Dr O'Bannon is fantastic. He has a warm and caring disposition and is very east to talk to. He takes his time and listens to what you have to say and seems very genuine in his concern for your health and well being.
Great first visit, He took the time to do a thorough exam and explained the results in great detail. My visit lasted two hours. Unheard of in these days.
Great doctor who listens and takes what you want into account. I started seeing him and he has been unbelievable. Only issue is his nurse is not great and getting an appointment is horrible. He is very good when it comes to handling your disease. He is understanding, kind, very smart, and he listens to you without making you feel dumb or belittled. Probably one of the best neurologist in the Richmond area.
Great provider that helps you understand what is the best benefit for you. I am grateful that she is my neurologist that deal with my migraines. The office staff mixed up my days and scheduled me for a day that was not her botox injection day and she didn't make me wait for another day. She gave me my injections and did not get annoyed about it or anything. This is such a great provider and her nurse is amazing as well. If you are looking for someone to treat you right this is her.
Dr. Brar is very nice and soft spoken. I think that is a very nice quality to have especially dealing with patients with neurological problems. She asks plenty of questions to help her understand what is going on with the patient and if and how they are progressing or declining.
Dr. Brar and the staff are always courteous and sympathetic to my needs whether I am in the office or on the telephone. I am given explanations for medical conditions, the options I have, and given alternatives for medications: synthetic and natural. Plus, advice seeking my PCP for further health concerns and medical treatment. Thank you Dr. Brar and staff for making my visits headache free.
Am a patient of Dr. O,Bannon .Having been a healthcare professional, I was well aware of his reputation professionally. When I needed a neurologist, I called Dr. O,Bannon. After 4 months of pain, no satisfactory diagnosis from orthopedist, I contacted Doctor O,Bannon.He and I consulted, after which he personally called a renowned neurosurgeon. .My surgery was scheduled immediately, All is well! Dr.O'Bannon is knowledgeable, caring and a credit to his profession! Am one grateful patient! ??
Referred to Dr. Hardy for double vision and dizziness. He did not even review CD of ct scan. Or the information I had filled out or my chart account. I had to bring to his attention that I had prior heart surgery and lung disease of which he ignored. He examined me and then said I needed to see ENT. Ordered an MRI and blood work and said I did not need to see him again. I took a day of of work for this visit. Waist of time and money to throw me off to another doctor.
Dr. Brar's bedside manner is the worst I have ever seen. She interrupted me before I finished my history, told me she didn't know what is wrong and said that I "could get a brain MRI," When I asked what she recommended, she repeated "you can get an MRI and if that's normal, get an EMG to check for nerve damage". Then she did a quick exam (the only reflexes she checked were at my knees) and asked to see me walk down the hall. Halfway down the hall, she said, "now turn right and you can check out
Dr. O'Bannon and his staff are very caring. Dr. O'Bannon made me feel unrushed and that he had all the time needed to address my issues. He was very determined, compassionate, and sincere in finding solutions to my issues. He was very intent on answering my questions and explaining things to me. He made sure that I knew I could call him if I had any questions or concerns.
Dr Obannon is the best he takes time and cares for you and is really concerned about your well being. I would recommend him to anyone. Maria
I was greeted with professionalism and a firm hand shake; she showed compassion for my concern as it relates to my health. She listen and responded to my concerns with a open mind and made me feel relaxed and relieved when if left the office. I will recommend Dr. Brar to anyone.
Very informed. Knowledge is every thing
We have seen Dr Ransom twice for my husband's Alzheimers diagnosis. She was VERY thorough in her examination of him, in her explanation of his MRI that a previous neurologist had ordered and had never shown us, and she gave him plenty of time when asking the questions for the "mini-mental" memory test. She was very patient with him and answered all of our questions. I have HIGHLY recommended her to several others. She is now next to St. Mary's Hospital and part of Bon Secours.
Appointment was with Anne Brennen NP for a neurological workup to rule out, or in, a case of Parkinson's. Anne was found to be caring, compassionate, and competent to the point of comforting us with her confidence of what she was seeing. A professional in every sense of the word and someone who understands the body/mind/spritt axis. She has to be a treasure in this practice.
