening. Then a rude nurse yelled at us to sit still, we had blood work she had ordered. We had no idea of why, nor did the doctor ever come back to hear what we were there for. Poor bedside manner. Horrible physician!
I am a health care professional I would not recommend this Dr to anyone wanting or seeking a consult for seizures for you or a loved one he does not listen, frequently over talks and cuts you off when he hasn't even received all the information nor even all the reports or even key components of what has been going on before just throwing out poor diagnosis...he has total disregard for your primary physician and treats their diagnoses beneath his
After three different neurologists, I had given up. Dr. Hogan was excellent. He asks questions bluntly, almost intimidatingly so. I thought he was almost rude, initially. Once he had reached his diagnosis, he explained the condition with SUCH THOROUGHNESS and PATIENCE that I thanked him repeatedly. The diagnosis was actually reached by a previous neurologist, but I was left with so many questions. When Dr. Hogan was finished, I was left questionless.
Very friendly and knowledgeable about my care and was able to pinpoint my current condition.Very glad to have met her.
She takes time with me and explains things thoroughly. She is very down to earth, I totally trust her as my Dr.
He is friendly and takes time to really listen to me. We can discuss my care and options I wish to do together. His office nurse is a pleasure to work with, very attentive.
Does not know how to treat patients who have more than one disorder.
I found Dr. Holland to be quite courteous, respectful and knowledgeable. She was thorough in her explanation of treatment options and my pain resolved itself as she predicted. I would not hesitate to see her again or recommend her to a friend or family member.
He is extremely knowledgeable, straight to the point and doesn't sugar-coat the hard truths to bare pertaining to your conditions.
Dr. Hogan is a very thorough diagnostician and I think of him as a medical scientist. He's laid back and reserved and gives careful thought before he answers my questions. The time I have spent with him and his staff are appreciated. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a neurologist.
Very thorough! Will dig until she finds out what's wrong.

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