Friendly, Positive, Problem solver. I have referred people to her. I'm confident in her. It's changed my life for the better. Highly recommended.
I can not state enough praises for Dr. Linda Himler. I came to her after I had loss one of my hearing aids that I had purchased from Costco five years ago. The quality of my first Pair was excellent but I was never quite satisfied with how I was hearing. This time I did more reading. Service is every bit as important as the product, it not more so. Dr. Himler's time and testing made me realize how true that statement is. Her friendly manner is an added plus. I am once again hearing the birds,fro
The folks at Ascent Audiology in Leesburg really understand the importance of taking care of your hearing. They explained everything to me and they really weren't trying to push anything. They recommended and let me decide. If you have a hearing issue, I would definitely check them out.
I drive over 50 miles to come to see Dr Anzola, her passion, service and quality of care are unmatched. As a singer I need the best care for my ears and Dr Anzola provides the best care and service.
My experience at Ascent Audiology has been great for many years. The staff has always been very friendly and professional. My hearing has improved 100% with the hearing aids they have given me. Ascent Audiology is number one in my book as is Dr. Anzola.
The audiologist is very professional, skilled and sensitive to individual needs. Very organize and very comfortable in their clinic. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and my family.
Hearing much improved. Help and care always available. Pleasant and patient atmosphere.
Dr Anzola and her staff have been wonderful. They have consistently provided excellent customer service and turned a skeptic into a true believer. I recommend Ascent Audiology highly without any reservation.
Courteous staff, friendly helpful doctors, flexible schedule, mailing batteries really helps!
I've had a great experience going through the process of getting my first set of hearing aids from them. Each one of the group is professional, knowledgeable and very personable. I look forward to going to the office and know they are looking out for my best interest.
I love this office! Everyone is friendly, helpful, and very professional. I never thought having hearing aids could be a pleasant experience. Dr Anzola is wonderful and definitely knows all about hearing and hearing aids. She has always returned phone calls promptly and answered ALL my many question. I would definitely recommend her! I definitely feel I am in the best office. Thanks Dr. Anzola.
Dr Anzola is an excellent Doctor of Audiology. She spoke to group at Reston Hospital and the handouts and presentation was extremely informative. We love our Starkey hearing aids and the service provided by Ascent Audiology & Hearing.
A year ago, my life-long tinnitus suddenly jumped WAY up in volume. In six decades, I'd never been to an audiologist, but Dr. Anzola was able to see me the day after I called! A test confirmed my hearing losses: then she prescribed the same treatment that she uses for her own tinnitus - fractal chimes played through special hearing aids. They arrived a week later. Ana customized the settings and answered all my questions. Since then, I've enjoyed several check-up visits to Ascent Audiology.
The office is very convenient, the staff are cheerful, pleasant and professional. I am totally satisfied with my experience. Dr. Anzola is very professional and knowledgeable, she offered me multiple options for my hearing issues and we settled on the perfect solution for me.
My experience has been excellent. The service is performed in a timely manner and is quite complete. The maintenance on the Starkey hearing aids is well done. I will strongly recommend Ascent to friends, family and associates.
Appreciate the quality of service. Corrected my hearing aide and look forward to the results. The staff are very friendly and they are all accommodating. They give away free snacks and I like it, I recommend them.
Excellent experience. Have had hearing aids for 5 years, received from a different audiologist. Dr. Anzola presented me with more options and with clearer explanations. I purchased hearing aids made by a different manufacturer, and am most pleased with the results, and the level of service.
First rate. Highly experienced, knows what she's doing, and very helpful in explaining and helping with use. Excellent customer service and the office staff are so very helpful and knowledgeable too. Simply the best service.
Careful testing of hearing. Careful tuning to get maximum efficiency from hearing aids. Routine maintenance to keep hearing at top level.
Very thorough, very professional. Very professional and friendly. Addressed my hearing issues with care and genuine concern. It is totally an extraordinary experience. Thank you so much.
It's been a totally postiive experience from the beginning. Pleasant, efficient and professional doctors make you feel comfortable that they have the experience and knowledge to help you with your hearing loss.
Friendly, courteous and informative. I have referred people to Dr. Anzola.
Prompt, thorough and kind
Dr Himler was very consciencious and steadfast in helping with my hearing challenges.
Great place, great staff, very helpful with treating my hearing loss and working with my new hearing aids.
Dr Himler was very informative regarding my screening results and explained what the results meant with respect to my hearing. It is helpful to meet with such a knowledgeable expert.
Each time I come to this office, I find the attention and care exceedingly professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Anzola is extremely knowledgeable, gives superb advice and makes the visits very enjoyable.
This office knows how to take care of you. The folks at Ascent Audiology in Leesburg really understand the importance of taking care of your hearing. They explained everything to me and they really weren't trying to push anything. They recommended and let me decide. If you have a hearing issue, I would definitely check them out.
Satisfied and always excellent service.
Attentive, professional, proactive. Definitely recommend.
Good relations. Very knowledgeable. Timely appointments. Hearing aids seem to be effective.
Good routine check up, no problems.
All are very friendly, efficient and very professional.
I wore hearing aids for about ten years for business purposes. As soon as I retired in 2002, I quit wearing them except for occasional use as they felt cumbersome and uncomfortable. I finally gave them up entirely as I felt as if my ears were always "plugged." As time passed and my hearing deteriorated further I missed out more and more on what was going on around me. The voices of my grandchildren, music, movies, bird calls, were often intelligible or missing alltogether. Finally, at the
Linda E. Himler, Au.D. I consulted to evaluate my hearing loss occurring over many years. I had been exposed to a broad range of harmful noises. Having difficulty communicating with my family precipitated my seeking an audiologists opinion on whether or not I was a candidate for hearing aids. I received a thorough evaluation which indicated I had bilateral hearing deficits but in one ear it was consistent with a possible treatable cause and she needed another test to determine this. She referred
I have always been happy with my care and visits.
Dr. Anzola is an excellent audiologist and her staff is more than helpful when arranging appointments. She and her staff are delightful and concerned about their patients. Now, at 70 years of age, I definitely need their services. I checked with my doctor for his recommendation and we agreed that Dr. Ana Anzola and Ascent Audiology was ideal for me. Their concern, excellent service and thorough examination of my hearing needs confirmed that I needed a hearing aid. Within one week, I will be wea
Dr Anzola and her team are amazing! Can't express how thankful I am for all their help in giving me back a part of life that's truly priceless
Friendly, on schedule, sensitive, kind, helpful and patient attention for patients as well as helpful results has me be an ongoing patient.
Excellent, caring service by Dr. Anzola. She worked so well with my mom who is 86 years old. Loads of patience and so very kind. Excellent staff as well. I Highly recommend her. Thank you.
Dr. Anzola is always cheerful and patient with my elderly mother, and I highly recommend her!
Dr Anzola has been takng care of my hearing need since 2014 and her instructions on procedures, courteous treatment, professional attitude and extensive knowledge and experience makes me feel sure that I am getting the best in the field.
Always very good assistance with latest updates & apps.
On time, friendly, well organized, and competent. What else can you ask for.
Professional, knowledgeable, incredible customer care and gentle. And most important, I CAN HEAR!
Dr. Himler was very informative regarding my screening results and explained what the results meant with respect to my hearing. It is helpful to meet with such as knowledgeable expert.
Couldn't be better! I had a thorough assessment and diagnosis, clear expectation of options, and excellent care. I am quite satisfied with my device and follow-up care. I chose the best audiology practice for my need.
Very pleasant, professional, understanding, not rushed, showing genuine interest in correcting the hearing problem. Choices are given in equipment and pricing. I would recommend Dr. Anzola as the perfect choice to diagnose and solve their hearing loss. This is a well equipped Hi-Tech facility.
Office staff and Dr. Anzola are friendly and very willing to help the patient in every way. Dr. Anzola is professional and extremely competent in this field and I feel I am being heard and helped to have the best hearing possible.
Excellent service. Pleasant atmosphere, great care for patients with excellent personal relationships. Well done!
It is a pleasure to come here. The staff is warm and friendly and very competent.
I recently purchased my second pair of Starkey hearing aids from Dr. Anzola at Ascent Audiology in McLean, VA. While I was happy with my original hearing aids, the new set is so much better -- technological advances/improvements are impressive. Dr. Anzola and all of the staff are always welcoming and friendly, carefully listen to my concerns and questions and then respond in a way that improves my experience with their products -- sometimes this means adjustments to the hearing aids and other t
Friendly, considerate, knowledgeable professionals and staff. Everything one could expect - or want - in audiology/hearing assistance. 5 stars
Most recent appointment included a software update based on improved technology. I could hear the improvement from the moment I put each hearing aid in my ear! Same great personable service & attention I've come to associate with Ascent Audiology & Dr. Ana - and recommend to others.