Dr. Boyce was pompous, pandering and uninterested in investigating my case despite obvious clinical signs of neurologic abnormalities. He lied to the attending physician regarding an EEG, which I never had conducted. He presumed he knew my symptoms were psycho somatic without any clinical investigation or testing beyond basic finger to finger and touching nerves. He observed me having a seizure like episode and stood by, watching. He said he would do "everything possible," yet did nothing.
Dr. Hardy is a compassionate and dedicated professional. He listened carefully to my history and complaints, did a thorough exam, ordered appropriate images and medications and gave me a referral to a great neurosurgeon. He stayed in communication with the neurosurgeon and advocated for me to ensure the best possible outcome. I wouldn't hesitate to return or recommend him to a friend.
Dr.Thurston takes the necessary amount of time to make sure he is providing the best care possible in the best way possible. I am so grateful to have found such a proficient doctor!
Great doctor who specializes in seizures
I LOVE Dr. White. His office staff, however, are horribly inefficient. I was diagnosed with a condition through his office that was causing nerve damage. I called the next day to find out what medication I should take & left a message for the nurse. No response. I called the next day & left another message. No response. I called the next day. No response. Meanwhile this condition continues & I am probably suffering permanent nerve damage. I can't imagine what patients with tumors go through here
Excellent , kind , professional ! I totally recommend her !
Dr Ransom is very thorough and I feel confident in the treatment I am receiving.
I would not recommend Dr. Mathe to anyone. My experience with her was, simply put, awful. She is highly dismissive and does not listen to her patients. I was seeing her for migraines, and she did not take my concerns seriously about the side effects I was experiencing due to her prescribed medication.
Dr. Brar is very kind and compassionate and always makes me feel like she has all the time to spend with me and answer my questions. Great bedside manner!
This is the most uncaring, unprofessional doctor I've ever experienced. She placed my daughter on what she called a vacation from her monthly treatment for MS. My daughter's last infusion was on 9/21/2016. As a result of being unprotected without any treatment for over 3 months, my daughter had a relapse and has set her back 5 years. We saw Mathe in January, by this time, my daughter is in a wheelchair which Mathe made no reference, didn't ask how she was doing, no sign of concern. DO NOT!
She was super rude, and would cut me off after asking me a question. She also has a smart mouth and is very disrespectful. I'm finding another Neurologists. DONT go see her, these reviews are accurate.
I have never been treated so rudely and fet so put down by anyone - I was taught to respect people but she is not worthy of my respect. No wonder I could get an immediate appointment with her but would have to wait months for the other physicians!
I have seen Dr. Mathe twice with my mother and both experiences have been ridiculous. The second time to see her was much worse, we will never see her or recommend anyone to her again. We were skeptical when we got an appointment with her so quickly and now we know why. Her bedside manner is equivalent to a rabid donkey (pun intended). She does not listen to the patient rather puts words in your mouth and makes you feel like an idiot for being there. Could say much more but it would be a novel.
Dr. Thurston is exceptional! He is extraordinarily thorough with his examination and explanations. I have never had a doctor who takes as much time as he does to analyze and explain my condition. He never cuts the visit short and always takes the time to answer all of my questions. He is also very honest and forthright about my prognosis and options. I genuinely appreciate his knowledge and care. None of the other Neuro-Ophthalmologists I've seen could hold a candle to him!
He is a good doctor but his office is a mess and you cant get to him when he is on hospital rounds you cant talk with him. I think after the first of the year I am changing insurance while I dont have to be in a network I am changing doctors as well
This man might be a brilliant doctor but he definitely has one of the poorest run practices that I have ever seen. I had an appointment and he set me up for a sleep study. After a week I had heard nothing so I called and left message. No return call, so called again 2 weeks later and left message and again no returned call. 7 weeks went by and finally spoke to his nurse and she said he was on vacation but would get with me asap on return. Called again, and still no returned call, 3 months later.
Very standoffish. Not willing to listen to patient complaints, had already made up her mind basically before even seeing me. No compassion or empathy.
I began with HCA Neurologist after a less than stellar 5 year experience with another practice.. I started with Dr. William Campbell and after seeing him and discussing my issues, I was immediately set up with Dr. Schulman as my condition fell under his specialty. While our visits are often brief, all of my concerns are addressed, he is always willing to answer questions/research effects of my other conditions, and the between visit use of the portal is helpful for quick questions or the like.
