After months of misdiagnosis by another dermatologist and much suffering, I was referred to Dr. Mattay who was able to properly diagnose my condition and prescribed the appropriate treatment that has been effective. Dr. Mattay was extremely thorough, patient and answered all my questions. Although there were no open appointments for over a month when I initially called, I explained my situation and the staff was able to get me an appt the next day! Thank you to Dr. Mattay and your staff!
Great actor, initially seemed friendly, then He made poor attempts to answer my concerns, or listen to the history of my condition. He was an absolute waste of my time, energy and money! He did absolutely nothing to better my skin condition. This was highly irritating as a struggling Phd student. I won't not recommend him, even if he was the only one in the US. He makes little effort, spends as little time as possible with you. His staff is better than him.
My first appointment went well, but ever since then I feel like I have done nothing but wait in the waiting room only to be given partial attention by the staff by the time I finally get called back (which is usually anywhere from 30-40 minutes after my scheduled appointment time).
She repeatedly told me how bad my skin condition looked - not compassionate to tell a patient this when they are seeking treatment from you. Had no solutions for condition.
Doctor Mattay doesn't care about the wellbeing of her patients after the procedure is done. She only cares about collecting your insurance money or out of pocket money. She leaves the matter in the hands of her very unprofessional staff who bullies patients when there are any issues with billing. If you don't care about professional service from start to finish, then go to this doctor.
Good experience overall, I went three times and had and each time was pretty pleased with the service

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Excision Of Benign Skin Lesion
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