I have had hearing aids for almost a year now. Working with Dr Anzola has been a pleasure. She is thorough and patient and always has time for you even though you show up without an appointment. I highly recommend Ascent Audiology and Dr Anzola to anyone experiencing hearing loss. You will not be disappointed.
I always feel welcome and my needs taken care of.
Dr. Anzola and her team patiently answered all questions I had about my hearing loss and the beneficial effects of my hearing device. Billing questions were likewise handled in a professional manner. I am happy to recommend ASCENT AUDIOLOGY to my friends and family.
Excellent welcome. Excellent doctor.
So Far, Very Good I'm a newbie to the hearing aid world, and have had nothing but excellent interactions with Dr. Anzola and her coworkers and staff, and (2 months or so in) excellent results. Appointments have been made when I preferred, and have started timely. Dr. Anzola has been a good listener (no pun intended) regarding my hearing problems, and has suggested options that appeared likely to help me optimally, one of which I chose. I've returned for scheduled "checkups" where she tweaked the
Knowledgeable support, excellent service!
Dr. Himler was very helpful in solving a problem with my hearing aids. She was patient and persistent until the problem was solved. We are very glad we found her!
As a patient at Ascent Audiology for the past 4 years, Dr. Anzola and her staff have consistently provided top notch diagnostic and repair services. When medical intervention was needed, the consulting ENT recommended by Dr. Anzola provided the same competent and compassionate approach. Ascent Audiology's professional knowledge and personal concern is the best!
Excellent all around. I went to Dr. Ana because my girlfriend kept mumbling. I can now hear it all. All joking aside, dr, Ana did help me hear things that I didn't know I was missing. The office was very clean and comfortable, the staff were all very kind and accommodating.
Now I know to go to a real audiology doctor. My Zounds hearing aid did not seem to be working properly. Found out Zounds is not in business anymore. Dr. Linda put me thru a comprehensive exam. I now have my new hearing aids and I am hearing wonderfully without having to adjust them at all. So thankful I found the right Dr.
Dr. Anzola is very professional, and excellent! All Staff in office are very warm as well! I just walked out office with my first follow up visit. Dr. Anzola adjusted my hearing aids by my needs, my new hearing aids made me hear much better now! Thanks Dr. Anzola for your wonderful and professional service. It bring my life to live again! I don't live in silent world anymore!
Dr Anzola is a wonderful, caring Audiologist and consummate professional. After years of diminished hearing I finally decided to get hearing aids and my experience with Dr Anzola was outstanding starting with my initial consultation right through to my several follow up visits. I love my new hearing aids and Dr Anzola helps me every time I see her with tips on how to use my iPhone to maximize the benefit I get from my blue tooth enabled Starkey hearing aids.
Bravo Ascent Audiology. Last year we moved my mother to an assisted living facility in Virginia who had Dr. Ana Anzola as their attending Audiologist. My mother had just had her hearing aids checked before we moved her but she seemed to be having difficulty hearing. We made an appointment with Dr. Anzola who discovered that one of her hearing aids was barely functioning! We purchased new hearing aids and my mother can hear again at 101! I can't say enough about how professional and caring Ascen
Prompt, organized and has the time for one on one conversation, so I can ask all my questions - just perfect. Thanks!
Explained well. Repeated as needed. Educates as well as a salesman. Pleased for my mom's results & would recommend.
The services I have reveived over the past 3 years has been tremendous. The staff and doctors are etremely professional. They are here to answer all my concerns. Great experience.
Ascent Audiology staff and the doctors are always pleasant and willing to work with their patients' time and schedule. They are professionals in their jobs.
Always treated well, personally and professionally. No one better!
Highly Satisfied Very pleased with all the advice and help I received with getting my hearing aids.
Dr. Ana Anzola has made my social life much better. I am able to hear in most situations and very satisfied with my hearing aides. Her staff is wonderful. Many thanks.
Fantastic! Very happy with service. Great bedside manner.
My one hearing aid had stopped working. My fault, they needed cleaning. Lisa had me up and running in minutes.
Life changing. A few months ago I met with Dr. Anzola who quickly identified that I suffered from tinnitus and hearing loss. I was overjoyed to hear that a device existed to cope with both issues at the same time. I was outfitted with hearing aids within a couple of days and I can't imagine a day without them. The process was easy, efficient and friendly. Meeting Dr. Anzola has been life changing for me and my family. Thank You!
I have very narrow canals. After trying several devices, she persisted and found a very satisfactory solution and I am extremely satisfied. She always brings a cheerful and positive attitude.
The whole process has been wonderful. You are made to feel very important and your issues are carefully analyzed and solutions put in place.
Terrific, couldn't be better, very patient and caring
Dr. Anzola brings her daily devotion to helping patients with her everywhere she goes. I might help another person like me, find the help he/she needs, by pointing him/her to Dr. Anzola. She is the greatest!!
From my heart Dear Dr Anzola, I think I finally can say what I have been aware of with you since our very first meeting. When we meet and you speak with me, you reach me. Deeply. No one has ever had the words to say the things you say to me. Because I have never ever ever known myself, of the ways I was compensating and adapting my own self to be able to operate successfully in this world. Today I felt it strongly. Sitting across from you. As you spoke to me about things so deeply important real
Terrific Solid understanding of emerging tools
Everyone in the office is very caring , attentive and helpful. Highly recommend as very sensitive to any issues and needs you may have to improve hearing in different settings.
Excellent Thank you. Dr Ana is wonderful!
Great set of hearing aids. Product is good.
I set aside a whole summer to become accustomed to hearing aids. With Dr Anzola's help, it took a week. My only complaint is that until an extra piece was put on the hearing aids, they kept falling out, a problem that other people told me they had w their devices also. Since Dr Anzola has added the extra piece, I have had no problem w that. I also have appreciated her coaching on how to maintain the hearing I have
Very Professional And the Building was directly in front of me... with an Ascent Audiology & Hearing sign out front. Will have to exit the Safeway Parking complex more often. What wonderful attention to detail. Very glad I found this group of doctors. They have improved my quality of life.
Hearing has been great! I am very happy about my hearing, I can hear everything. Thank you so much Dr. Ana Anzola for helping me improve my hearing. I have been enjoying my hearing everyday.
Custom consultation and matching solutions, great service, great people! Dr Ana Anzola and team are terrific. I particularly appreciate the keen listening and responses customized to my evolving needs. I know I can trust her to design / select solutions that support me if and as I need them. Highly satisfied.
Excellent service ! I have been with Dr Anzola for 6 years and have been very happy with the excellent care she has provided me. I highly recommend her to all my friends. Very professional and special care always!
My experience with Dr Anzola has been all excellent. She has been professional, helpful and always available. I can gladly recommend her services to anybody who needs hearing aid.
Always wonderful,courteous,professional and helpful!
"Outstanding hearing improvement I have had an excellent experience as a patient of Dr. Anzola. She is dedicated to providing the very best hearing improvement for each individual patient. She is a joy to work with."
Quick and easy! I came in upon a recommendation to get custom musician earplugs. Dr. Stone made the process as quick and easy as possible! I 100% recommend Ascent!
"""Hear"" Dr. Anzola's Difference! Dr. Anzola is very competent and knowledgeable. A few months ago I got my first hearing aid—she took the time to explain the options I had which enabled me to make an educated choice. This experience has been life changing – only after using my new hearing aid I realized what I had been missing. I highly recommend “first time” hearing aid candidates to seek Dr. Anzola’s advice."
"Excellent personalized care. Dr. Anzola has served as my audiologist for more than 5 years. She excels in taking all the time necessary to understand my personal hearing issues and recommending hearing aids that have served me very well in overcoming my hearing loss. She has the most up-to-date equipment for assessing the exact nature of my hearing loss and getting me the most efficient and effective hearing aids. Her staff is also most professional, friendly and courteous. I highly recommend
"Excellent Audiologist! My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Anzola for over a year. We are very pleased from her professionalism and help. We will recommend her to our friends."
"Superior service and excellent staff! We were referred by a private doctor and could not be more satisfied! Absolutely everyone we have dealt with are magnificent! The Dr.Ana is very sensitive and explains everything thoroughly and answers all questions with out hesitation'! Would recommend to ABSOLUTELY everyone who doesn't like being left in the wind when wondering about questions and concerns!!!"