First, I will say I was lucky when I called to make the apt.-I had requested an apt with one of 3 docs at the facility & was told they could get me in that day due to a cancelation but it was with Dr. Hardy (not 1 of the 3 requested). I had been in so much pain with cluster headaches, I had to give him a shot. What a wonderful experience. I waited 20 min past my apt time, which is acceptable, and he spent 35 minutes with me. He listened, did not interrupt, and explained things clearly.
Best doc. Ever. Appt. always excellent. I do recommend dr. Harris often
I was appalled by lack of compassion, care or any sign of kindness. He laughed to my face multiple times, doubted everything I said and wouldn't let me finish a sentence before changing the subject. He gave me pills after I had already told him how much I hated taking them because they never worked. He was the most rude doctor I had ever had the horrible experience of meeting. He told me he had no idea why my arms and legs would tingle and go numb, and showed no interest in finding out.
Dr Boyce has been nothing but helpful to me and professional. I would recommend any of my friends to him.
I have epilepsy and called Monday morning, May 23, 2016 at 8:23 am to tell Dr Wittman and his nurse Angela I have been extremely dizzy and I needed to be seen that day. It's Thursday the 26th and I've heard nothing. I've called the office manager, Joy, and left numerous messages with no return call. The office staff is rude and the doctor doesn't feel the need to take care of his patients. I will address Dr. Whittman's negligence with the AMA and others. Please go elsewhere.
Trust Dr. O'Bannon completely. Never feel rushed when seeing him; his staff is exceptional. He continually goes beyond to find root causes of problems without ordering unnecessary tests/procedures; explains outcomes clearly in understandable language. Great sense of humor; never talks down to me or dismisses comments I make but gently will correct any misperceptions I may have or false conclusions I may make. One of the best physicians I have ever had treat me. I hope he never retires!
Dr Wittman is very thorough and quietly gathers information to effectively treat my migraine headaches. He listens to my symptoms and always answers all my questions and has added many modalities to thankfully treat me.
Dr. Wittman is most likely a victim of a poorly run medical practice, but he is also as personable as a brick wall. Neurological Associates could not care less about the patient experience. Better be prepared to call 3-5 times to get a Rx refill. Office hours are 9-4 PM with an hour off for lunch - good luck getting someone on the phone. For a May 4 appointment, the doctor was at a different office - I was not told. Missed the aptmt. Despite a tumor recurrence, next aptmt date was July 5.
Dr Ransom takes time to talk with me when I get see her. She has also had to reschedule some of my appointments, but never more than once. However I trust her and have confidence in her.
Dr. Ransom evaluated my mother in law in the emergency room following a stroke. She was masterful in communicating to my mother in law that, indeed, she had had a stroke. She was gentle, polite and professional, balancing her attention between her patient and the patient's daughter (and me). Her mental status assessment and assessment of motor function led to her vision assessment. She already had interpreted the CT image and noted that the most recent stroke had occurred in the occipital lobe.
Dr. Schulman has treated my narcolepsy for several years now after diagnosing it in his sleep lab, and at each visit he is thorough, professional, personable, and has always exceeded my expectations from a specialist doctor. He truly cares about his patients health and general wellbeing and will peruse any and all appropriate avenues to improve their condition in life.
Dr. White is an amazingly smart neurologist who has one of the best bedside manners of any physician I have ever seen. He diagnosed and treated my rare neurological condition when no other physicians would or could. I truly believe that Dr. White has not only changed my life forever but that he very possibly saved it.
Dr. Ransome has cancelled three consecutive monthly appointments (December, January and February) and just informed me she cannot see me until April!
I had a nerve conduction study (NCS) and EMG. A technician did the NCS and Dr. Cohen did the EMG. I was terrified of the EMG part because I'd had one done year ago at another facility and it was extremely painful. Well, Dr. Cohen was sensitive to that and asked me several times if I needed him to stop--I didn't. And the pain level for this EMG was 2 out of 10, nothing like what I experienced in the past. I could actually have another one done tomorrow if needed! (And both tests were normal.)
He was awful. I almost died from a brain tumor that he misdiagnosed as peri-menopausal headaches. Luckily, a different doctor at a different practice knew immediately that I needed an MRI. I had surgery and I am alive.

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