I love Dr. Kinsey's approach of not writing a prescription within seconds of me telling her what is going on with me. I love her natural and organic approach, and I love that she focuses on wellness rather than just treating an illness. She is honest and can be blunt. If you already do the research and know what your body is doing, then she is the perfect health partner. If you just want a prescription, I would recommend going to another doctor.
Went in due to not having seen a doctor for a while. Told her about my problems I had been having and I felt like she could have cared less. She made a statement about not giving medication and I quickly informed her I do not take anything and did want anything. I will not go back to that office again! Hopefully I can find someone that will listen when I go again.
Came in with a stiff neck after a week in pain and was told to go home and stretch. I'm a mom of two, a wife and a worker and was made to feel like an addict. Sorry...we don't give pain pills for that. Thanks...I will go home and pray that it goes away soon.
Very friendly, professional and approachable.
Horrible Dr that doesn't care if a man works or not. Never get a DOT physical with her. She requested a medicine release from my Dr for a medicine I no longer take. Got the release but she still wouldn't give me my card & told me to never come back to medexpress again. She also required me to go thru the federal 30 day waiver process because I had 2 toes missing. She is wrong! Found out that form is for amputees with prosthetics. She shouldn't be in a field to help people. I pose no safety risk
She was pleasant and had a decent bedside manner, however she completely ignored the reason for my visit and did not address the issues or the symptoms I needed help with. I had moved here and did not have time to find a psychiatrist and she indicated that she would prescribe my psych meds in the interim if I were to get my records faxed. I did just that and she still refused. It seemed like she just wanted the money for the appointments rather than actually following through on being a doctor.
Just ok. I wish there were still docs that truly cared or took the time to listen.
Uncaring, in a hurry, unprofessional and judgemental Sign on the wall in exam room maximum of two problems treated per office visit, with a maximum of 15 minutes per exam. All she did was listen to my lungs.

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