"Quck appointment with good recommendations Went in for my six month checkup. Quick service and good recommendation on what to do next to maintain my hearing aides. In and out within 15 minutes."
"Excellent Service I have had an excellent experience with the expert hearing service of Dr. Heather Stone. Since the first visit I realized that I was dealing with a very knowledgeable and diligent professional. I highly recommend this business."
"Highly Recommend Ascent Audiology. I am a singer in a Led Zeppelin Tribute known as Kashmir. Our band tours across the East Coast and abroad including Canada. Being an entertainer for over 20 years I suffer hearing loss and tinnitus but with Dr. Ana Anzola and her teams incredible help and professionalism my hearing loss and discomfort have been kept to a minimum and monitored constantly. I live in Southern Maryland but travel to McLean specifically for the care and treatment that Dr. Ana Anzo
Dr. Anzola has been a great help to us. She guided us through the process very thoroughly and the best ...she provided the support in Spanish - which decreased my dad's anxiety. He is very happy with his hearing aids! Luis
Very helpful, professional and patient.
Dr Anzola and the staff at the McLean Ascent office are a pleasure with which to work. Friendly, informative, and attentive to patient needs, my experience over a number of years has always been very positive. And appointments are always on-time. I highly recommend their practice
My experience with Dr. Anzola is first-class. From my initial appointment for a hearing assessment to my most recent hearing aid check-up, I have been impressed with her professionalism and caring attitude. Her patiently helping me select the best hearing aid has been vindicated by my satisfaction!
If I have to rate my experience with Dr Anzola, there is no doubt that she along with her staff (including Christine and Randy) deserves a"6" stars instead of 5. From the moment I walked in, I felt that I have found the right place. Dr Anzola is very professional, attentive listener, knowledgeable, and has caring attitude. My hearing was retested, had my old hearing aids replaced. I just love the new ones I got. I highly recommend this place.
Dr. Anzola is by far the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. After years of suffering with tinnitus and being told by different doctors that nothing could be done I had finally given up. After the pitch of the ringing increased through the years I had finally reached my wits end! In researching new tinnitus treatments I came about Ascent Audiology and after reading the reviews I made an appointment. From the first phone call I had a wonderful experience. Christine was kind
I had a good experience. I went there for help masking tinnitus, and the doctors were very professional and friendly, explaining everything to me and working with me to make adjustments.
Ascent Audiology gets my praise. They have been tremendously helpful with fitting and maintaining my uncle's hearing aids. They are always polite and happy to see us. They have state of the art technology and empathy; this is a rare and valuable combination.
As someone who had to get hearing aids for the first time, I could not have had a better experience at Ascent Audiology and with audiologist Dr. Ana Anzola. Knowledgeable, professional, responsive and direct, Dr. Anzola offered me several options and clearly explained the pluses and minuses of each. I have been very satisfied with the hearing aids I chose and with my regular visits to have my hearing aids adjusted and cleaned. For anyone needing to check their hearing and/or to purchase hearing
My experience with Ascent Audiology has been 100% positive. The doctors have been extremely professional and have taken active steps to assure that I have total satisfaction with my hearing aids. The hearing aids themselves have been life-changing. I had no idea how much I was missing. Dr. Anzola is professional and courteous. I highly recommend her and her practice.
I was so impressed by my visit (which was 7 or 8 months ago) that I knew that SOMEDAY I had to come here and write a very positive review. I visited Ascent Audiology & Hearing back in January or February of 2015. My visit was not to get a hearing aid, but rather to have an ear mold made for a pair of audiophile-quality earphones. Dr. Ana Anzola was very helpful and quickly told me that the particular Shure earphone I owned would not benefit from an ear mold. So, ultimately, I didn't buy anythi
Dr. Anzola and her staff can be very proud of their office for the courteous, informative, professional and effective services they deliver. I suspected I needed aids to help me hear my granddaughter's tall tales. Dr. Anzola and her staff confirmed and demonstrated the need, made appropriate recommendations and fitted me with aids that have done the trick. I recommend Dr. Anzola's care.
After being dissatisfied with my previous hearing aid and having not used it for a number of years, I finally went to Ascent 6 months ago and selected a new pair which I am very happy with. I wear them and they do help tremendously especially for TV, general conversation, and restaurants. Just went for a 6 month check up and received excellent, friendly service. I highly recommend Ascent Audiology.
Highly recommend Ascent Audiology&Hearing Mclean Va Dr Ansola and staff besides being extremely competent very pleasant.
Dr. Anzola is so professional, she listened to me, understood my needs and worked to solve the issue, and she gave me exactly what I need. her staff is friendly and knowledgeable. they could've get the best out of my health insurance, I am so happy with my new hearing aids. Ascent saved me time and money. and also I had my captioned telephone as a gift. GOOD, GOOD JOB.
We are very pleased with Ascent Audiology. We are new patients and feel like we have been with them for years. Thank you for your service, thank you for your attention to interns, thank you for your help. Good luck to all.
I have owned my new Starkey aids since December 2015 and I could not be happier, nor more pleased with the aids and the service provided by Ascent in McLean. Dr. Ana is most professional and personable, as is ALL her staff. They have adjusted my aids several times due to changes in my hearing, and each time I leave their office with a smile, and better hearing. This group is the BEST!
An extraordinary and most delightful surprise! Not knowing exactly what to expect on my first visit to an Audiology/Hearing Aid center I was truly bowled over by the courtesy, competence and professionalism which enveloped me at Ascent Audiology in McLean. At not just the first, but on every subsequent visit each member of the staff has been attentive , kind and supportive. Dr. Wendy Thorne patiently and thoroughly answered my every question and concern.
I strongly recommend Ascent Audiology to anyone considering hearing devices. It is simply the best in audiology! A few months ago, I made an appointment to be fitted with new hearing aids. I have had a substantial hearing loss for many years, have worn hearing aids for about seven years, and have seen several audiologists in this area. My experience at Ascent Audiologist has been far and away the best.
I went in for my 6 month checkup. Dr. Anzola identified a problem with one of my microphones and fixed it under warranty within a week. During that time she was able to lend me a loaner. It was really a great feeling to now have my hearing aids working perfectly again. She also set me up for a free Caption Call telephone which was installed within three days after my appointment with her. Her office is extremely friendly, efficient and well organized. Above all, she really understands her Audiol
I have been a patient of Dr Anzola's for about 3 years. I love coming to Dr Anzola because she is friendly and very competent. I feel relaxed and confident that she will provide the best hearing aid for me. She is vigilant that the new aids I purchased from her are functioning correctly and that I understand how to use them correctly. Dr Anzola is always on time and greets everyone with a smile. I actually love coming to see Dr Anzola and her staff. They are the best! Lynne
I have been a patient of Dr. Anzola's for over 3 years and have nothing but positive things to say about her and the entire staff. Recently she had new hearing aids which made everything clearer and they even had a button for "just music" so one could hear music at its best. She knew there might be a problem since I have one ear canal that it out of line with the other but we gave it a shot anyway. Unfortunately, they didn't work but she'll keep me in mind if something else appears on the market
Outstanding experience. I have been going to Ascent Audiology in McLean for over four years. It is always an outstanding experience. Dr. Anzola is extremely knowledgeable and always provides good advice and a number of reasonable choices and alternatives. I am a loyal customer and intend to continue to be one.
I give Dr. Anzola my highest recommendation. Prior to hunting for hearing aids, I did extensive research. I knew that finding a skilled, experienced audiologist was crucial. I visited two other audiologists and tried out two brands of hearing aids prior to discovering Dr. Anzola. Dr. Anzola gained my trust immediately. She was not just out to make a sale, but rather she wanted me to find the right hearing aid for me. She was the only one who informed me that BCBS Federal covers up to $2,500 for
Good visit. Dr himler and staff are patient , kind, and attentive, experienced. I enjoy Visiting for my check ups, I have every confidence in them.
No waiting. Everybody was very receptive when I came in. I have had a very good experience with all the staff. I would recommend Ascent to anybody that is in of an Audiologist.
Excellent Service. Amazing staff. Linda and Lisa were super helpful. I was fit in as a walk in when my hearing aids had an issue. My hearing aids were fixed in a timely matter. All my follow up appointments have been wonderful.
Simply the finest There is no better audiologist in the United States than Dr. Anzola. I am so happy with her and her outstanding team that, even if I move, I would NEVER go to anyone else
Dr. HImler graciously stepped in to complete the process of fitting my hearing aids when my former audiologist had to retire due to illness. Dr. Himler was patient, thorough, and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with her and confident of her expertise.
Fabulous. A five star facility.
