Dr. Hickman is absolutely amazing, I only have good things to say and would highly recommend him. Paula D. Wilkins
My daughter had her tonsils taken out and he was a very funny and great all around Dr and made her feel comfortable .he was always joking and easy to talk to .I highly recommend him especially for kids
My first encounter with Dr.Tarasidis was 5 days before a major surgery in 1994 with a ear infection. He is the best and at age 52 Im still seeing him.
Horrible Doctor. He gave me about 3 minutes of his time. He did not listen to me. I was mostly talking to the back of his head as he was trying to get away from me. He did nothing for me. He told me they would call me after some fancy hearing test. They never called me. I then called them and was told 2 days later, I need to see another doctor because Pearlman is not a specialist? on ear problems....But I thought Pearlman was a ent specialist! Cost me $50 and lost time from work. Got nothing!
Dr. Tarasitis treated me like I am a little child.1day later I got a phone call from his Nurse and she told me I have a mass behind my eardrum and need MRI.The MRI was normal. No sign of a mass.This was my first and last experience with the Doctor.
Had a pleasant experience at both of my office visits. Answered all of my questions, and his staff was very helpful.
Rude, no bedside manner with my 2 1/2 year old grandson who needed his tube cleaned. Frightened him, didn't talk to him and just said hold him down. Like a dog in a vets office. Never going back. He is having nightmares from this experience.
I highly recommend Dr Hickman. When my throat cyst ended up being a tumor he removed it endoscopically. I was very grateful for his treatment and honesty. I am so glad I chose Dr Hickman.
Dr. Tarasidis was terrific with my 11 month old daughter. He placed her tubes and removed them 2 years later (definitely got my money's worth). I have referred many parents to him due to his bedside manner.
At this point, I would not recommend Dr Lim at all. I had complete sinus, septum, and nasal surgery in January 2016 and I am extremely disappointed with the result. I still cannot breath out of the right side of my nose when I lay down, and Dr lim instead told me to use Flonase.... Even though I insisted it was only on the right side that I had problems. The surgery in January was billed to my insurance for $90k, and it was a lot of pain and expense. I EXPECTED TO BREATH AFTERWARDS!!!!!!
I am certain Dr. Tyson is a very skilled physician. Unfortunately Our experience was not very positive. After waiting over an hour, Dr. Tyson spent < 5 minutes assessing our medical concern. It was as if he had an answer and a canned response with little evaluation. We felt rushed and dismissed. We will not return and will seek a provider who will take their time and adequately address questions.
I would not recommend Dr. Tarasidis to my worst enemy. I took my infant son to see him in late 2015 and he ridiculed me for being a first time parent and did not even examine my son. A month or so later my son had a few episodes where he stopped breathing and ended up in the emergency room, he diagnosed with severe layrngomalacia by a competent ENT and required surgery due to the severity. I am lucky my son is still alive, no thanks to this doctor who has no business having a medical degree.

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