She is the best.
Very thorough and analytic. Good discussion on issues and concerns
Dr. Seema Sharma and her nurse Jody are kind, considerate, patient, attentive - everything you want in a health team. Dr. Sharma actually saved my life by convincing me to get certain needed tests that revealed a bad disease. She is knowledgeable and thorough. I recommend this team very highly indeed!
Dr. Immel is hands down the best gastroenterologist in the country. He takes his time to review your history and symptoms and really tries to help you out. Most gastroenterologists I've worked with in my professional life just scope you to make money but Dr. Immel does not. Wish he could be my PCP!
Sarah has been my PCP for a few years now and she is AMAZING! She listens to what you have to say and really makes you feel that you have been heard :) 3
I have been a patient of Dr.immel's since 1989. He's has been very professional and thorough with all my medical needs. The time had come for me to have my first Colonoscopy and I couldn't have been in better hands. He's a highly skilled Dr. and his nurse was awesome. Dr. Kim ( Anesthesia Dr. ) was great too. Would highly recommend this practice for an important procedure that was due. Thanks for a great experience during a very nervous time.
Dr. Immel has excellent bed-side manner. He was very good in explaining the procedure to me and was very comforting which put me at ease. My mother has been his patient for over 15 years now. She recommended my husband & me to go to him & we are glad we did. His nursing staff was excellent especially nurse Patti who took care of me when I went. I was very worried about the procedure, but she some how calmed me down with her soothing words. Dr. Kim (anesthesiologist) was also very good.
My husband and I have been patients of Dr Immel's since 1991. A person would be hard pressed to find a better doctor than him. He is a master in his profession. He is what all doctors should be! He also has a wonderful staff working with him. His nurses are top grade!!
Extremely knowledgeable and remembers you even if it's months between visits and that started with my first visit with him. He thinks outside the box too and lets you know why. I need a progressive doctor like him and I'm glad I took the recommendation to go to him.

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