I have nothing bad to say about Ascent audiology or Dr. Anzola. So Far she has been very patient with me and explains everything to me in detail, she is always recommending or giving me tips on how to use my hearing aid. I would totally recommend Ascent audiology to friends or just anyone in general.
Dr. Anzola has the perfect personality for dealing with us who cannot hear well. She listens to each patient and tries to solve the problem that each one of us has adjusting to a new way of hearing. I am very pleased with how she treats all her patients.
Great visit. First visit to Ascent Audiology; already have hearing aids and needed a "tune-up". Dr. Anzola and her staff made me feel welcome. Dr. A retested my hearing and adjusted my hearing aids quickly.
Dr. Anzola is outstanding. Dr. Anzola is outstanding in every way. She works with you to find the perfect solution to any problem. I give her 5 stars out of 5 and highly recommend her. MBW McLean, VA
Very helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding Dr. Himler and her staff have been very accommodating and accessible. I recently lost my hearing aids, and was desperate to get a new set as I rely on them for just about everything. They were able to get me in right away and get my new aids to me in a weeks time. They were wonderful throughout the fitting process as the new aids required a good bit of fine tuning. Dr. Himler was very patient and understanding, taking the time to really understand
Good evening Ana, The 'compression adjustment' you did on my hearing aids did work, in so far as, when someone is talking to me they no longer go mute.. Since you made that adjustment I have been testing them in various environment(s), now I keep a record in my appt book as to when I replace the white tips (every two weeks), and am working on my 'active listener' points. I can think of no better term than my hearing problem is very frustrating.
EXCELLENT Service and Professionalism!!! I had met Dr. Himler at a previous employer and I was glad to see her join Ascent Audiology and Hearing. She is very communicative, explaining every aspect of the appointment and the rationale for making adjustments to my hearing devices. She truly listens to my comments and concerns and provides excellent insight and answers. Thank You Dr. Linda Himler.
Excellent Found the staff, both professional and office to be thorough and very helpful. The hearing aids are better and more efficient than my previous ones. The doctor was efficient and reassuring. All told it was a pleasant experience.
Friendly and easy to speak with. Knowledgeable regarding wide range of options available and need for re-training the way you hear. One should feel free to discuss options and expectations. Fine tuning your aid(s) is key.
Good Great
You will get your hearing back! Excellent and caring service here. The best!
Fast service very helpful I had one aid in for repair and the other broke. Called on a weekend and got a return call within five minutes. They had expedited the repair and a difficult and anxious situation was changed into a pleasant experience. My wife appreciates them more than I do.
The best around... I travel quite a ways to come to the McLean office. Why? Because they usually have Chai Latte in their coffee maker! OK, they're also great practitioners. I would never go anywhere else. Period
Efficient and friendly We have been pleased with our association with Ascent in general and Dr. Anzola in particular. They are responsive to all our hearing needs.
Six month follow up Coming to Ascent is, and always has been, a very pleasant experience. Dr Anzola gives you her complete attention and addresses concerns with professional answers and advice.
I continue to love Ascent. For the past 3 years I have relied on Ascent to manage my hearing aid needs and maintenance. Every visit has been pleasant, efficient and informative. They answer my questions clearly and completely, lay out my options and manage the insurance relationship effectively. In short, a pleasure to work with.
Dr. Ana Anzola is the best! Dr. Ana Anzola has been taking care of my hearing for years - Dr. Ana is the best of the best, she works with you if there is a problem, and solves it! Dr. Ana's office is the most professional and every one is wonderful and works with and for everyone! Highly recommend Ascent Audiology & Hearing.
Very professional from receptionist to the doctor Excellent staff. All very professional and explain everything to a genuine understanding.
Awesome--- had an emergency, and was taken care of right away. Thanks so much for your incredible customer service.
Great Very compassionate attention to our concerns. Also it is been a pleasure meeting Doctor Anzola.
Very pleasant Great experience
Hearing with Style! I have thoroughly appreciated my experience with both Dr. Anzola and Dr. Stone. They not only outfitted me with really outstanding hearing aids, but they did it with class, professionalism and attention to detail. If you need help hearing, I highly recommend them to anyone in the Washington, DC Metro area.
I am so glad that I went to Ascent Audiology for help with my hearing loss. I am so glad that I went to Ascent Audiology for help with my hearing loss and tinnitus. Dr. Anzola and her staff of board certified audiologists are the best in the DC area. Every member of the Ascent Audiology staff is professional, courteous, and understands your needs. The bottom line is that Ascent Audiology will help you hear well again, and this will make a huge impact on your life.
Outstanding service. Dr. Anzola was calm, attentive to my circumstances and needs; and provided me with a great service.
Professional and caring Staff always professional and responsive to client needs. Every effort is made to assist client with questions or concerns. Flexible schedule, so it is easy to book appointments.
Competent, friendly, professional. Great service. My doctor referred me to Dr. Anzola, and I'm glad he did. My hearing was deteriorating, and with the help of Dr. Anzola and her staff, I now have hearing aids that work perfectly. The whole experience was very pleasant. The follow-up visits have been very helpful and efficient. I am extremely satisfied and have already recommended Dr. Anzola to several friends.
Excellent service After having been a patient at several other hearing centers, I was introduced to Ascent Audiology and Dr. Ana Anzola.. End of search! She listened to my concerns and needs, and recommended a hearing aid system that dramatically improved my ability to understand what was going on around me. Don't be mistaken - I still have hearing loss, but in contrast to my hearing level before Dr. Anzola, there has been real improvement.
Very professional Very professional. Doctors take time to listen, inspect ears and hearing aids.
An excellent experience We changed doctors and found that Ascent Audiology took excellent care of us and helped us extend our warranty for a year and retested us for adjustments. We are very impressed with the interns in the office and the amount of supervision that they receive for a full work experience. We are very happy with our new Doctors. Thank you.
Great recommendation, great solution Went to Ascent hating my old Bluetooth-device-on-an-ugly-lanyard system, which was horribly engineered. People asked me if it was a pacemaker or something the court made me wear during my probation. I hated it from early on and had been counting the days till my insurance benefit came around again. Dr. Ana recommended the Starkey Halo 2 system with the iPhone. No lanyard, no separate Bluetooth device, just the phone and the RITC hearing aids. I am ecstatic w
June 2016 appointment I learn more about using the hearing aid every visit. This visit was very enlightening. I was given magnets to place on the phone that activate the hearing aid amplification.
Dr Anzola is one of the best Audiologists I have experienced Dr Anzola is one of the most capable Audiologists I have experienced. I have been wearing hearing aids for about 15 years. Until I met Dr Anzola I had not experienced a comfortable and productive hearing aid. I enjoy my appointments at Dr Anzola's office with her very efficient staff and friendly atmosphere. Dr Anzola is very observant making sure that my hearing aids are working properly and that I understand how to use my new aids
Excellent! Knowledgeable, empathetic, and thorough ....that is Dr. Anzola! I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking help for hearing loss.
The Best Place to Get Your Hearing Checked Dr. Anzola and her staff are the best!! I hear now which is such a treat since I had lost a lot of my hearing over the years. My hearing aids are very well hidden and even my own family did't know I had them except that I could hear them speaking. I used to constantly say, ""What"" to everything said. Not anymore!!! Dr. Anzola really cares that, as a patient, all of my needs are met. She spent time giving me a thorough exam, explaining all aspects of m
excellent I had a good checkup and they are very good and I would tell a friend.
Ascent Audiology provides excellent service, but it is not cheap. The service is excellent, but not cheap. Every time you have to go in to have something done they charge you. Today I had a 2-minute repair done to one of my hearing aids and it cost $50.00. I think that is too much.
Caption Phone and Excellent Services I receive excellent services! I just received a caption phone referred by Dr. Anzola. I really love it! For many years, I have missed phone conversations due to hearing loss. Now with a caption phone I can see what I'm hearing on the phone and don't miss any conversations anymore. Thanks sooooooo much!
Ascent Audiology has been an excellent provider of hearing aids for me. They are experienced and knowledgeable and provide excellent service and advice to find the best fit for me needs.
Excellent Care!!!! Not much to say about Dr. Anzola and staff: 'THEY ARE GREAT, VERY FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL. Thank you Dr. Anzola for all your care.
Excellent professional staff I've been under Dr Anzola's care for over three years. From initial diagnosis to hearing aid fitting and ongoing support, the care has been extremely professional. Thanks to Dr Anzola my hearing is almost normal with the use of the prescribed hearing aids and my hearing loss has stabilized. Needless to say, i have been very pleased with the results.
