Don't waste your time, this doctor is so ego base that she winds up talking about herself and her Botox injections more than your needs.
I would not recommend this doctor. Went for HRT pellets and she chatted with her asst more than me. Instead of explaining the procedures, a printed PowerPoint presentation was handed to me. No Rx for Progesterone so I was on Estrogen for a year before she caught it. Now I'm heading to the OR for a complete hysterectomy....connection? The other doctors are good but avoid Dr Coleman. She's also examined me after giving herself Botox shots and had beads of blood on her forehead.
I visited Dr. Linda Coleman early this year for my general body examination. She was cordial during the start of the conversation but started getting cocky and indifferent as the discussion progressed. She owns a private clinic and does all the blood work in-house. When my husband asked her casually whether she could get the allergy tests done for me along with the other rudimentary tests, she immediately dismissed it with a rude “NO”. And we refrained from asking if we could get these allergy

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