Excellent patient centered care This team is cordial, compassionate and responsive. They bond with patients and provide exceptional care. Dr Ana is well informed, listens and works with you to overcome challenges.
Picked up the hearing aids for my mom service was great everything was explained to detail. Picked up the hearing aids for my mo service was great everything was explained to detail. What a relief now when we watch TV its normal sound again no more yelling. Thanks so much.
Significant improvement in my relationships!! I love to travel and I am involved in many group activities. So I took immediate action when my doctor recommended screening by an Audiologist. Services by Ascent Audiology in McLean VA have been excellent. The atmosphere is welcoming and I always feel comfortable talking to someone in the office or by telephone. Adapting to using a hearing aid was a difficult process; but knowing that I had excellent support made the difference. Now I am comfortabl
Excellent doctor Dr. Ansola was more helpful than any other hearing specialist I had been to. I have had ongoing hearing problems for a long time and despite expensive aids my hearing was was not much improved. Dr. Ansola gave me a thorough exam and spent time discussing my issues. She fitted me with aids that were appropriate for me and patiently instructed me on their use. She was very attentive, informative professional and at the same time very pleasant. My hearing has improved significantl
I would Highly recommend Very professional and friendly I would recommend them. I love the way they greet me when I come in, they address me right away. They're so eager to please me and I feel welcome ever time I visit the office. When I think of Ascent I think of them with a smile. They are all very friendly!!!
Once again, the service was excellent. Upon entering the office we were met with a warm greeting and a friendly smile. After checking in the doctor came out to the lobby to greet us. The appointment started on time, the problem with the hearing aid was quickly identified and repairs completed. While I was in the office with the doctor my husband was offered coffee and was assisted with a battery question. The doctor did not take long to fix the hearing aid and conduct a test of my hearing. We we
Excellent Service Dr. Himmler is an extremely knowledgeable audiologist. She has a wealth of experience as a hearing aid provider. I have been thrilled with my new hearing aids, having been a hearing aid user for 40 years. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone with a hearing loss.
Dr Anzola and her staff are superb Both when receiving an assessment and helping with maintenance of devices, Dr Anzola are warm professional and caring. Would wholeheartedly recommend.
As good as advertised I was skeptical after the ""free"" test because my wife had hearing aids and I could hear better than she. Now I appreciate that I wasn't hearing the full range of frequencies and appreciate the ability to adjust to different environments. I was seen by three different doctors. Each visit led to improved comfort and functionality.
Couldn't be better It's not easy getting hearing aids for the first time at age 86. However, Dr. Anzola made it as painless as it could be. She never appear rushed or cut off questions, as do so many physicians when dealing with seniors. She provided the opportunity to return at any time for a "refresher" and we took advantage of this. Again, the explanations and help were spot-on. All of this is delivered with compassion and smiles.
Very professional and Friendly Team / Doctors. I have had several hearing aid sets every 3 years for last 16 years: my best experience is with Ascent to whom I refer friends who appreciate them too.
Excellent service I have been a patient of Dr. Anzola's for about 4 years. She is very patient and answers all your questions. I have never been kept waiting, she is always prompt. My children no longer complain that I have the TV to loud and no one even knows that I wear them. The entire staff is very pleasant and all know their business. I highly recommend them.
Excellent Dr. Anzola is very competent and professional and focuses her all attention on the patient during visits. She is also very accessible if needed between visits. Her staff is friendly, efficient and professional, leaving patients with a feeling of welcome and appreciation My experience at Ascent Audiology overall has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
A Wonderful Experience Dr. Anzola is so professional, she listened to me, understood my needs and worked to solve the issue, and she gave exactly what I need. her staff is friendly and knowledgeable. they could've get the best out of my health insurance, I am so happy with my new hearing aids. Ascent saved me time and money. and also I had my captioned telephone as a gift. GOOD, GOOD JOB.
I have been a patient of Dr. Anzola's on two occasions looking for hearing aids that solve my type of hearing loss...unfortunately the technology is not there yet but Dr. Anzola has made every effort to help. I really appreciate her concern and persistence and perhaps in the future something will WORK!!!
Outstanding response to my needs with quick and appropriate results The service is always there when necessary and prize worthy in delivering a solution. I will recommend this service and the staff without reservation.
I have been getting hearing aid support from Drs Anzola and Thorne for around a year now and I am impressed by the extraordinary high quality of their support. They are very attentive to detail and customer concerns and I am fully satisfied with their service. I would recommend this practice to anyone considering hearing aid support.
Professional and Caring. Dr. Anzola and Dr. Stone have treated me as an individual, with individual needs, and not some one-size-fits-all factory line. They are clearly working to optimize my hearing, not only spending the time to fine-tune my aids, but also providing me with resources for ways I can be actively involved in caring for myself, such as improved lip-reading.
Pleasant. patient, knowledgeable service. My mother sees Dr. Himler in the Lansdowne, VA office. Dr. Hilmer is very accommodating and patient and willing to walk us through the hearing aid process. The staff is also friendly and goes the extra mile to help.
dr. anzola is always very personable & thorough with her care of my elderly mother's hearing loss.
She made me feel completely at ease talking about a hearing loss problem I had become increasingly embarrassed about: I found it hard to hear in situations with lots of ambient background noise. I was always shouting at business networking events, and talking too loudly at social gatherings, and had just started to not go to those things...which isn't good because I'm a consultant and I need to go to those events to build my business, and I also like social occasions...
You can tell that Dr. Ana Anzola has a passion for her practice and area of expertise, but also compassion for her patients. She couldn't be nicer as a person, but as a doctor she is all business when it comes to testing, fitting and recommending hearing aid products. I have hearing loss in both ears from decades of scuba diving, hunting and shooting, more on my left than right (being left-handed).
After two unsuccessful experiences with hearing aid specialists, I found a winner in Dr. Anzola. She is persistent both in identifying problems and finding solutions. With all my hearing challenges,she finds creative solutions. Thanks very much, Dr Anzola. Alice McIntyre
I was extremely pleased with Dr. Himler. Unlike so many doctors these days, she spoke TO me instead of AT me. She took the time to answer my many questions, and I never felt like she was rushing me in order to get to her next patient. Even more importantly, she was very knowledgeable, a true subject matter expert. I would recommend her without reservation....just an exceptional experience from start to finish.
I was extremely pleased with Dr. Himler. Unlike so many doctors these days, she spoke TO me instead of AT me. She took the time to answer my many questions, and I never felt like she was rushing me in order to get to her next patient. Even more importantly, she was very knowledgeable, a true subject matter expert. I would recommend her without reservation....just an exceptional experience from start to finish.
Great location, great staffs. Very professional and knowledge to fulfill customer's needs. Unlimited resources of hearing aids and equipments for tuning, etc.
I was referred to Ascent by a mailer that came to my house and have been going to them since December 2010. I would highly recommend them because they try to give me my hearing back and I'm hearing as expected!!
We were pleasantly surprised to understand that we could save $1,000 on warranties by sending in our two sets of hearing aids for the manufacturer to inspect and repair if necessary. By doing that we were able to avoid another year of warranties. Thank you so much.
If you are worried about your hearing, make an appointment with this office and Dr. Anzola. From the welcoming reception coffee or bottled water to going out the door, I had a very pleasant and informative experience at this practice. The hearing test is high tech with a soundproof booth and special equipment to measure your hearing range and comprehension. Before all that, the doctor reviews your situation with you and asks you questions to help you make the best possible choice of hearing aid.
I chose the Dr. Ana Anzola, because she speaks both English and Spanish which helps a lot. Since my first appointment I received a great feeling of confidence, and to my critique, she has the capacity and experience to explain to the patient, what the alternatives are to solve their hearing loss with the latest technology. Thank you very much for helping me and other patients with their hearing loss.
I was very nervous about going to an ear doctor and discuss hearing aids. The Doctor and office made me quite at ease. I quickly realized what I ha been missing and did not realize how much hearing I had lost. It has literally changed my life. I can hear my spouse and grandkids very clearly.
I had been doing exhaustive research on hearing aids for several months. After getting prices from several sources locally, and on the internet, I decided to let Ascent Audiology in McLean guide and equip me with the latest technology hearing aids. Every step of the process was thorough and professional. Their prices on the aids I needed were equal to, and lower, than the best prices I had found elsewhere.
My visits to Dr. Anzola's office are always prompt and my questions are always answered to my satisfaction. I'm very happy with my new digital hearing aids, which are much better than the ones I had before.
Dr. Ana and her staff are great. Always courteous and accommodating. Dr. Ana is outstanding in her knowledge.
I can't believe the difference Dr Anzola and her staff have made in my being able to hear again.Dr. Anzola and her staff are the best!! They really are concerned about my hearing and do just about anything they can do to help me adjust to the hearing aids. I feel like I visit friends when I see them!! Dr. Anzola is so very caring and her teaching skills are fantastic!! I encourage anyone with a hearing deficit to get a consultation with Dr. Anzola and hear for yourself how much they help!!!
Dr. Ana is a great audiologist and her staff is very professional and wonderful. My son has been her patient for two years. I appreciate her educating us and her availability for emergencies. I am so glad she was recommended to our family.
Dr. Anzola and Dr. Boiano are both great at listening to your concerns, completing a through hearing test, and making sure you understand what options are available to you. They are incredibly patient and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are comfortable with hearing aids you have elected. And not to be left out the receptionist, Christine, has been more than flexible (and polite) with my busy schedule. I would definitely recommend Ascent Audiology to anyone.
My mom's primary physician referenced us to Dr Anzola. She fitted my mom with hearing aids and she is hearing very well. We are very grateful to have her helping us! We really love her.
Dr. Anzola reviewed different hearing aid options and we decided on Starkey hearing aids that have been great. The first year I went back every few months for follow-up visits to make sure everything was working well. I have been using them for about 18 months and am very pleased with the improvement in my hearing. Everyone at Ascent Audiology has been terrific to work with and has my recommendation.
I obtained my Siemens hearing aids from the VA. The left earpiece never fit properly and always hurt. Over a period of 2 years I tried numerous private hearing aid dealers but failed to get corrective results. I contacted Dr. Linda Himler. She took an impression of of the left ear and sent it to Siemens where the warranty for the hearing aids was still in effect. When the new earpiece arrived, she installed it in my left ear and it fitted perfectly on the first attempt without pain or strain. I
Ana was everything I look for in a doctor: engaged, thorough, kind, prompt, and thoughtful. The entire experience was pleasant, and Dr. Anazola kept me fully informed. Highly recommended.
I have been coming here for over a year. Each time I come I get warm caring knowledgeable service. All of the equipment is on site so you don't get sent back and forth. They do full hearing screening plus hearing aide fitting purchase, adjustment, tuning, and maintenance.
I've been a client with Ascent Audiology & Hearing for several years, and in all that time their service has never been short of exceptional. They deliver what they promise, and always treat their clients with dignity and respect. Anna truly has nurtured a culture of customer focus.
These are my 3rd hearing aids in the past decade and I find them far superior to the first two sets. All those I've senate Ascent have been the epitome of professionalism. The after service care is truly outstanding.
My entire experience at Ascent Audiology and Hearing has been a positive one, from my first visit, when I wasn't at all certain that I needed hearing aids, through the process of acquiring them and becoming used to them. Drs. Anzola and Boiano have been extremely attentive to my needs, and have really gone the extra mile, with as many visits as I've needed to make sure the hearing aids fit me properly, and that they amplify my hearing correctly.
Excellent care I am a mid 40's patient and this is my second time trying hearing aids. Dr. Anzola (my new doctor) is truly interested in improving my hearing and takes great care to make sure I am comfortable throughout this difficult process. It takes multiple visits to get the aids dialed in, and after every visit, I feel like I can keep coming back for adjustments whenever I need them without judgement or scorn. Professional staff, easy appointment making, and convenient locations.Thanks
I have been treated by Dr. Anzola and all other doctors working there. They are all excellent. They explained to us everything from hearing problems to hearing aids! They have an outstanding way of communicating the ins and outs of hearing aids. We were very impressed with the office environment. The equipments are very sophisticated! I was under no pressure to order the invisible hearing aids but was easily convinced! They have improved my hearing dramatically.And my family is very happy for me
My parents are the most important people in my life and would give my life for them! Having over 30 yrs of retail experience I have come to learn that customer service is the most important aspect in any job. THANK YOU for a great experience!
There is are reasons that Dr. Anzola's schedule is so full. She and her staff provide great service and are up-to-date on the latest technologies available. Her breadth of knowledge will amaze you. Best of all, she doesn't over-prescribe or try to sell you something you don't really need. She can reduce a highly technical subject to terms that can be readily understood. If you ever email her she will either respond directly or call you back very quickly. She is quite good at what she does.
Excellent reception from the moment I walked in the door. I purchased my Starkey hearing aids in Florida where we reside part of the year. I needed some service and found Ascent through the web site.The receptionist quickly handled the mechanical issue I had, and we scheduled an appointment to review my last test from Florida and arrange to look at the other mechanical issue which may require return to the factory. All very efficient.
I went to Ascent last year to see if I could get better hearing aids. They recommended a pair of Starkey hearing aids that are over the ear but nearly invisible. I have had them for almost a year and find them to be terrific. I hear better, they are easy to maintain, they do not cause ear soreness, and I can adjust them to be louder or softer and directional. Also, the service offered by Ascent has been oustanding, to include free batteries for a year.
Dr. Anzola, in over the three years as a patient, she has always provided follow up as needed, on a regular basis and uses the latest technology. When you walk into the office, the staff and Dr. Anzola are always very welcoming, As a senior, over 80, I feel I receive the best of care.
I have had my hearing aid since Jan/2015 and I absolutely love it! The service at Ascent was amazing too. From the hearing test procedure through my follow up 6 month appointment. The receptionist was very kind and helpful. Meeting Dr Anzola was a pleasure as well. She was so kind and understanding. Thank you to the staff and Dr Anzola for making my transition to wearing a hearing aid so easy! My life has changed in so many ways now!
Having tinnitus and hearing loss was a depreciation of quality of life for me. Dr. Ana provided a complete analysis of my condition and offered a great solution to help me hear. Wow, what a life changing experience to hear again. I am thrilled with the results of my new hearing capabilities and I owe it all to Dr. Ana.
I would recommend them. I love the way they greet me when I come in, they address me right away. They're so eager to please me and I feel welcome ever time I visit the office. When I think of Ascent I think of them with a smile. They are all very friendly!!!
BEST Experience I have been needing hearing aids for awhile and Ascent hearing made that happen not only did they tell me about my hearing loss but they also let me know of my insurance benefits as well. Very informative and they are willing to listen and answer any questions that you may have. For example I knew want I wanted in hearing aid they made sure that that what I wanted could be done. The staff is always friendly and happy. If need hearing aid come to this place.
I was pleasantly surprised that I met Dr. Ana Anzola and did a yearly hearing test and had my hearing aids reprogramed.The results were great. I also appreciate dealing with a positive attitude and a friendly professional doctor. It was a very successful encounter!
Dear Dr. Anzola, I thought you ought to know how the professional services of Marci Smith are appreciated. I am a patient of audiologist Marci Smith. I have been so impressed with Marci Smith's expertise, patience, pleasing personality and ability to decipher hearing issues that I felt a need to write many positive reviews online so everyone who needs an audiologist knows with whom to schedule a visit. As a first time hearing aid user, it has not been easy to identity the right brand of hearing
STARKEY HEARING AIDS -- DR ANZOLA I recently purchased a pair of STARKEY hearing aids from Dr. Anzola. During discussions leading up to the purchase, I learned there is much more involved in aiding hearing than simply amplification. Modern hearing aids are tailor made on a highly individualized basis. They actually work as small computers to help the brain compensate for defined loss in hearing determined by testing. After wearing them for just a few days ? I am both impressed and pleased with
Outstanding, Professional, Compassionate!!!! I have been seeing Marchi Smith in her Rockvillem Maryland office for about a year now and have no hesitation in recommending her good and caring service. I went to see her very reluctantly since I was not crazy about the idea of hearing aids. From day one she made me feel at pressures... allowed me all the time I wanted to come to a decision and explained in detail the hearing aids available and options. I have gotten used to the hearing
Always pleasant. Explains things thoroughly! Appointments are prompt which is a real plus! Dr. Anzola is always accommodating when needing to change an appointment! They are very understanding when things happen that requires a reschedule. Helped with hearing aid cleaning instruction! Would highly recommend.
I've been using the hearing aids everyday and am hearing much better! I have noticed the most improvement hearing my wife's voice and understanding what she is saying. Watching the television is also much more enjoyable. With my hearing aids in, the background noise in restaurants is much more manageable.
They are the best of the best. They are wonderful people. First, when you walk into their office, they make you feel very comfortable like you are at home. I was very impressed with the way Ascent Audiology of McLean-Rockville handled me. I am in sales and I am very aware of how companies handle their clients. They are just superb. If anybody needs a hearing system go to Doctor A. I have recommended them to others.
I am very satisfied with Ascent Audiology! I couldn't be more pleased with my experiences at Ascent Audiology. Drs. Anzola and Boiano have been very helpful in fitting me with the right hearing aids, and have worked closely with me in making necessary adjustments because of the unusual shape of one of my ear canals. Throughout this process they and their staff have been warm and welcoming, and make clear that they won't be satisfied until I am satisfied. I highly recommend Ascent to anyone con
Excellent service, expert advice, comforting and reassuring ambiance Dr Anzola was recommended by a friend. I have received excellent diagnosis and treatment by her. Ascent Audiology provides a very comforting and reassuring ambiance. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for excellent advice and care from a top rated, highly skilled audiologist.
I highly recommend Dr. Anzola. She was very thorough, patient and professional. I just got hearing aids for the first time and I would definitely recommend Dr. Anzola. She was very thorough, patient and understanding and after just a few weeks I am completely comfortable with the new hearing aids which to me proves that Dr. Anzola did a very professional job recommending the right aids and fitting them. I have not complaints whatsoever re my treatment so far.
Dr. Himler is very patient and listens well. My husband and I are both satisfied. Dr Himler has been very helpful. She understands our needs because she is patient with us and listens. She went above and beyond to make sure my earmold fit well. Would highly recommend her service if anyone has an issue with their hearing aids!
From skeptic to believer I approached this experience with Dr Anzola not believing I needed hearing help. Through her thorough testing and clear explanations of results I began to understand the difference between being deaf and slight of hearing (my case). She was able to prescribe the right solution so I could effectively participate in my daily activities with co-workers.
Very good customer service. Would recommend to anyone. I have had my hearing aids for about a year and they have made some wonderful changes in my life. I can now hear the audio on TV and radio ( especially in the car) without having the sound turned up so loud that it annoys others. I clearly hear the priest's sermons at church and can laugh along with the congregation at the occasional bits of humor. Conversations at home and with friends (especially in restaurant settings) are possible and s
What a difference! This is my third try with hearing aids. I have an unusual and not age-related hearing loss which is not easy to correct. Dr. Anzola has dealt with the complications of my hearing loss vastly better than any of her predecessors, and has insisted on redoing one of my aids for the second time because of a pesky feedback problem. She is extremely knowledgeable and especially bound and determined to get it right. I also want to compliment her office assistant, Christine
Excellent experience I visited Dr. Anzola to get help improving my hearing. She was excellent, recommended the best system and I have been happy ever since. My only embarassment is that when I visit her office and she asks if I have any complaints, I have none. She seems pleased and I am delighted. Christine, her assistant, is also very good and knowledgeable
Dr. Anzola is very Professional Dr. Anzola is very thorough,professional and very personable.She takes time to listen to you and then will tell you her thoughts and wait for your answer. If you have a problem you call and leave a message and she gets back to you within a few hours. If you have a real problem she squeezes you in so you get help quickly. She never leaves you waiting to long. I highly recommend Dr. Anzola and Ascent Audiology.
Excellent! Dr Anzola was highly professional throughout. She provided invaluable assistance in fitting and adjusting the hearing aids. A critical part of the fitting and adjusting the hearing devices was that Dr. Anzola continued to work with me throughout the process to ensure everything worked properly.
Very helpful 7 or 8 years ago I became aware that I lost 30 of my hearing loss, I purchased a set of hearing aids at that time but I only wore them about 10 of the time because they were very cumbersome. 3 months ago I stopped here at Dr. Anzola office and explained my problem to her and she advised me she had just the thing for me. And I can tell you it was like God sent. She set me up with a set of hearing instruments and I have wore them everyday since, sometimes I don't even know I have the
Highly recommend Starkey SoundLens X Series IIC Hearing Instruments In early January 2012 I purchased a pair of Starkey SoundLens X Series IIC hearing instruments. Per the guidance of Dr. Anzola I followed the CD training program and immediately decided to wear them all day long every day. It didnt take long to become completely comfortable with these instruments. The positive impact in the quality of my life was dramatic. They did more than just amplify sounds. My environment became crisp and
Excellent Service! The service has been fine and I couldn't ask for any better. I would definitely recommend this place with Dr. Anzola and they have a nice dog.
Outstanding Care! Dr Anzola provides outstanding care. I would recommend her most highly to anyone considering hearing aids.
Very satisfied I went to different hearing specialists and got different opinions concerning my hearing problems. However, I believe Dr. Anzola really got it right as far as the proper hearing aid to situation. Thanks Dr. Anzola for your professional help and continuous concern and friendliness.
SEE Below Going for my semiannual checkup is a pleasure because Dr. Anzola is a true professional and a wonderful person who shows everyone repect and kindness. She answers my questions and reassures me that I am a patient who matters to her.
I highly recommend the outstanding professional services of Dr. Anzola and her staff. I've been using the services of Dr. Anzola and her Ascent staff for 6 months starting on 30 January 2012. Before then, I had been wearing inner ear hearing aides for both ears for many years from another firm. I wasn't totally happy with those aides because they had become behind the technology curve. Based on Dr. Anzola's counseling, I changed to Receiver-in-Canal hearing aides which she programmed
Great experience and best of all I can hear again! I had noticed that I continually had to ask people that were speaking to me to repeat themselves. Finally, it occurred to me, that the issue was my hearing not simply soft voices. I went to Dr Anzola for a hearing test. The results were that I was missing over 50 of the most often used sounds. Within a week I was wearing a new hearing aid and I have quit asking the question What did you say? I can now hear voices even with background nois
Great, efficient, friendly, professional I have had my hearing aids for about two years and they are great. I hardly notice them - sometimes having to rapidly leave the shower to take them out. Dr Anzola and her staff are friendly, efficient, and welcoming. They treat patient/client as a real person about whom they sincerely care. I highly recommend Dr Anzola.
Excellent Finding a full service hearing aid provider can be trying when moving to the Metro area. Dr. Anzola and her staff have be wonderful. Knowledge of the newest products available, and recommendation of hearing products according to my hearing needs has simplified my life. I recommend friends and anyone with hearing loss or hearing aid issues to contact Ascent Audiology in McLean.
Dr. Anzola has made the process of getting my first hearing aid an easy and successful experience. Dr. Anzola is very good at answering my questions, explaining the process to get a new hearing aid, describing the equipment, and detailing what I need to do to help the hearing aid maximize its ability to improve my hearing.
Wonderful practice Dr. Anzola is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. She cares deeply about her patients and individualizes the service to each patient. Made selecting and adjusting to a hearing aid a pleasurable experience!
Excellent and Outstanding Service. Whenever I drive in the car with my wife, I can't hear her. We tried Costco, but no one followed up with me. When I received the mailing from Ascent, it was close to our house, so we went to see Dr. Anzola. She explained the process and after the hearing test, she said I did need hearing aids and that I would get a follow up for a whole year. I needed an adjustment on the right hearing aid and I found the follow up excellent I am very glad I went to Dr. Anzola
Outstanding service I have changed hearing aids 4 times over the years. Came to Ascent, followed their findings and recommendations and am A happy camper. Dr. Anzola knows her technology. I have never had such good service in my 25 yrs of using a hearing aid. The reception area is most welcoming and friendly.
Outstanding Dr. Anzola provides consistently high level of professional service. She goes to great lengths to assure her patients are comfortable and satisfied. Her assistant, Christine makes sure that she rises to the high standards set by Dr. Anzola.
Hearing aid extremely useful in enjoyment of interactions at large gatherings. Newsletter is suggested. Dr. Ana Anzola's professional attention helped me enjoy again attending professional gatherings such as the American Foreign Service Association monthly forum where speakers and audience interact freely. My hearing is now optimum with the devices. Moreoever, she regularly examines both my ears and the hearing aid so that, for example, she was able to send recently the devices for tuneups
Just wanted a benchmark and basic screening I realize I had not had a hearing test since elementary school and I started to notice the TV seemed too loud and at events I was having trouble hearing. Given all the research about those who have hearing loss and do not get diagnosed ... I made an appointment. It was so easy and pleasant. It made me feel much better about how I am managing my health and well-being. Thanks Dr. Anzola (she's terrific!)
Excellent and Competent Service Dr. Ana Anzola is a very competent audiologist.She is very knowledgeable and competent. She makes you feel comfortable in answering all questions asked. Though I still have some difficulties with adjusting to hearing aids, I trust her judgement and I am sure she will resolve the problem.
My hearing consultant for Life! The day Dr. Ana Anzola opened the door in McLean I was there. She is like a breath of fresh air to this industry! She helped me acquire the hearing aid that I wanted, worked with my insurance company and made it happen. Her competence, and patience are boundless! Her smile lights up the world.
I can hear!! Dr. Anzola and her staff make the whole experience of deciding to get hearing aids an easy, well informed choice. Her state of the art equipment and knowledge helped me understand what I needed and make the right choice for my situation.
Dr. Anzola's patience and knowledge justifies my 90 minute trip to her office. Having hearing aids from a different source, I went to Dr. Anzola to optimize my hearing experience. We decided to progress to a more sophisticated electronic system which enhanced my hearing. Dr. Anzola was persistent in working with me to get the most comfortable hearing aids compared to the old ones.
Ascent and Dr. Anzola was able to help me to enjoy quality personal and professional life and made a me a happy patient. I have been having some troubles listening to meeting discussions and conversations and always requested for everyone to speak up louder. My wife always complained that I play the TV too loud. So I was convinced that my hearing is defective and abnormal. I went to several audiologist and didn't settle to get hearing aids until I went to Ascent and met Dr. Anzola who gave me
We are very happy with her work and services and highly recommend her. My husband and I are both customers of Dr. Anzola. She has advised us to the type of hearing aids that best suits our needs. We are very happy with her work and services and highly recommend her.
5 stars on service, will recommend and the total experience. I always feel free to stop by Ascent Audiology in McLean, VA. They always make you feel welcome and even when I did not have an appointment Dr. Anzola had enough time to check my hearing aids finding one a little weak. It was sent back to the factory where it was corrected. As we all know service is everything and Dr. Anzola gives good service. She is warm and welcoming and I heartily recommend Ascent Audiology. Thank you.
Dr. Anzola and her staff are the Best! Doctor Anzola and her staff are the Best! I have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years, the last year and a half I have been working with Accent and I highly recommend their service.
Excellent, friendly, helpful Ana and Ascent have been great. I have worn hearing aids for the last 8 years. Earlier this year I switched to Ascent and Dr. Ana. The hearing aids are so much better than the ones I had previously and they are nearly invisible. I highly recommend Ascent and especially Dr. Ana.
Top-notch professionalism and service. Have finally found sympathetic and highly professional attention to my level of hearing loss. Can't thank Dr. Anzola enough for taking the time to tailor devices to my exact needs. Life has improved megafold since my association with Ascent Audiology!
Always pleasant to visit Ascent and Dr. Anzola It's great to visit Ascent Audiology. Dr. Ana Anzola is prompt, friendly and very knowledgeable about hearing loss. There is free, reserved parking right out of her first floor office. Her service is very professional and efficient.
excellent service Dr. Anzola was very helpful in fitting me with two new hearing aids and then doing two adjustment sessions to get them just right. I am now hearing better in both ears than I have in many years.
I went for problems I was having with my old hearing aid. Dr. Anzola was very patient, efficient and friendly. She eased all my worries and did a thorough hearing test taking the time to explain what I need to say or do at every step. I went back to get my new hearing aids and she was just as patient and efficient. I learned from her how to better care for my new hearing aids and what to expect of them. In my previous experience when I got my old aids from another place they never took the time
If you need a hearing pro, this is the place to go. I have a lot of demands for hearing aids because I am a musician and teacher of little kids with little voices. It took awhile to find the correct hearing appliance and Dr. Anzola guided me through the process with a lot of encouragement and professionalism until we found what works best for me. This is a people-oriented business and they really want to do what's best for their clients. Highly recommended.
A real pleasure to deal with individuals who are so professional, knowledgeable and friendly! This is my second time trying hearing aids and working with Dr. Anzola & Christine was a wonderful experience. Dr. Anzola takes the time to explain everything and will keep adjusting the aids until you are completely satisfied. I highly recommend Dr. Anzola. An added bonus is Prada ( Dr. Anzola's dog). She adds to the friendliness of the office.
The hearing aids are excellent as is the service. I have had my hearing aids for about one and a half years. I have to say they are excellent. Based on your individual problem, Dr Anzola recommends the type of hearing aid that she believes will work best for you. Then you pick the particular one that you prefer. In all my contacts with her, Dr Anzola listened carefully and the results show it. After I got my hearing aids, she adjusted them until the levels are just where I want them.
great experience Dr. Anzola and staff provide a personal,caring and very professional office. They are very accomodating and good at accessing and treating ones hearing concerns. I would highly recommend their office to anyone with hearing concerns. They make one feel like family.
Dr. Anzola was very professional and understood my needs exactly! Dr. Anzola was very professional and really helped me with the best selection for hearing aids. She was very understanding during my follow-up visit as well, and helped tune the devices after my first two weeks of wearing them. I will definitely recommend her to others!
I'm a new client and I pick-up my hearing aids today. I was not happy to hear that I need them, but Dr. Anzola and I had a frank discussion so I'm enthusiastic to hear those high tones I'm missing. Dr. Anzola served my mother-in-law well and she was in a nursing home and not very cooperative, but Dr. Anzola was able to service her hearing aids. Thank you, look forward to years of great hearing!
ANA ANZOLA + ASCENT AUDIOLOGY = AMAZING FIVE STAR CARE DR. ANZOLA helped me install my hearing aids less than three hours ago and I am comfortable, happy and hearing easily and well without any sense that I am using any kind of assistive device. THANK YOU DR. ANZOLA and ASCENT AUDIOLOGY. What A Blessing.
Very satisfied Not having had hearing aids before, I have nothing to compare it with, but I was dissatisfied a number of years ago with another audiologist and his office manner, so I wanted to try another, knowing I probably needed hearing aids. Dr. Anzola was very professional, had a nice office style and the office was very responsive; the check up visits have been organized, on time (that's important) and to the point. I would recommend her and the office to others.
Dr. Anzola and her staff have been excellent professionally and are very knowledgeable about hearing issues. They are extremely corteous and prompt in fulfilling the needs of my hearing aids. I started as a patient of Dr. Anzola in August 2012. Since then, Dr. Anzola has been all the time very patient in helping me adjust to the new hearing aids which I had never used before.
Dr. Anzola is very friendly and competent. Her staff is very responsive and helpful. Dr. Anzola took the time to address all of my questions and concerns.She uses state-of-the-art equipment and offers a range of high-quality hearing aids at different price points and performance characteristics.A supply of batteries, and a number of follow-ups were included in the price.
I am completely satisfied I had an appointment with Ascent Audiology this morning. As always, I was treated with kindness and efficiency and I greatly appreciate the caring treatment I always receive from Dr. Anzola. She does a superb job in every way and is always considerate of the needs of her patients. The difference she has made in my hearing ability is phenomenal.
The Best of the Best! Love my hearing system - have enjoyed it for over a year ! Now I can hear again - it is wonderful, the fact that it is invisible makes it the best of the best ! Words cannot describe how marvelous the Mclean office treats everyone - Dr. Anzola & Christine are the epitome of professionals !
After my last hearing aid adjustment, I could finally hear my husband!! I started seeing Dr. Anzola a little over two years ago and was very pleased with my hearing aids. I also enjoyed the service and tips she gave to me and also my husband which helped us better our communication. After noting a recent increase in my hearing loss, the readjustment of the aids made a big difference.
After 40 years of looking, Ascent is the Best in the WoAfter 40 years of looking, Ascent is the Best in the World Over a 40 year period I have been fitted for Hearing Arld Over a 40 year period I have been fitted for Hearing Aids in London and Manchester in England, and Houston and Philadelphia in the USA, Ascent is the best. While I know I will never hear perfectly, the improvement has been excellent and the care and kindness that Ana Anzola and her staff have shown me is also excellent
Excellent Experience and Service Dr. Anzola is truly a professional. She is very knowledgeable, caring and thorough in not only providing audiology service, but also in teaching her patient how to properly use and care for hearing aids. Dr. Anzola is also very pleasant and easy to talk too. Also Christine on her office team is kind, helpful and enjoyable to work with. Thank you!
Ascent Audiology and Dr. Anzola have been a godsend to me in helping me to survive in middle school classrooms as a substitute teacher. My sudden hearing loss and other degeneration in my hearing made it challenging for me to function in a busy and noisy environment. I wear 2 hearing aids that are tucked into my ear so they are hardly visible. Dr. Anzola is personable and worked closely with me to solve my hearing issues. I feel welcome at the office and know that I am getting professional, know
Outstanding in all areas! Dr. Anzola and her staff are well-trained professionals who are dedicated to providing a high level of service to their patients.She is not satisfied until her patient is completely satisfied.I am very pleased with the product and my relationship with Dr. Anzola and her staff.

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